Stepping Up with My PowerXL Air Fryer and More

As many of you have read my post with my wonderful Power Air Fryer Oven, you have heard my praises about the ease of it. I have been instrumental in encouraging many of my friends/readers to buy an Air Fryer/Oven in the past couple of years. This Christmas, we bought my daughter one and while looking for her gift, we decided to get a new one. There is nothing wrong with our beautiful red oven but since we love it, we were even more excited over all of the features on this one. No, I am not being sponsored to say this. This is just me, promoting what I have experienced being an avid cook that as my nickname Reinvention Queen hints, I love to save time and reinvent dishes.

This was my first time using my new toy and look at this bagel. Wow what fine toasting it does.
I gladly gave up a little more counter space to have this 8 in 1 appliance Power XL.

Here’s a good link to some recipes for your air fryer which I pinned to my Pinterest Board too. https://www.pinterest.com/alm06/power-air-fryer-oven-recipes/


I love the visuality while it is one. I can easily see how it is coming along without bending down.

We can’t wait to try every feature beginning with grill feature. Power XL has so much room interior wide.
As you can see I love my red Power Air Fryer Oven but also love the extra room and features in the Power XL Grill Air Fryer Oven 8 n 1

As I try this one out with the features, I will keep you updated. Try an air fryer out for wonderful results and a handy tool in your kitchen.

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