If You Had a Lot of Money

This morning, as a lot of mornings in the past, I felt a poem inspiration coming my way. This is just a thought for those of us who believe in God. It is meant to share my belief to others but as Jesus declared that we are to come unto Him. Have a day of reflection and if you have the joy in your life and especially your soul, you will understand my poem.


I hear so many people talk about what they would share

If they came into a large amount of money in life.

It is easy to speculate what big amount would be fair.

Take away their worry, the drama, hurt, and the strife.

I thought to myself why wait and it seemed I should dare.

For all of us who believe, the gift we need to lovingly give.

We possess the best spiritual treasure which is so richly rare.

It is free to all those souls who receive it and how they live.

I am not talking about riches and earthly treasures my friend.

I am referring to our salvation’s testimony and God’s Love.

It isn’t stored in any bank here on earth but when life will end.

The glory is in Heaven with our loved ones and God above.

Share what God has done for you and I will do the same.

What God promises each of us in holy eternity’s reign.

It is more than money, property, and any earthly fame.

God’s Love is an eternal gift as high as we can ever attain.

Written by Arline Miller with God’s Gift of Love to All

August 18, 2021


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