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As we see our country moving through the COVID 19 Virus Pandemic and a change in our government with a new administration, with a lot of blame thrown around, it came to me, we should look at the significance one person or one event’ s impact on the whole schematic. Let me use a simple life example if I may to show the importance of a single stone.

I looked up Does Pebble Removal Have An Effect on River Beds and here is the excerpt from the article. The link for the full article is below:

Gravel removal causes the stream bed and banks to become unstable, sometimes for miles upstream and downstream. The resulting head cuts and bank failures impact farmlands, wetlands, recreational areas, and infrastructure. Contrary to popular belief, removing gravel bars does not help control floodwater.
Fact Sheet Gravel Removal from Streamseec.ky.gov › Water › Reports › factsheet

I saw the words become unstable in the description and that is the basis of my thought for today. I also saw where this impact could spread for miles in both directions. Please notice the statement “Contrary to popular belief, removing gravel bars does not help control floodwater.” Let’s dive into my analogy.

Looking at the beautiful river bed photo, I noticed several notable observations.

  • The different sizes of the pebbles make it more interesting. How boring it would look if all the pebbles were the same size.
  • The different shapes of the pebbles add dimension and help fill the gaps actually giving strength by their association and placement in the river bed.
  • The different shades and colors of the pebbles add more visibility to the eye, again offering distinction and uniqueness.
  • Placement of the pebbles are random, with some similar pebbles being in close proximity while at the same time, many different pebbles are side by side existing in harmony with each other.

I imagine the concept behind my thought is beginning to form in your mind at this time viewing the color, size, shape, and uniqueness of each pebble, while at the same time, the visual of the togetherness of all of the pebbles becoming one image is obvious.

We live in a world where we are each a single pebble and while we have true differences, some of which are blatantly obvious, together we form a river bed in life. We have to learn to exist together, each with its own value and significance. This world can only work and be strong if we realize the value of each pebble and humorously, I add, even if the next pebble rubs us the wrong way.

One of the interesting things about my pebble analogy, is we pebbles need each other, and yes, we need the different aspects of each pebble to be a formidable river bed element. Disruption only weakens the bed (or as I like to refer the base) and it is hard to maintain the purpose for functionality.

In life, pebbles or in reality, people, will rub someone the wrong way, but we should keep in mind that it is the unity, not the individual pebble, which supports our lives. I have met so many interesting people in my life and I can assure you my list is composed of different races, ethnic groups, wealthy and poorest people, famous, infamous, and totally unknowns. I have talked with super educated and surprisingly uneducated people who shine brighter in the universal language of common sense and enlightenment. No two people I have encountered are the same composition and each person has added a brilliance to my life.

In summation, I would encourage this world, our country, our government, our communities, churches, service organizations, schools, and neighborhoods to analyze their “River Beds” and see if we are including all pebbles to help with the beautiful sound of water flowing in a good direction.

Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by building a strong bed of connecting pebbles to hear the lovely sound of water flowing into every nook and cranny of your life.

Arline Miller, blogger and author of three novels, and Sipping Cups of Inspiration

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I wrote this post several years ago, but somehow, we are back to the idea of I want free healthcare, free food, free education, free housing, etc. but again, let’s use logic. Someone, most likely the hardest working people, has to pay. Actually, it may seem free to the recipient, but SOMEONE has to pay! We are entering a new phase of administration for our government who has spiraled out of spending control, so think about our future lives. Let us be frugal and make good decisions on how we spend. Here is the original post:

SO YOU THINK FREE IS GOOD? Today, I am addressing a popular concept and I want to apply it to all phases of our lives, not just the political consequences. Below, please find my back to work post on FB to kick off this thought process. I worry that a bait and switch swindle is being played on many young people and even some older folks that should know better. The phrase “No Such Thing as a Free Lunch” didn’t originate from nothing. Someone had found out the truth.


Back to work thought: I have seen all of the Socialist Democrats use the word “free” pretty freely, but as a hard working 69 year old I beg to differ. Let’s use an example of how nothing is “free”…..Think of the ads on facebook and other media outlets which say free this and free that or 2nd one free if you buy the first one at a low price, right? You know you have seen these free item ads. Ok, now the real truth, the “processing” fee is a cost. If you get the free item, you will find that a subscription, upgrade, shipping are all costs. When I was in the car business, it was a known fact and they even had a name for it “Bait and Switch” where you advertised the “deal of the century” which was a vehicle that barely had an engine and transmission knowing full well that the customer wanted and really needed more so you switched them when they came in asking for that car or truck that was advertised. I look at the Socialist concept the same way….there is no free health care, no income guarantee, no free education, and no free housing….Believe me, it costs so using the Bait and Switch Socialist concept, you use these “free” items (that the cost is passed on to the average tax payer who then can’t afford anything other than essentials and there goes the economy and stability for them to work) and then when you have been baited that this sounds like winning the lottery, they have you hooked so the only thing left to take is your freedom. To all of you that this “free concept” would be better off getting a job, working in a fairly taxed job, and have pride in taking care of your family instead of a government controlled environment. One final thought is how many of you think government takes care of the programs now? They spend foolishly and are thinking of what it means to their futures not ours……so what makes you want to put them in charge of everything you own or work for? Hmm??
Remember Bait and Switch is only meant to get you where they want you so they can switch your way of life and the payment is always higher than you planned on paying.

  Next, let’s address the idea of “free” in our everyday life. This past holiday you may have gotten a free meal but was it totally free?  Maybe you didn’t have to buy it, but did you have to drive somewhere to eat this free meal? Does your car drive without fuel? Did you brush your teeth and take a bath to be presentable before leaving? Doesn’t toothpaste and water cost? The point I am making is everything that we do has a cost even if it appears to be free. Ponder that thought and No Such Thing as Free will come to mind.   I saw universal Income advertised from the liberal socialist members of Congress a few minutes ago. This, simply baiting ploy is you would be guaranteed a basic income to eliminate work……..What? Then, frankly I ask, who the blazes pays for it? I am telling you if you buy this, go ahead and buy lottery tickets with your money as the probability of this type of system to work is about the same chances of winning the lottery.   Finally, let’s examine how many “free” things can cost you. You begin a relationship, that’s free, right? Wrong! First of all you put a lot of energy and your time into it. If you were not spending this time, you could be applying that energy and time into productive work. It is the reward of getting something in return for your “work” in a relationship that causes us to input the energy and time and that is worth the effort. What if the relationship fails? You are right…..free hurt, pain, and loss but wait a minute, that isn’t even free because if you sit around and waste more time and energy over the loss, you have even more cost involved.  

  Here is my final thought: If you want to achieve anything that is worthwhile, work is a necessary part of this process. I believe in this philosophy “If it is not worth working toward, it is not worth having” In all things apply your talents and the rewards will come and you are not obligated to a controlling entity. You can take a bow as you achieved a goal. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY WORKING HARD AND ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR. 

(C) Copyright 2012-2021 Arline Miller with all rights and privileges reserved. Third party material is sourced to original location if known for credit references.

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