Sometimes, a blog post I write is worthy of repeating or is especially meaningful to me. As we celebrate Easter, I am always aware of the sunrise on Easter morn. I also remember our Mother saying Thank You Jesus every morning when she rose. Let’s keep the love and sacrifice alive all year round. Happy Easter and Thank You Jesus!

TODAY THE WORDS are A SUNRISE LIKE NO OTHER. Throughout our lives, we have witnessed many sunrises, some more outstanding than others. Some of us may have, as on this special occasion attended sunrise ceremonies, to see how miraculous each sunrise is and how unique the sun can alter its magnificent appearance. We take photographs of the first peek of the sun rising above the land, lake, mountain or ocean and expressions of excitement or a quite, reverent sigh comes out of our mouths. I have been known to hug when it bursts from the bottom and starts its powerful climb into the sky. Sunrises are awesome but this morning as so many Easter mornings, my heart goes to the sunrise like no other which I want to believe had to occur when Jesus rose from the tomb. As humbly as Jesus lived, even His resurrection and appearance to Mary Madeline was quiet and demure. However, I believe God was beyond happy, beyond excited, and beyond control of being quiet and was bursting with pride as a Father would be and had to “show out” with the most brilliant, most illustrious sunrise. The clouds from the gloomy Good Friday were pushed back and the skies had to be that blue which only God can produce and allow God’s creative sunrise to shine through. It makes me think this special sunrise almost would hurt the viewer’s eyes but it had to be so incredible, the viewer could also not turn away.   I would think people who were awake might even give the other person with them a hug. Something special about this day would be on their minds, but for my deeper thought….Were they aware of how special and how their lives would be forever changed by this sunrise and the events which had taken place? Do we, as people realize that no matter how people who try to change the truth of the real meaning of Easter, fail in the final attempt?    

Easter hope

As each sunrise occurs, the same glory God felt on that first Easter is present today and what changed with that sunrise that was like no other is present today. When you have seen a beautiful sunrise, and your heart feels it is like no other; I think it may be God reminding us of His Son’s Resurrection and pathway for our salvation. Enjoy Easter; enjoy each sunrise and sunset; and recognize God’s beauty in all of these things.   Side note from the blogger on the morning before Easter morning: I woke this morning with a heavier heart than usual. More than not, during the Easter season, it is placed on my heart how we as humans fail to live up to the life of Christ and we allow distrust, anger, frustration, and confusion about all of the worldly events going on. I felt this morning a sense of a need for a special display of love. I had written a poem about a week ago and thought I would share it for this Easter season.  

The Tiny Crosses on the Pines

From my humble vantage from below

I look up and see the lofty crosses flow

In the wind, they bend and show

What we realize is a sign for us to know.

Jesus you left us with a reminder to agree

The crosses on the pines at Easter  will be.

You died on a wooden cross to set us free.

Each year, they will grow and we will see.

My Dear Lord, You could have left us alone.

To live with Your Father on His throne.

But you chose a human form  with bone.

For redemption from our sins we’ve sown.

I will reverently cherish those tiny  statues

Heavenly Father carved them for our views.

May we bow and pray with reverence in pews.

Jesus, we thank You for those wooden hues.

Easter will be a day for us to reflect on You

Your life, sacrifice, death and resurrection too.

As those tiny crosses point the way to You.

We will worship and fill our spirits anew.

Happy Easter with love and reverence to Our Lord

written by Arline Miller

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