Tomorrow is my first book signing/release of the third and final novel in my series Reflections of Love titled Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss. I thought I would share some of my pre-book signing thoughts with you. Hopefully some young authors will read these as it will steady the keystroke nerves.

This is an invitation only book signing event but a lot of my readers have RSVP’d so we should have a great group of readers.

I will start by saying when I wrote the first novel, A Mistress, A Wife I had no objectives other than to test my writing skills, and fulfill a young dream of mine when I said “One day, I will write a book.” My first one took years until I decided either to stop writing or get serious about finishing it. Did I know anything about publishing a book? No, nothing but I can google with the best. I had friends who I trusted to read my manuscript and encourage me with one exception, who thought I should stick to blogging. I listened to everyone and then….I trusted my gut. I self-published after finding an editing service. It cost to publish but hey, I had my first novel out.

This is my dream come true first novel. I believe everyone has a book inside of them, whether it is their story or an imaginary tale. As I have said, Either you write your book or you watch your life’s movie.

My first novel produced 5 Star reviews and encouraged me to continue writing. The second novel, which was a sequel to the first one but made a minor character into the main character and reversal roles. I found this twist intriguing and it set my love of twists and turns to keep the story moving but with a certain page turner development. Now, I could feel the urge to write more and more. The second novel, Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still, produced 5 Star reviews and I was hooked.

This was the clincher novel. I found my true writing skill in continuing a story line but reversing the main character roles.

I say all of this flattering fluff to get to the nitty gritty of what life has in store for writers. It will test your dedication and ability to reach really deep and find out what you are about. To complete the series, the third novel, Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss became a necessity. It wasn’t for any money or fame. It was for me, as an author to “tell the story” and it was very trying to get it written. I continue to work full time and I only write early, or after work and weekends. Curves from everyday life came almost simultaneously and several times, I put my laptop down and said, “Maybe, it is not meant for me to finish it.” Are you wondering what happened to get me serious and finishing this wonderful completion of the story? My birthday, yes, my birthday clenched the completion. I thought I am turning 70, a young version of 70, but man oh man, it was knocking at my writer’s door and it was evident if I didn’t finish this one when I was approaching this milestone, I wouldn’t write any more and that would not be my personality. I have never quit a job before I finished. I never gave up. I wouldn’t give up now.

This novel, like me, came full circle and it is being officially released at the book signing. All three novels are available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.

The deeper thought: This is for any new writers more than my other readers. It applies, however, to all of us in life. Nothing worth doing is going to be easy. It will test your patience and endurance. Remember, “Does The Journey Ever End?” I have so many new readers buying the set of the three books and this one is making 5 Stars with the initial reviews too. If you are serious, the third time may be a charm, applies to a lot of endeavors in life. I am smiling as it must be very relevant to me. I am on my third book and very happily married to my third husband. Maybe, it takes me longer to get it right. Until We Read Again….Arline Miller, Author and Blogger

I want to give a shout out to some great people to work with if you are an Indie Publisher:

For Indie Self Publishing contact Steve Caresser at http://www.ePrintedBooks.com

For Editing Services contact Sheryl Lee at http://sherylleee.website.com/editor

For Graphic Cover Design contact Inderjit Kaur at https://www.instagram.com/alivingseries_books/

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