Life can be a tug of war….Give to others or Instruct them how to get their own?

I wrote a short piece this morning about how much help to give others and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Saturday Morning Thought: It is wonderful to be a helping hand but it is wise to not to leave yourself helpless. Too much advice, too much assistance, too much of too much is not good for the giver and believe it or not, the receiver. Each person is capable of more than most of us give them credit, but if they are tripping over all of the help given, they cannot walk tall and straight on their own. Use judgment, ask what are you going to do, what are your plans, and what changes are you going to make to better your world? This can be an important step in them using their skills to turn things around. We jump too fast to figure things out for others…Guilty as charged. Is taking over or giving help without expecting the person to “get in the recovery or repairing their lives” action plan the best help. Maybe I am preaching to the choir, but I can remember my Mom saying her Mom told her children, “If you make your bed hard, you have to lay in it.” When we give help, let us ask questions about how they plan to use your help to prevent them from having to return for more help. Learn from difficulties, teach from those experiences…..Just saying…..Arline Arline Lott Miller

God wants us to learn from our experiences when He offers help. Make the most by learning from difficult times.

Sometimes, we need to allow others to learn from life’s lessons and watch how they develop strength and experience.

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