Feeling Devilish with Eggs with Reinvention Queen & Missy

Many of you may be experts on making deviled eggs but we thought we would share some ideas we have learned. Remember, we are a Mom and Daughter having a good time in the kitchen. I had tried out a cream cheese deviled egg recipe someone shared and was talking to Missy who thought this would be a good way to show off how devilish we can get with eggs.

The video is lengthy as we go through the whole process with tips on boiling and cracking as well as peeling the eggs. I made the mistake of getting fresh eggs before a family dinner and I was at the point of tears trying to peel them. I have used the ways I show you in the video and haven’t had a failure yet.

Deviled Eggs are a great side/appetizer/snack but keep refrigerated if made ahead of time.
These are the cream cheese deviled eggs I made last week.

Cream cheese Eggs: basic recipe will be posted but for 6 eggs (12) with cream cheese softened 2 oz & 1tsp yellow mustard, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Top with paprika or watch the video for other toppings.

Arline’s Deviled Eggs (Extreme)

Boil 10 eggs (preferable 1 week in fridge eggs) Place in ice bath when boiled. 

While eggs are boiling, in a bowl mix the following:

2 T Mayo

1 tsp Bone sucking Mustard (substitutes spicy or yellow mustard)

2 tsp pickle relish

Splash hot sauce more or less (begin with a few drops, add more if desired)

1 tsp or more according to taste EveryDay Seasoning

1 tsp onion salt 

Sprinkle dill weed lightly

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Sprinkle lightly spicy paprika

In a food chopper add sweet or bread and butter pickles with 1/3 sweet onion. My pickles have garlic and jalapeños (only put a small amount of garlic & jalapeños) and chop them until small pieces. Add some to mixture in bowl and better to add gradually to avoid getting too much pickles. 

Add yolks to this mixture after peeling eggs and separating and placing whites on plate or deviled egg server. Use fork to smash yolks and blend together until creamy. Tip: Add Mayo by Tablespoon at a time. If you need more small amounts as it is easy to get it too soupy but if you do it gradually it will be better.  

Place mixture in egg white. Sprinkle Smoked Paprika lightly over eggs. Best to make ahead and place in refrigerator after they are cooled. 

Note: Please refer to recipe since in the video I left out the onion salt. Please remember we cook off the cuff so things may change but the key is to figure out what are your favorite seasonings and herbs/spices.

Missy and I had a blast with the eggs and want to move on to how we make simple and fast pickles (I used some in the video and they are delish). Next visit maybe we will do another one for you. I hope you enjoyed this video, apologizing for the long length but we are not pros at videoing, but we sling a good pot in the kitchen together while laughing a bunch.

Until we cook again…..Happy Meals to You…….Arline Miller & Missy Haas

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