Reinvention Queen goes from Taco Ranch Pepperoni Salad to American Goulash

Creativity comes from within and you only limit yourself if you don’t experiment. Does every reinvention work? Maybe not, but if the dish is made from leftovers that might be thrown away, what’s the big risk? Today, I show you how I made a terrific Taco Ranch Pepperoni Salad and then reinvented it and made delicious American Goulash. Get on the Reinvention Train and chop away to delicious combinations you may have never thought of combining. First the Pasta Salad:

Have you seen a prettier pasta salad, so colorful and the taste is so good.
This is a keeper recipe but I keep reinventing dishes so on to the American Goulash.

This was a delicious meal which we enjoyed very much but I couldn’t resist taking these great ingredients and seeing if I could incorporate these ingredients into my version of American Goulash.

Arline’s Reinvented American Goulash:

The idea of Reinvention Queen is to show you that you don’t have to keep eating leftovers in their initial creation. Learn how to determine what flavors blend and once you have done this, you have opened a world of cooking creativity. I love experimenting and the use of herbs, seasonings, additions, and methods. This is not hard to do and the colors, aromas, and the presentation is very therapeutic and rewarding for me the cook and my husband and others.

There are a lot of great cooks and chefs as well as bakers. I know several and soon I will have guests to show off their expertise. As a matter of fact, my stepson who is in my heart my son too in 10 minutes of necessity of preparing a quick meal using some of the Boston Butt he had smoked and pantry items, made one of the best if not the best Brunswick Stew I have tasted. I asked him to write what he used so we can share it with all of you. Stay tuned and Until We Cook Again…..Happy Meals……Arline Miller

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