UPDATE: I am humbled to know that over 1000 likes/comments have been made favorably on my post about my cake/cake cover/punchbowl excitement. Out of those, only one person stated they had the same one. The cake is a total winner and I will make it again. We froze some pieces for some special family members so it will taste fresh when they receive their slices. I cannot contain my excitement. Maybe some of those in the groups I shared this post will become blog followers in the future. For now, I want to thank all of you reading this update. You are the icing on my cake!! Arline Miller, blogger and author.

As most of you have seen me posting all of my baking and cooking antics, it is probably obvious I love trying new recipes and new ways to reinvent dishes. Over the years, I have chosen gifts that help me cook and bake easier and more efficient. My husband has been such a trooper to listen to me and before I know it, that special pan or appliance appears. His logic is he benefits from all the good food that comes from those gifts of love. This leads me to my latest gift, a pre-Valentine treasure.

In baking, there are hours that go into the prep and the actual baking of cakes. The eggs and butter have to be room temperature as well as other ingredients have to be chopped, measured, and mixed. It is in that time, I am in my element and I have so many friends who feel the same. It is the creation, the smells of a cake baking, and the joy when others see and taste the finished product. One thing that I had an issue with is my cake cover. I don’t know how many of you have a cover that keeps the cake fresher but once you place the creation you made, it is hidden from you. Call it ego or pride, but it bothered me that it was hidden.

I had seen several glass cake covers but for whatever reason, I chose not to buy them and kept looking. I somehow pushed the thought of finding the perfect one and time passed. Until this past week…..I found it and yes, it is perfect for me. I am posting the pictures of it with the first cake I baked. I can’t explain the thrill of seeing the cake displayed. I even shared the photos and story on a group that I belong, White Lily Baking Community, and over 400 members have said a lot of positive comments. By the way, the cake is delicious and since it is my Valentines Day gift, I decorated it whimsical with heart gummies.

This beautiful cut glass cake plate/punch bowl with cups has its first Arline baked Mile High Pound Cake decorated for Valentines Day.

Here is the story of how I found “my gift” cake cover/convertible to punch bowl. From time to time, we have found some great antique chairs that we incorporated into our home’s decor. I find myself checking it and the other day, I spotted this beautiful cake server and almost yelled when I saw it. I couldn’t believe the excitement as it was like finding hidden treasure in the shape of a domed cover and to have it have the ability to use as a punch bowl, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I jumped online and asked the owner if it was still available and yes, it was. I asked some questions as to the condition, owner’s location, and told her I wanted it. My next task was to ask my husband if he could take a short break and pick it up. I knew it would go fast, but the lady seemed to understand, it was sold and sold to me. I assured Greg that it could be my Valentine’s Day present because I could not think of a better gift than the very thing I had waited for years to have. This piece has a significant meaning and it wasn’t sold because the owners didn’t love it but they retired, sold the Bed and Breakfast which this gorgeous cake plate had lived, and didn’t have room for it any more. It was waiting for a new place to show off its beauty and now it is home with us. That brings me to the focus of why I am telling you, my readers about this adventure.

My Whimsical Cake

My deeper thought: In life, we are going to be exposed to things or even relationships we find desirable and honestly we want. I thought I would compare this desire with my want of a glass cake cover. In the same way that I saw many cake covers during my wait, they were not my image of what I was looking for. I chose not to be impulsive and waited. In life, we meet and even date people who spark our interest, but in our hearts, they are not exactly what we want for the rest of our lives. Do we wait or do we jump into a relationship thinking we can change the other person? I have found no one changes anyone; if anything we change to adapt. Sometimes, this is a good thing but if we change to accept unacceptable behavior that the other person refuses to see they are not adding but taking away the good parts of life; we change ourselves for the worse. Now, that said, back to the cake cover saga, if I had gone ahead and settled for the cake covers that didn’t make me deliriously happy, I would have not known how happy I could be. Yes, I could have lived with less and in life, we find ourselves settling and if we are happy, so be it. But maybe, if you are out there alone in life, it may be best to wait until that person that comes into your life fits your needs exactly. Some of you may be thinking, no one is perfect and you are right; my cake cover is extremely heavy but I know that I can deal with the weight of it reminding myself, it was made to last. Just some thoughts to ponder. Live Life; Love Life; and Live and Love Life to the Fullest by making good life choices.

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  1. Oh, I loved the saga of the cake plate. What a beautiful analogy of our lives. I can attest to the value of not settling.

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