Getting Overwhelmed from Being Underwhelmed

Looking around and listening to friends and family, it is easy to see people getting overwhelmed with all that is going on in our country and our world. This is not any political post and I will be covering thoughts which are concerning to all of us trying to live in this uncertain world. I had rather look at a personal reflection because I feel underwhelmed by people of all political persuasions or none at all. I am referring to our personal reactions to our lives and let’s have a conversation about how to stop being overwhelmed from being underwhelmed by outside situations.

As I love to relate every philosophy I have to everyday tasks or actions. In taking an evaluation, let’s look at the daily actions we take and see how we react to each one. This look-see should enlighten us in how we set the mood for our day long before any interaction from “the world”.

When you wake:

  • What is your personal feeling about waking up? Are you happy or sad? Are you groggy or do you get up immediately? Do you ache or do you feel energetic and rested?
  • Do you feel the need to nourish your body with liquid and/or food? Do you plan on what you are going to eat or do you grab the first food or drink you see?
  • Do you dress immediately or stay in your night clothes (that is if you wear any)?
  • Do you feel a need to turn on tv or devices to connect with the world or do you enjoy the quietness of the morning?
  • Do you look outside to see what kind of day is forming?
  • Do you take some time for meditation, spiritual enlightenment, inspirational reading, prayers, or meditation?
  • Do you stretch your body for a few minutes or does your body scream out to you?
  • What type of conversation do you engage in the first thing in the morning or do you exclude yourself from engaging in conversation, phone calls, texts, etc.?
  • Do you see the new day as a new adventure, a blessing to you, or do you dread having to deal the day’s encounters?

I chose these questions as they tell me a lot about why a person experiences the overwhelmed feelings some do. I am told a positive attitude is obvious in my writings and I always think when I hear this statement. I choose to be positive as my life is average and normal. We have many blessings but we go through difficult times as others do. We have the ups and downs, the wows and oh nos, and the successes and yes, failures. Now that I have shared the questions, let’s see how our answers affect our demeanors on a daily basis.

I love waking up in the morning. I look forward to checking my vitals only because I want to know what I need to focus on when I eat and move. I thank God each morning for waking me up and allowing a new adventure, yes, adventure to take place. I enjoy my mind cranking up with curiosity about the weather, the seasonal effects such as falling leaves with their colors, spring flowers blooming, grasses green, clouds, animals, children, and yes, adults are very entertaining as we all have cute antics of personalities. I love to try a new recipe and see what I can do to change it, that insatiable curiosity will come through each time. I love to see others’ success; I even begin to think how a person who is struggling can overcome this situation; I think how I have overcome many trials with some divine help; I feel positive about the good outcomes from prayer; I do look at the cup as full, not half full or empty.

Don’t focus on the storm, Focus on the rainbows which follow.

I love a good glass of water in the early hours and I use it as filling up my body. If you are not doing this, you miss out the best part of nourishment of the day. I suggest you try it with a small glass to begin. I have learned from enhancing my health this will set the mood for your daily intake. You should find yourself not dreading water and as an added benefit, your water intake will calm your body and you will not require as much food as it rehydrates you and hunger is mostly from dehydration.

In my decorating days when I would be helping someone set the stage for their home decor, I always asked “When you come home from work, do you take off your shoes and change out of your work clothes?” I had learned that people who take off those shoes even if they put more comfortable ones on or even go barefoot told me a lot about their personality. This type individual would be happy with big comfortable furniture as comfort is more important to them than image. The opposite type who kept on the same clothes and shoes are more affected by image and structure and would tend to be focused on showy pieces or in other words, more formality. After this example, let’s go to the morning dress task. People who jump up, get the day’s clothes on, and hair and make up are strategic planners. They kickstart their day and are usually non procrastinators. People who take more time to get started may be heavier thinkers. It doesn’t mean they are lazy, they are not impulsive. Actually, the people who dress and change clothes after a little while are more impulsive. The rigid, more traditional, and are set in their ways, are the ones who lay out their clothes for the next day at night. Try to change their minds!

Looking outside may be an indication of excitement or dread. Not looking outside or even wanting to know what the day is going to be is a strong indication of depression or fear. Never hesitate to look outside and gauge your day in a positive way. Sunny skies excite even the humdrum person and sometimes a cozy, overcast day can allow you more freedom to be comfortable either in or out of your home.

Mornings are my time with my soul and communicating with God. This is not the time to listen to bad news on tv or social media. However you choose to spend the first minutes of the day can be the podium for your day. Soothing, inspirational, and calming activities are a good source of not getting overwhelmed. Try to read a quote and scripture or listen to some melodic music instead of the gloom and doom news. Watch a baby or animal video to start the day with a smile or giggle.

Learn your body and know what feels good in the morning. Stretch and move your body slowly until your body becomes more flexible. Some get on a binge of exerting more than their particular body in the beginning. Build up the momentum in a calming and not overwhelm your body. Breathing can be the most calming while giving the body the element of life, clean oxygen in and out.

I am a chatty cathy and can hold extreme conversations at anytime of the day, but I learned that the morning is mine and I talk very little in the beginning of the day. I choose to discuss serious topics later in the day when everyone is onboard to listen and participate. You can choose for yourself but remember, if you choose to talk politics, family problems, work related stress issues, relationship problems or difficulties (never in the morning, btw) you can overwhelm yourself and anyone else in the vicinity. Quiet times are never overrated.

Embrace the day, Be Thankful for all Blessings! Arline Miller

I left the reply to the question about how you feel about the new day to last for a good reason. My philosophy is always……Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the Fullest! I see life, and any day in it as a new adventure. Go for it! You will be amazed at how much better your life will be if you engage, never dread, feel strong enough to endure and enjoy, and see if you find yourself Overwhelmed at Life’s Joys instead of living your life Underwhelmed.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Overwhelmed from Being Underwhelmed”

  1. I saw myself in this blog. I believe that the way we start our day, defines how we handle things that come our way. I look out to see the day, the beauty of the trees and God’s creation, which is my delight in any weather. For me, quiet time, coffee and Jesus first thing, makes me a happier person…still in my gown, by the way.

    1. I’m a quiet kind of gal in the mornings.. I drink water first then my coffee as I fast until 9:00-10:00 each day.. I read a chapter in my Bible and then read my devotional that I post each day..browse Fb next to see if anyone needs prayers.. I also pray for others in the morning if they are having procedures that day. I do not ever turn my tv in early .. I relate to your blog as I’m silent in the mornings too..Thank you.

      1. One of the beautiful reads that I have each morning is your devotional with a long prayer list and your dedication to updating others on the needs which are requesting prayers. That has to be the cement in your daily routine and starts your day in a spiritual service. Thanks so much!

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