Coming Soon, Reinvention Queen Cooks for You

For several years, I have posted as many dishes I created or reinvented on my Facebook page as Inspirational Posts. I have been doing some thinking (that could be dangerous, LOL) but I am going to combine my blog to include my inspirational posts and cooking experiences with you without having to post on different tabs or pages. If the post contains a recipe, I will begin the post with Reinvention Queen.

There will be veggie dishes, some my originals or reinvented dishes.
There will be tips for meat dishes or reinvented dishes from leftovers.
This is a reinvented dish from leftovers. I will show you how in a featured post.
I love baking desserts and will share many recipes with you in future blog messages.
I was baking long before biscuit making became popular but I am never too old to learn a new trick.
Let’s bake cakes, cookies and pies. Watch for future posts for exciting recipes and how to tips.
Prepping is my secret since I work full time so early to prep, earlier and smarter to eat.

Salads can be as beautiful as healthy so watch out as I love to plate beautiful dishes. Here are a few to see on future blogs.

Relax, learn, and find out how beautiful your foods can be with a little visionary help.

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen soon. I am getting my photos and recipes together and putting on my apron soon. You may see guest chefs and young and old adding their ideas here. Here is to Good Prep to Keep Us in Step!

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