ReInvention Queen-Dried Beans and Onion Cornbread

Today is an experiment as there is nothing professional about my composing a video and especially with no written script. I am trying this one out and will be posting better ones as I improve (hopefully). Bear with me, visit with me, and we will learn together.

Today, I wanted to share how you don’t have to overnight soak dried beans. The 10 minute blanch process makes beans a possibility instead of a chore. You will hear a couple of tips as I move through my first awkward cooking video. I have posted many of my original recipes on my Facebook page but they have mounted up to a level that is unmanageable and for all of my non-cooking friends who are subconsciously applauding this move to my blog.

I will include the dish or process in the title. The reason for the title of ReInvention Queen as one of my dear friends created is I love using leftovers or combination dinners often. The example is using the Boston Smoked Butt broth as the base ingredient in this dish. I will appreciate comments (constructive not destructive) as i move forward. Below find the video which is not edited so you are getting all of my blunders as well. Also, you will see a couple of photos showing the final dish.

I like to add some humor as my daughter asked me what was on the top of the baby lima beans in the bowl. I messaged her I was honoring my Dad who taught me to use ketchup on dried beans. I can’t tell you how many times I have been kidded about adding ketchup to any kind of beans. I clearly give you the go ahead to try it or by all means you can leave it off. How many of you do this?

Onion Cornbread (To be featured in a future post

I will work on a few glitches and see you in the kitchen soon. Arline Miller

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