If you want any more of this ridiculous year, go on with your bad self, but I for one want to see it gone and praying 2021 will be a peaceful, recovery year from COVID all over the world. As I was thinking of this year going away, I wrote a poem. I thought I would share this poem with my best wishes to all.


Years have come and years have gone before in my life.

However, 2020 I can’t remember a year with more strife.

You tangled your aggravating web like a spider with intention

To capture seemingly innocent victims with a deadly conviction.

The virus was unleashed and with a mysterious origination

It had no mercy on the old but grabbed on and surpassed imagination.

The young became vulnerable and the death numbers soared.

While the lockdown was ordered, and we all sat still while bored.

Politics have become so corrupted and the lines have blurred

Who to trust, I think none, and all of our emotions have stirred?

What happened to civility and good manners where did you go?

It seems it was replaced by “I will get you before you can know.”

2021, come on in and boot this disastrous year 2020 out the door.

We will as Americans have to struggle to get up off the dingy floor.

Let’s find a way to come together and fight each other no more.

A kind word here, a good deed there, and morality can we restore?

Let us wish each other, no matter who we meet and greet

A Happy Year for all to enjoy and may we have the success we seek.

Let’s laugh again and work for a good and healthy life for all of us.

Happy 2021 and may 2020 come no more; in God we trust.

Written with hopes for a better year in 2021 by Arline Miller

(C) Copyright 2012 – 2020 Arline Miller with all rights and privileges reserved. Third party material if source is posted, will credit original source.

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A blogger since 2012, a published author of three Five Star romance novels, A MISTRESS, A WIFE and TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL and RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS. Still a small town girl with a lot of experience of people watching. Ten years of blogging experience.

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