Time To Pack Up This Year

2021 has been a pistol of a year with all of the COVID tragedies, mandates, masks, and everything that has gone on in the world with the pandemic. This year’s accomplishments, if any, have gone amiss with all of the attention. I am not discounting all of the untimely deaths due to this horrendous virus. I am just worn out from all of it. I am ready to see some normalcy of life as I am sure that all of you feel the same. Let us pick up our heads, look for some sunshine and find our smiles again. Pack this year’s baggage up, throw it in a closet, and find reasons to find happiness and fun in life again.

As a blogger, I would like to extend the opportunity to have guest bloggers on my blog in 2022 and I have one guest already lined up. If you have good ideas, tips, and suggestions for cooking and healthy eating, please send me an email or your contact info in a comment on the blog. I cover a lot of territory of topics and will welcome wholesome articles and even good sponsors for the blog.

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I would like to leave you with a positive message for 2022. There is something good in everything even if it is struggling. In my life, I have looked for the roses to smell, the laughter even if it is directed at me from me on something silly I have done, the compassion for others while encouraging them to stand up and conquer their fears and survive and thrive, and enjoying the simple forms of love without the expectation of it being a fairy tale as I remember those fairy tales had trolls and wicked people in them too. We make choices and those choices should always be ones we can learn from, grow from, and look at them later in life and smile. In 2022, LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE AND LOVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by taking it to the top!

Please take time to look at the ads on the blog and if you see something interesting, please click on the ad to learn more. This is the only way I can generate any small amount of revenue to pay for the publishing of this blog. I am not promoting any company or product but I want to keep the blog free for all readers.

Thanks to my readers and followers for a growth during this year and for the entire span of my blog since 2012. Arline Miller, Blogger and Author

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