Wednesday Morning Thought: Someone asked me to join a Christmas Central Group. I did and there are a lot of ideas and people displaying their preferences on decorating for the Christmas holiday. While I was looking at some of the photos and remarks, I had a deeper thought about life. Sometimes, we all agree that something or someone is pretty. Sometimes, we don’t and we have very different ideas. Cooking is the same. Sometimes, everyone will like a certain dish someone cooks, but other times, there are debates on who makes a dish better. Preferences! My thought was one which God makes us unique and as perceptions and preferences may differ, we are designed to think for ourselves, make the best decisions for our individual lives. People generally want to mold others into carbon copies of themselves, but that is not how the world works. As long as we respect others and allow them to make up their minds for themselves, we should have the same right. So, Sally makes the best coconut cake according to all who know her, the ones who know Janie would beg to differ, and on and on. It is not necessary to agree on everything even if the one who has a different opinion as you do is the one who you love the most in the world. If everyone could perform as good as the next person, we would never be recognized as a leader or gain an award. Uniqueness is a specialty in itself and must be recognized as a gift from above. Let us agree to disagree, but agree to love all! Until We Read Again…Arline Miller, author and blogger

I posted the photos from the book signing, which was fantastic and all of us had a great time. One of my friends who I have known for a long time, but have become closer on social media and she is such a wonderful person and supporter of my writing commented that I was a leftie. It revealed that even though we share wonderful thoughts and times, there are things about others we either don’t know or have recognized. I loved that she noticed there is something different about me and all of us can learn more about our friends.

My thought for Beg To Differ? is discover new things. Life has more mysteries than we ever can solve but learning and attempting to solve mysteries is the key for all of us to hold in our hands and in our hearts. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by LIVING IT UP!

I am posting the names of my novels for those who want to live it up with some page turning reading. 5 Star Reviews and a promise from yours truly to keep you in love’s suspense.

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