This morning, I want to spend a little time with all of my readers on an important thought, DO WE SPEND TIME WITH THE KIDS? as the topic for the blog. I don’t have all the answers but several things have occurred that moved this thought to the forefront in my mind.

For those of you who know me personally, know I love to write and decorate but a love that is as strong as both of these two hobbies is cooking and baking. I understand that a lot of you may not enjoy the kitchen and what it has to offer but it has worked as a special way to bond with people, and especially, my grandchildren. I have made special treats for them as well as others and cater to “show them Nana cares about them when I make their favorite desserts or even deviled eggs for one special lady.”

Times in the kitchen have spurred on a special bond with my daughter, who was allowed to sit on a counter top when she was a toddler and stir things for her Mom. We laughed, got flour on us, dropped a few things, but I kept it as a fun time. To prove how small she was, my recipe cards have pencil marks all over them as she proved to have talents as a budding artist and exhibited that talent while helping her Mom make delicious food. Today, Missy makes up recipes like I do, she has her own style of cooking and baking, and I can’t tell you how proud this makes her first cooking mentor, her Mom! Many photos pass between us and it provides great conversation between us. As a matter of fact, my daughter introduced her Mom to the use of fresh herbs and my life in the kitchen was never the same. The student became the teacher.

Missy’s first attempt at drawing and it happened to be on one of my recipe cards. Priceless!
Missy went on to doing pastels from her free spirited drawings on my cards. I never rewrote them if that tells you how special they are.
Now, Missy bakes with the best of chefs and even made some fantastic cookies that stole the show at my latest book signing with one special question mark cookie for the them Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss? How special is this?

Moving on to the main point of this blog, is I want to ask you to think out of the box. It is not cooking, fishing, painting, woodworking, sewing, dancing, etc., it is giving of your time. It is the cheering children on, teaching them and then praising them they can do what someone they love does, and the affirmation is worth more than any monetary gift you can give. Children want to imitate who they consider their heroes, so let’s don’t be zeroes.

As a grandparent, Nana is my name and I love that title. When one of our grands walk into the room, slide up and ask, “Nana, do you know what is my favorite of all the things you make for us?” Before I can answer, I hear, “EVERYTHING”.

As part of Jonas’s birthday he wanted a day here with Granddaddy and Nana and that was so special. We made cookies for him to share with his brothers and sisters. It is about “time spent”.

When I get calls after I send some goodies for them to enjoy, I get a phone call not only thanking me, but asking “Can we make some of these when we visit and let me help you?” My heart swells to think they want to spend time with me and allow me to be part of their lives.

Nolan walked into the kitchen the last time they all came to visit and his first words to Nana were “Do you need me to help you?” Take that to the bank as priceless.

I had a message from a dear relative of mine and she was bursting with pride after spending time teaching her grandchildren how to make biscuits and even roll the dough for fried fruit pies. It is a time of such deep sharing and fun with them and i could hear her excitement through text. What a pleasure and a feeling for both to share this time.

I get messages with pictures from our children on their activities and their cooking adventures and I am going to take my hat off to my husband, Granddaddy who volunteers to make his trips and taking them to school, and special breakfast get togethers, and always there if he is needed. That time will never be forgotten.

Now, for my deeper thought, if we take time with our children or grandchildren, we make memories but we leave them with memories of us. We don’t get lost in their mind as who we are and what we represent. Cherish the times and not look at it as a chore or responsibility but a blessing. Trust me, I know how special these times are. We see development in our grandchildren from their parents spending time and sharing experiences and their talents. I encourage everyone to take time with children, show them a world outside the video games, and watch the results.

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