Art of Any Kind Is a Display of Love

I was reminded this morning when I posted a photo of eggs I had cooked in the egg rings my daughter had given me, cooking can be an art as many of you food lovers and chefs can attest. I had a dear friend Betty Burkhalter, who loves to cook post that she takes so much pride in how she prepares her husband’s eggs each morning and has mastered flipping them perfectly. It gave me pause thinking how sometimes I am kidded and sometimes praised for how I plate food. Then it hit me, I treat, as some of you do, cooking and baking as an art.

This is the photo that inspired this blog post. My daughter bought me egg rings since I have a tendency to spread eggs all over the pan.

Let’s think about what we perceive as art? I had not placed cooking and/or plating as an art form but I am a member of a group that displays table scapes and one particular setting caught my eye (all of the ones displayed are gorgeous) because of the use of a rare item, the knife holder. The friend I mentioned above called my attention to the fish flower vases and I zoomed in on the dining room which is quite tastefully decorated. It struck me that Maria Prather decorates as a painter paints a masterpiece with colorful blends of attractive interactive pieces. I love to think that she signs an imaginary signature to her work.

This beautifully set table scape invites the guest/family to gaze on its beauty and the love put into the display. Maria Bryan Prather shared this photo on a group on FB, Southern Tablescapes which is full of similar masterpieces.

I have a page on this blog called Decor Haven and will soon update it with Spring decors from my friends who post them on Facebook and allow me to use them. Watch for the update soon but now for the focus of this blog message.

Some can sing, some can write, some can paint and/or sculpt, some can build, some can invent, some are great chefs, and some are great speakers, and some can put the oddest things together and create a masterpiece of decor. Some can fish and importantly catch a lot, some are inventors, and some are great people who are service oriented and volunteers. Are they artists in their own right?

A pie can be a work of art and this one is special as Missy, my daughter made it for Greg and me to enjoy. It was almost too pretty to cut but the taste was as pretty.
The perfect grill marks Greg masters on the steaks he makes looks like art. Thanks Greg Miller for your artwork which always amazes me.

I figured out a great piece of Life’s Puzzle when this thought came to me. God is the most gifted artist ever. Every sunrise, sunset, river, ocean, mountains, pastures, and rainbow has been created by the Master. Now, for that piece of the puzzle….He also created each of us….A One of A Kind piece of Art, unique, and he signs an imaginary signature to us. He gives us talents to make our own pieces of art. Whichever form we choose to exhibit, he smiles. Whether it is a grandchild that loves a cake, cookie, or like I love to do, is make it where they smile when they see that piece of love art that they can eat. One of the most rewarding things I made were banana dolphins and Eli wanted to save his. He wanted to keep it and not eat it. I felt like Michelangelo for a minute. Then we decided it wouldn’t keep.

These are the banana dolphins I made (I have made them a couple of times) and they were pieces of art to the grands.

It is a good time to reflect on your pieces of art and love that you have shared with loved ones. We are not all meant to be in the public spotlight and fame doesn’t come to each of us. What we can relish in is the knowledge we are in God’s spotlight and He wants us to shine in The Love He Gives Us so others might find their talents and spread His Love.

Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life To The Fullest by loving what you do, what you can share, and to know you are a piece of God’s Art and Beauty.

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