Good morning, blog followers! I had an early morning thought that was so riveting, I thought I should share with you. Recently, I have discussed how mind over matter in eating, and being positive. Those were received and gave some moments of personal evaluation. This morning’s blog is a little more intense so hang in there and let’s see where this blog thought goes.

When we are born, we are helpless by ourselves and we require a lot of care including feeding, hygiene, and nurturing. Our parents or a caretaker furnish our needs and we are not required to use our brains to live. We can observe while we learn how to do the simplest gestures and activity. We continually need care from another source. As we grow into teenage years we loosen the ties somewhat on day to day activities but require some guidance, even if we rebel, to make good decisions.

Then comes adult life and at this life changing event, we are on our own, or at least we should be. At this time, who takes over and makes decision? Who is in control of our minds? Sometimes, we marry at an early age and our thinking even though we want to say we think for ourselves, it can become a team thinking exercise with “What do you want to do?” “What do you think?” or “You decide.” statements. One dominant personality can seize control or it becomes a bilateral action. I have seen couples who have lived together for long periods finish each others sentences or speak for the other partner.

All of this information is pretty normal and is not the destination of this blog. I want to ask the question for each of us, separately from any affiliation or relationship, “Who is in charge of you?” Let me bullet point for you what I am asking behind this question.

  • When a decision is to be made, do you have to have others input or can you make a decision by yourself?
  • Do you value research or do you take what you hear either from others or media outlets, social media, friends, etc?
  • How confident do you feel in making decisions or do you second guess your decisions?
  • Do you seek counsel but make the definitive decision once you have listened to others?
  • Are you willing to make your own mind up on a subject no matter if your decision is an unfavorable one?

If you have answered these questions frankly, you have your answer to who controls you. It is advisable to research, seek other people’s thoughts, but you are in control of your mind if the last question was Yes. One of the problems in our world today is many people who are more than capable both intellectually and emotionally to decide for themselves are swayed by news media, celebrities, professors, community leaders, family, friends, and yes, even church leaders. Do not fall into this trap. Search for the truth, look at the history, practice critical thinking, and by all means, think for yourself. What might be right for me would not be right or at least comfortable for anyone else.

Here are some ways to practice thinking for yourself and regain your personal control:

  • Do not make a hasty decision before looking at the situation.
  • Consider short term and long term repercussions and outcomes from your decision.
  • Think before acting or deciding, “Can I live with my decision?”
  • Think before acting or deciding, “Can others live with my decision?”
  • Think back to previous situations and evaluate the outcome of prior decisions.
  • Decide to accept the adversity if others will not agree with your decision.
  • Finally, when making a decision, how do I feel about this decision? If you feel content that you have made this decision with as many of the facts involved, after weighing the conclusion and outcome, knowing that you and you alone came to this decision and can move on from this action, then make the decision and Move On.

As a self thinker, who loves to research and who values input but is totally capable of making my own decision, I encourage all of you to think for yourself but do it with respect of others who may think differently. Also, I consider the purpose behind others’ thinking and all factors which affect or relate to their conclusion. Their reasoning may not be appropriate with my reasoning but I can emphasize with them. I still want to make my own decisions after I have my mind equipped to make wise decisions. Do I accomplish this all of the time? Absolutely……not.

Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the Fullest by stepping up, voicing your thoughts, and love the fact you were given intelligence and the ability to think.

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