As some of you know from previous posts, several of my messages are derived from me waking up early around 4 am with a thought that will not allow me to go back to sleep until I have it formed into a message. This morning was no different so I thought I would share it with you.

Several of you read the title and your mind may have gone to a movie or a book or maybe even both. You are somewhat right but the message is not directed to a visual but a mental and/or emotional response. My vision of this message was more of a person or really two people positioned after a fall on different levels on the cliff’s edge and side. Let me explain in a parable like explanation:

Two hikers were on the mountain trail and were gazing at the wonders of the surrounding mountains and views. The sky was ultra blue with white cumulas clouds which looked like giant cauliflower heads. The foliage which were multi layered shades of green. The view was incredible and their adrenaline was over the top. They drew their bodies closer to the edge not paying attention to how stable or solid the edge was. Since they were hikers and not rock climbers, they were not equipped to secure their footing and without warning, they both fell over the edge and found themselves hanging on for their survival. One landed and held on to a protruding root of a tree closer to the ledge where he had fallen off. The other hiker had slipped farther down and was wedged into a crevice and his view of impending danger of a fatal fall was staring at him. They hung to life, both of them witnessing a possible sudden deadly fall. They shouted out to the other to confirm they were alive and if either had a suggestion of how to get back to safety. Without telling you at this moment, their outcome, I want to move my readers into some thought provoking statements for you to realize the parable and how it applies to everyday life.

  • Have you given thought to the position of the hikers as they fell? One fell closer to the cliff’s top and one fell lower. Why do you think they fell differently and didn’t land approximately the same distance? Would fate have allowed one to have a better chance of survival or was it chance?
  • Did the landing with only a root to hang onto even though the hiker was closer to the top even the odds with the hiker who fell farther but was lodge into a crevice?
  • Should the hikers been better prepared by bringing some safety equipment in case such an event occur or did they think the odds were in their favor of non probability?
  • Did any of their personal and physical appearance decide the landing position like weight or physical strength?
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I ask these questions because of how this message was received by me. I see so many people, and if I am truthful, including me trying to figure out why and how we are in a certain position in life. In other words, why did we land closer to the top or fall closer to a certain impossible position to save ourselves. Was it something we did, or how we were created, or our physical assets or disabilities, etc.?

My observances were presented in this manner: Life gives us a fighting chance in either position, with all of the differences relevant or not, and what life seems to favor it can also make it harder to climb back up after a fall, but it is possible if we don’t analyze the whys and hows but begin to see our way.

Now, back to our parable for one more revelation.

As the hikers were trying to hold on, their voices were heard by some other hikers, as a matter of fact a group of hikers who also loved to climb the mountainside. They had the equipment to assist sending down ropes and even one climber went over the side after being secured to help steady the fallen hikers as they moved back up to safety. Both hikers, even though they were at different heights, were rescued and were so thankful.

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Here is my evaluation of the rescue:

  • Even though the hikers were unprepared to save themselves, help came in time with all of the tools to assist them.
  • It didn’t matter that the fallen hikers were at different levels of danger and heights, both were saved.
  • The climber/hiker that propelled down to help them steady their climbs to safety was similar to all the people who help us in everyday life volunteering to assist us and give us the assurance all will be okay and to give them the feeling they weren’t alone.
  • In the end, their physical strength and agility and even their looks, wealth or financial security or lack of any means, did not make a difference and actually all factors or risks leveled out giving the same result of a successful rescue.

A note to finalize my topic: While you read the scenario and remarks, did our life and salvation come to mind? It really hit home to me to share that God allows us to see perilous moments and different levels of security and safety to realize He is there to steady our rescue (salvation) and to give us the assurance we are never alone no matter the height of dangers we face. I hope you give this message some time to see the relevance and next time you go hiking, properly prepare for what you may face on the mountainside.

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4 thoughts on “CLIFF HANGERS IN LIFE”

  1. I thought about my recent diagnosis this morning and I tried to determine if I caused it someway. Thanks for allowing me to see God will send my rescue by whatever means He has planned for the rest of my life.

    1. I appreciate your feedback and have been praying that the outcome will be favorable to you and I am happy you got the message behind the message. God is already in control of our next steps or rescues. Take care lovely lady and I appreciate you always.

    2. Love this❤️ Thank you for sharing! Those cliff hangers could have given into fear and fell to their death. When we put our faith in God by praying and believing in any situation; I believe we will be rescued!

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