TODAY THE WORDS are A TENT IN HEAVEN. Sometimes, early in the morning, usually around 4 am. a thought will wake me up as did yesterday morning. As soon as I get up, I try to write down the thoughts as there is a message which I find is enlightening for at least me and I hope some of you can relate. I wrote this post and it relates to my feelings of gratitude. There was a time in my life when I must have put too much credence to myself and my idea of roughing it was at a hotel which was not Five Star. I began life in a home with lots of love and not much money and as I grew up and started making more money; for some reason I began to expect certain niceties. As my life progressed and I saw the hurt which this kind of attitude brought and God allowed me a chance to appreciate the things which are important as faith in God; family; friends; honesty, integrity, and charity. I started looking at little things making such a difference. This prose is a reflection on my feelings and is from my heart to share with all of you. More than the promise of a mansion in Heaven; more than the streets of gold; more than silver and gold is the promise to be in the very presence of our God and loved ones for eternity. I hope you enjoy this message as I did in receiving it.

A Tent in Heaven

I would gladly give up my mansion on earth for a tent in Heaven.
I am blessed and I have more than silver and gold.
But when it is my time to leave I won’t need time to pack.
I’ve been told what you come in this world is what you take.
God will provide for me with His Goodness sake.

If before I die the mansions are completely filled in Heaven.
I’ll take any old tent and joyously live my existence forth.
I’ll be happy to live in any corner and lie in a sack.
To live in the neighborhood in the light of Our Holy Lord
My heart will sing and my soul will joyfully live.

I have been promised if I faithfully make it to Heaven
The Lord has prepared me a wonderful eternal home.
But my blessing would have been given when I was forgiven.
I have received my gold and silver and don’t have to roam
Over the streets of gold so a tent could be my heavenly home.

God you have provided me with a soul which wants to go to Heaven.
I’ll be happy if I can sit on the floor at Your Heavenly throne.
Dear God you can give those who had to mightily struggle.
I will gladly see my loved ones in their beautiful mansions.
If you fill the mansions before I come, a tent can be my eternal home.

Written by Arline Miller 09/17/2014

King James Bible John 14:2
In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

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