Reinvention Queen Goes Herbing with Chicken Breasts

Have you gotten brave enough to create your own recipes without fear of failure? What’s the worst that can happen if you use flavor common sense? You can improve it the next time if you don’t hit the mark, but what a feeling when you get creative as I did with some skinless, boneless chicken breasts and a big hit of my garden herbs. I thought I would share how I save my fresh herbs with you as well as this easy and delicious Chicken Breasts ala Crusted Herb Spinach Alfredo Bake. Come along and cook with me!

Chicken Breasts with Spinach Herbs and Alfredo Sauce

Arline’s Chicken Breasts ala Crusted Herb Spinach Alfredo Bake

Family pkg of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 6-7 in bowl

Add the following to breasts:

Sprinkle Everything Bagel Seasoning 

Dried Garden Blend Herbs 

Kinders Brown Sugar Rub sprinkle 

AR’s Southern Hot Honey rubbed on chicken breasts 

Salt and Pepper to taste

Olive Oil (light coat) 

Seasoned Panko crumbs poured over breasts. 

Prepare baking pan with Olive Oil and Butter Spray

Add layer of mixed garden herbs 

Place breasts in pan making sure the

Panko Crumbs cover breasts. 

Place in 400° oven. As the breasts bake add a little amount of chicken stock if bottom dries out 

30 minutes. Take out of oven. 

Pour a jar of Alfredo sauce (can make homemade) in between breasts   

Saute baby spinach in 1T butter and EVOO each. Add seasoning of preference (everything bagel & garlic salt)

Place Sautéed spinach on top of Alfredo Sauce and return to oven for 30 more minutes. 

Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese on dish if desired. 

Sprinkle Parmesan on plate to enhance the flavor.

A oiled baking pan and fresh variety of herbs is one of the first steps in prep.

A quick saute of baby spinach with some seasonings and butter/oil too.

The finished dish made a big hit. Isn’t it a pretty display?

I love my fresh herbs and I give my daughter Missy the credit for educating me on how and what herbs and spices (some I hadn’t even heard of with my Southern Cooking Heritage where salt and pepper were the mainstay seasonings. Now, I live to use a different seasoning, some of which I know I mispronounce but sprinkle them freely in my dishes. I found a way to store my freshly clipped herbs, ones I am not using at the time, by laying them out on a paper plate to air dry. See the photo below:

From freshly clipped to dried on plate and then crushed to blend and place in an empty spice jar.

Place herbs in select labeled bags for individual herb usage.

I clip the bags together and hang on the side of my refrigerator for easy access when cooking.

I hope you try a new recipe. Use flavors and seasonings you like and your family enjoy. No one has to cook/bake the same. Not all tries have to be cookbook successes the first time. You will be surprised at the enjoyment when you create a recipe and the family say EXCELLENT!

Until We Cook Again…..Happy Meals to You…..Reinvention Queen, Arline Miller

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