This morning I posted a short post but one I gave a lot of thought. Some days we seem to go like we are working a crossword puzzle, going up and down and across but here and there without a lot of thought on the best direction to go. I thought I would share my morning post before I get myself in high gear as I have a busy week. How are you feeling this morning? Do you have plans? Have you given any thought to how your actions/words will be received?

A Fall Welcoming Planter of Mums sits at our front entrance.

Let’s take a walk in our minds and think about the steps we possibly will take and the effects they can have on our lives and others:

  • Will we walk in a positive direction and effort or will we wander aimlessly from day to day?
  • Do we walk in circles? I use this as an analogy of how we revisit old arguments, victim stories, old dissolved relationships, oh woe is me tales, etc.
  • Do we see our path clearly or do we map it out before we start out on our journey? I know that sometimes, good things come from spontaneity, but good planning is a more probable success. Give your life some thought.
  • What do you do when the road splits and you are unsure of the right direction to go? Stopping and taking a breather before making your decision. Weighing out the options/consequences is wise.
  • There are no guarantees in whichever path you choose, so keep alternate routes in mind. I refer to our careers and hobbies but also relationships, not that I advocate leaving a relationship, but there are such things as treacherous paths and relationships that for a person’s mental and physical well being, they have to be avoided or dissolved.

Life contains a multitude of directions, but while choosing our life’s direction, we benefit from having sources of positive assertion and implementation. Our parents, siblings, and friends can be a good source. Our faith based associations are critical assets and can guide us in the ways of Our Maker. Mentors, books, seminars, and other inspiration sources can move us, allow us to stretch our legs and wings. I know for me, my number one source is listening to God’s still voice in my heart. Now, let’s get moving and make each step count. Life is waiting, so what are you waiting for?

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