I have taken a break from writing the blog but I have checked in from time to time. I have seen several readers going back to the older blogs and it warmed my blogger’s heart. I want to say Thank You.

I have been posting on my Facebook page and here are some of the thoughts I have given voice. I wanted to give you a little something to keep in touch.

Today’s Thought: with the recent events causing schools, businesses, and events being closed, cancelled, or rescheduled I thought of the need for all of us to learn to be flexible. Even life itself can be unpredictable. It can end and at some point, it will. Maybe not from a known risk but it is coming. Should we worry? I thought this morning if everyone gave as much focus and desire for God as they have given for toilet paper, life would have no worries because we would know our butts would be covered. Just saying…Arline Miller

Some of us have been practicing social distancing for quite a while but now can use coronavirus as our excuse. I remember the days when the weekends were with family and I am not talking about immediate family only and were filled with activities that didn’t cost money except for the gas to get to the others’ home or them to come to yours (gas was very cheap then too) and we had clean fun with lots of laughter. I stand guilty of not visiting like I should, and will admit I have been self-quarantining for a while. I think I traveled so much with previous jobs that I got tired of the road. I don’t like drop-in guests and I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I do. I never go to anyone’s home without prior notice. It started when I would go somewhere and all I heard was foul language. I am not a prude and in my “prior” life ashamed to admit that I could hold my own with a foul-mouthed sailor. I guess when I hear so much of it, that reminds of days I am not proud of. I am not jumping on a bandwagon, as I am not worthy of saying anything about anything. It is just an explanation of social distancing. The other day, I scrolled down my news feed and hid about 9 or 10 posts that contained words I don’t want to see. It is fine if anyone is okay with that language, but again, I practice social distancing by hiding those posts and if they continue, I stop following them, not unfriend. Maybe in the coming weeks, when we all will be or at least should be practicing self-quarantine, we take a look at ourselves. I know I can improve many things about me. One maybe not posting this message, but if it offends you, you might do what I do and hide me!! Have a great day even if it is Monday and we are not sure what this virus is or not going to do. I am praying it is more hype than true pandemic but prepared to “Be Still and Know that I am God.”

What If, Dear Lord?

Dear Lord, I ask with all of my might
What if I am confused and scared tonight?
I find myself reeling from all life’s strife.
What if, Dear Lord I depart from this life?

Dear Child, I find you in such dire distress
What if I bring you home away from your stress?
You ask what if, but I assure you this will be.
What if, Dear Child, soon you do come to me?

Dear Lord, what will it be like in your paradise?
What if I can’t imagine how my emotions will rise?
You have promised all who believe streets of gold
Will I Dear Lord, walk with You and all saints of old?

Dear Child, rest now; I ask you to believe and not to fret
My heavenly mission on earth by you may not be set.
Why not talk to children, elders, fathers, and mothers?
What if I need you to speak my eternal love to others?

Dear Lord, my worthless heart is full of powerful love for you.
What if they don’t listen and heed your merciful words?
I am only a lonely sinner who was saved by your holy grace.
Will I Dear Savior make even a dent in someone’s way
What if my testimony gets only one lost soul to pray?

Dear Child, when you come to me and I will say to you.
What if, more souls had sought my love and been willing to do.
The things and times they would give of their souls.
Why my Child, they would have completed my goals.

What if, My Dear Lord? What if My Dear Lord?

Written by Arline Miller on 3/15/2020
Grateful, this came to me around 4 am as it often happens.

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Today, what I get from this quote is that I have to resist against my own natural stubbornness to have it my way and be open minded to all of the changes that come within our lives. When we are young, we are resistant to authority (some people never change from this feeling to their demise), when we get older we seem to want everything to stay the same, even though our children, spouses and ourselves are changing. Once the natural changes in life occur, we want to blame life, others, circumstances, health and instead of being flexible, having a sense of humor, and changing habits that would curb some of the natural changes; we use the act of stubbornness to excuse our inability to change. Once we drop that feeling and open our minds to loving others more than we love ourselves, eating differently, acting maturely, and making wise financial choices; our lives seem to become better. Resistance is the culprit and it helps me to embrace facts that I cannot deny, support the changes, and appreciate my life as it is today and look forward to tomorrow. Have a fantastic, changing day and life; it can be exciting to do something different today!

My Observation about Corona Virus: With this alarm ringing in our ears, I have realized this may be a wake-up call for many facets of our lives. I have observed some character traits surfacing which made me do some good ole Southern thinking:
* When did we forget that this country had food lines and shortages of life’s necessity?
*When did we get such an entitled feeling of security to feel we are above hard times?
*Has this fear made us realize the plight of the unfortunate people who live among us?
*Have we thought about sharing any goods with those unfortunate or do we want to hoard excess amounts just in case?
*Have we given thought about decisions we make concerning the future of this country as this looks like a mock trial run of deprivation of those things we take for granted.
*Has greed or selfishness crept into the mental process or have we thought of ways to help or protect others?
*Has this slowed families down from all of the frivolous activities we have practiced which separate members, young and old from family-oriented activities? Where are all of those board games we played?
*Have we realized that we can spend time with God’s word, devotionals, children’s books which promote character/spiritual building in our homes and not just in church?
*Have we remembered how to cook and not depend on fast food? Where are those recipe books?

I could go on and on, talking about us having to be reminded to wash our hands, keep the necessary items on hand, protect ourselves and our families, be willing to give up those activities we have placed above family time….but I will leave all of us to our own thoughts. Take time to think if this has been presented to us to slow down, take better care of our bodies, think about what we are doing, where we are going, and what we are exposing ourselves. Stay safe, stay mentally alert but rational, prepare but not hoard, and remember if this was going to be our last day would we get a good report of how we treated others or would being ugly or rude to someone be how you would want to be remembered? I realize I think a lot about things and I write my thoughts to remind me as well of how I can be a better person……Taking caution but love is in my heart.

Staying alive and figuring out whether to blog or not to blog, I say hello for now and wish everyone to be safe, healthy, inspired, and happy. Until We Read Again……..Arline Miller

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