When Thanksgiving was in full stride with visions of turkey, ham, and all the trimmings, I had some random thoughts and thought I would share them with all of you. I am sure that not every country celebrates a certain day like our country does, but thankfulness is universal.

I am going to bullet point my thoughts but will place additional notes if I need to make a point about one or two:

  • Life is not a certainty but death is a certainty if you have been given life.
  • We share this earth, but no one has ownership even with deeds or titles. Everything is temporarily in possession at any given time.
  • Why do we spend millions or even trillions saying we want to preserve nature but have no problem going to malls, government buildings, paved interstates which swallowed up nature.
  • Why do we feel guilty after enjoying a big meal that we have spent days preparing?
  • Why do we compare ourselves to others and not recognizing the uniqueness placed in us by Our Maker?
  • Why do we accept people at their word, while knowing that most people never live up to their word?
  • We seem to feel material things are the components of a happy life . Note: I have shared this story many times to keep me humble and focused on true happiness guidelines. I was in my sports car, making a significant amount of money, living in a 4500 square foot home, and miserable in my marriage at that time. I pulled up and braked for a red light and looked over in the next lane and saw a beat up old truck and inside this rusted out vehicle putting out a lot of smoke were a skinny, unattractive male with hardly any teeth in his head pulling a woman weighing at least three times his size over closer to him. She had hair tossled but maybe not brushed recently, no makeup, but the sweetest, loving, smile at him. They kissed while the light was red and both of them smiled and squeezed each other before letting go. Oh my lightbulb of life came on. I wasn’t judging their choices in life. They had what they needed…Each other with an unconditional love. Lesson learned.

I could go on and on with my thoughts as they are always circling in my head. Life is a great adventure and I love thinking, not overthinking, well maybe sometimes, but I am a believer that God gave us this earth, the universe, the micro beings, nature, faith, communities to explore. I would encourage everyone to open your minds to random thinking, critical thinking, and mostly creative ideas to flush out the musty, boring, and negative thoughts. Live Life, Love Life, and Live and Love Life to the fullest. Have Happy Holidays and get festive.

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