Thursday Morning Thought: With everything going on in this world, it came to me, not meaning to take all of it too lightly, we are at a life buffet. As most of you know, I relate everything to everyday life and relatable events to make a point. Remember walking up to a big buffet, whether it is based on American or Chinese theme for the food. Usually, there are separate sections, and a lot of items to choose from or to focus on. We sometimes walk around, slightly overwhelmed about having too much to choose from and how much we need to get from each dish before we fill our plates too full. I thought of how it is seemingly too much for our minds to comprehend while at the same time, our bellies are wanting some of all of it. It becomes harder to focus on an individual dish. With this memory in mind, let’s take it to another level or scenario. This morning, we are all concerned about people and pets in harm’s way with Hurricane Laura and the devastation that has taken place and will continue as it makes its way through the land. Politics has made most of our lives almost intolerable to the point that a wife and husband cannot agree as they have opposing views and we try to listen to have some kind of sanity and have become involved in a lot of prayers. Then there is the violence, the rise to anarchy, the absence of a resolution by sit down civil talks, the rudeness, the cruelty and so much disloyalty and deceit. I haven’t touched the COVID-19 issue that hasn’t gone away and is still so deadly and dangerous. At the same time, is it being overexaggerated? That is another dish on the buffet, what do we choose to believe or choose? I have used a few issues to point out that what we maybe should consider is to back away from the buffet, ask for a menu and read it (research instead), and pick a dish or two to actually focus on and make safe, healthy choices. Save room for a little dessert (family and activity time) but before starting any meal or selection, is to put the focus where it should be, the Blessing for all good things, and help on the difficult things. Digestion will be better for the food of life we have to swallow.

Life can offer us a lot of dishes, choices, and demands. We can choose to eat light and healthy or go for it with a combination of starchy, spicy, sweet, or tart lifestyles. We can overindulge and pay the consequences or use good judgment on the choices we make.

I don’t know many friends and myself included who have not, at one time or other, overindulged at a buffet. It is like, “Here it is, go for it” and we lose our common sense to pick and choose and not overwhelm our bodies with fat saturated, high carbohydrates, and sticky sugary delights.

It is not for me to educate anyone on how to take nibbles at life, but I speak from my own experience. I became healthier when I cut portions, made better choices. I am trying to do that same thing with my mental “diet” but slowing down, consider all options, but deliberate on which are the best dishes of friendship, associations, community, occupational, and personal relationships. Is this worth a little bit of your time to consider all phases, including spiritual appetite?

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  1. So true…we got to learn to exercise control…put on plate from the buffet only what we require not what is available…

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