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Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 7.50.48 AM.pngPlease Lord, allow me to know my limitations but to know that through YOU, life is limitless.
“Think true with your mind and clearly express those thoughts with a genuine voice. Respect of others doesn’t mean you cannot believe in your faith.”NOTE: ALM behind the quotes means it is one of my original qrline’s method for DETOX:


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My Tuesday Morning Thought: Do not dwell on the past; it has happened good or bad. Do not dwell on the future as it may not be there to happen. Today is the only day you have been given to enjoy and do what you can for the betterment of your life and others lives. If you smile, smile naturally and not for deceit or manipulation. If you cry; cry genuinely with true feelings. If you love; love with honesty and integrity giving 100% love. Life is given one second at a time with no promise of another one so let’s make the most of what we have. ALM

One thought can create a cure for millions; one thought can destroy millions; one gesture can mean the difference in a life; another gesture can take a life. Remember it doesn’t have to be “millions of thoughts and gestures” but each one can mean significant effects. One pebble can cause a landslide. Make each thought, gesture, and deed count. ALM


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Do you realize there are only a couple of vowels keeping an Uh Oh moment from being an Ah Ha moment? ALM

It is a good idea not to try to tell someone’s story unless you have read their biography. ALM



When in doubt what someone means by what they say; remember how many times someone has misunderstood what you said and give them the benefit of the doubt. ALM

If I can’t be the best, let me try my best. If I can’t see the light, let me light a candle. If I can’t be the fairest of them all, let me at least stand faithful and tall. If I can’t see how far I have come, let me at least find my way home. ALM

One of the best medications for a sore is to leave it alone. Sometimes the more you pick at it; the worse it gets. Sometimes if you leave it alone; it begins to heal on its own. Life works the same way. Unless you are kissing a boo boo; leave it be! ALM

Humbleness has more lasting impact than glitter. Glitter eventually falls off while a humble spirit is forever. ALM

If you are going to be angry with me; let it be because I cared enough to tell you the hard truth you didn’t want to hear. ALM

Just because the world is going crazy; you don’t have to get on the train with them. ALM


Most of us can rise if we just stop sitting and stand up! ALM

If you plan on using somebody today; use yourself. Life is better when you give of yourself rather than taking from another unless it benefits both and then it becomes teamwork. ALM

A good lesson for the teacher; it is wise to be the student. For the student; learn from the teacher so you may teach. ALM

One good thing for all of us to remember: When someone goes out of their way to help; don’t forget them when things get better. Remember they had to go out of their way so go out of your way and say thanks. ALM

If you always try to do the right thing; temptations to do the wrong thing find a way of disappearing. ALM

It’s wise to stop for a small second and think before opening our big mouths. ALM

When someone you care about confuses you with their actions, words, or lack of any words at all; step back and remember this life is not all about you. Their reasons may not have anything to do with you personally. Continue to love and practice understanding. God does this with all of us from time to time.

If I step on your toes, it may be the pressure of someone else’s toes on mine. ALM

One person may have a single gift of talent which can rise to fame; another may accomplish a million unrecognized feats of kindness. Each is gifted in their own right. ALM
I may not rise above the clouds today; I may not finish my book; I may not say the right words; but in my heart, I am soaring with the eagles; writing a masterpiece; and most importantly saying something which will change someone’s life. ALMI
If we could turn back our clock of life what we do different in that extra time? We can make up for lost time before our clocks run out. Make every second count. ALM
If I give my efforts and you give your efforts; our efforts are immediately doubled! ALM
Hate is not because of a person’s skin color; hate is because it is hate! Love is blind so it is the absence of love which causes racism. Point in check; racism is not limited to one color and that is why I know racism is hate in any color. ALM
Helping others helps me have a helping of God’s blessings. ALM
I have always felt it took more energy to be miserable; I choose to conserve my energy by a positive attitude. Does this mean I am lazy? ALM
If I keep running in circles; am I stepping on the lines or do circles have lines? ALM
With all men created equal; the only difference must be some have recognized their talents and others are still looking for them. ALM
We all make mistakes; what matters is what we do to correct them. ALM
I’m not stressed because I’m blessed. ALM
If all that matters to you is how much you eat; you have already given up on the things which matter most in life. ALM
Are there days you feel like you are skipping along and days you wish you could skip entirely? ALM
A harsh word is like a nail in a post; it is easier to nail it in but sometimes you can barely pull it out and it always leaves a hole. ALM
Live like you have only today to do it; love like you want to be loved and then love a little more; forgive as you have been forgiven and then reach out to the one you have forgiven. ALM
There comes a time in a woman’s life when she sees a wrinkle and smiles; she knows she earned it! ALM
When you see a beggar, be gentle and kind; he or she has found the gift of humility. ALM
Even though the earth revolves in the same course, the view changes; so goes our views on life. ALM
Even if you got up coughing and sneezing; you got up and that is a blessing in itself. Rejoice the day is to be celebrated. ALM
If you look at the rough exterior of a coconut and don’t crack it open to see the sweet inside; you may miss something wonderful. The same goes with people. ALM
A caring heart and a loving smile can make an average looking person absolutely radiantly beautiful! ALM
A “know it all” has much to learn or has forgotten a lot. ALM
Sometimes I try to understand the non understandable; it is not easy. ALM
When you step out in front; people can see your weakness but they can also see your strengths too! ALM

A new day, a new way. I say; you say. How great; why wait? ALM

Let me be in the service of all good things and deeds today and always. ALM

If people would ever figure out we need others to help climb walls instead of trampling over them. ALM

When we realize we cannot be all things to all people but we can always be true to ourselves, we become all we can be. ALM

Because I may not agree with everything you think doesn’t mean I don’t respect you for having the courage to speak your beliefs. Please offer me the same courtesy. ALM

Today, let me be observant and quiet; let me be wise to not speak except when necessary to maintain peace; let me take in the wonder of this world and not the turmoil made by others. This should make for a great day. ALM

If you stare at something long enough; you see all of the flaws, but do you really want to do that? ALM

If my heart is pounding; may it be for the happiness it feels and not out of fear. ALM

If you blame television for your children’s behavior; find the off button. If you blame video games; don’t buy them. If you blame others for your children’s language; check your own. ALM

If I smile and you smile; does that make it smiles? ALM

Do you ever have a day you wish you were a turtle and could hide out in your shell? ALM
If we hold on to the bad stuff; we will not have room for the good stuff. Learn to let go! ALM
If we lived through the bell bottom, hip riding, hot pants days; who can stop us now? Dedicated to all my classmates of the 67 class ALM
If it made a sign every time I kicked myself in the behind; I would have a deep footprint tattoo there. ALM
Sometimes leaving well enough alone causes the well to go dry. ALM
When we begin to think we are all that; we begin to diminish what we truly are. ALM
Don’t think about what you can’t have; think about what you CAN have. ALM
Let not envy, jealousy or hate interfere in the complete joy of lending support, help and encouragement to others. ALM
Find joy today instead of bitterness; if one needs to taste sourness, eat a lemon.
We are what we think; we are what we do; and we are what we say honestly. ALM
A smile a day is better than an apple any day! ALM
Be kind, not blind to the needs of others. ALM
Why does it seem the older we get the old sayings have more meaning? ALM
A voice without sound makes no impact. ALM
There is something elegant about pearls and roses; something comfy about sweats. ALM
If I say yes and you say no; is that a maybe? ALM
If you can, do you? If you think, do you act? If you excel, do you share? If you believe, do you witness? ALM
I may not be an Einstein but I should know better. ALM
We are the end result of the components of our life blended into a uniqueness. ALM
If we take one step forward and two steps back; turn around! ALM
If we build a house of cards with our lives, it is like setting up dominos; it is going to fall. ALM
If life gives you grapefruits instead of lemons; what to do, make grapefruit salad? ALM
It would be nice to have all of the answers; I don’t even have all of the questions. ALM
If we are granted one wish; why doesn’t anyone wish that all their wishes come true? ALM
If my do won’t do and my want to don’t want to; does that mean I don’t need to?ALM
If only one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, why are there so many cuckoo people in the world? ALM
Have you noticed that we can’t wait to grow up only to become childlike in our toys? ALM
Sometimes, some people who show up are still missing in action. ALM
When someone talks out of both sides of their mouths, is that two lies or one? ALM
If I lend a hand to help someone; I still have two! ALM
I think, I think, I think that maybe I shouldn’t think so much. ALM
Sometimes being good listeners makes us better parents. ALM
Hiding behind a mask should only be allowed at masquerade parties. ALM
A thought to ponder: If we are asked to spend more with our taxes more and our paychecks less, and the government uses that same strategy on the budget; now I understand why they can’t come up with one. ALM
If I ask you a question and you answer with a question, how are we going to get any answers? ALM
If I am lost and you find me; how did you know where to look? ALM
I‘m apparently lost; I can’t seem to find the country I love so much; where did it go? ALM
Sometimes you have to let go; sometimes you have to hold on! ALM
If I sleep with one eye open, does it sleep during the next day? ALM
Even type A personalities need a ZZZZZ day once in a while. ALM
Instead of “I’m your child and you’re stuck with me”; I’m your parent and you will never be free of me! ALM
If life begins at 40, what were we doing at 20, hibernating? ALM
If I take my eye off something; what is my other eye looking at? Something else? ALM
If there are always two sides of the story, why do we keep telling one side of it? ALM
You hear people say, “he or she doesn’t look half their age” and they have children; what age does that make the children? ALM
I read that sweet potatoes can reduce wrinkles by 30% but they didn’t say how many, how much, and how often but I am eating them all day, every day, and everywhere until they figure it out. ALM
We should never call our children stupid; they have our genes. ALM
If you are strong and I am weak, do you get even stronger when you lend me some of your strength? ALM
If I think a good thought and I share it with you, does it make it better if you think it is good too? ALM


You are you and I am me; a lot of difference we can see but still friends we can be! ALM
The best mirror that shows how good we look is not on any wall; it is on the faces of the people who smile when they see us. ALM
When my life ends, I hope I have just completed doing something wonderful for someone else. ALM
If today, each of us would stand tall, walk with pride, talk with common sense, give a fair days work, commit with our hearts to a lifetime relationship with family and friends, believe in justice and fairness, and show the heart of forgiveness, honesty, and integrity; this world would change to a better place. ALM
One true friend who is loyal and loving is worth more than 10 faking it. ALM

A true friend is not a “yes” person but a “what were you thinking” friend. A friend tells you the truth even if it hurts. ALM
The best thing about your best friends are they are usually different personalities than you which enhances and expands your world. ALMA good friend can be better than a piece of chocolate because chocolate, even though delicious and wonderful, disappears after a while; a true friend is for life! ALM
If I say I care about the load you are carrying; should I care enough to carry some of your load? ALM
The minutes you spend with a friend in need may give you a lifetime of friendship. ALM
If I received a special blessing yesterday, but none today; am I still a blessed person…YES! ALM
A true friend is priceless; a fake friend is a mockery of the word. ALM
I looked for a great friend; I searched and searched far and wide. There you were right by my side. ALM
If I lose a friend but I gain a new friend am I the same; not hardly as a friend is never replaceable. ALM
A good friend wipes away the tears, laughs when you do something silly, and hugs you when you smile! ALM
A dear friend is one even if it has been years since you have seen one another; you smile when you think of each other. ALM
If I were you and you were me, would we friends still be? Friendship is all about letting me be me and you be you. ALM


Life has a palette of uniqueness but the Master’s artwork is a wonder in itself. ALM

Try to remember a time in your life when you felt hopeless and then something good happened. That was God’s hand in your life. If you are going through something heartbreaking, devastating, or you feel you can’t go on; God’s on His Way to Your Heart. God always shows up; you have to leave the door open by keeping your heart open. Just sayin’ ALM

If we stop for a second, think if we would say or do what we are about to do if God was standing beside us; He is! ALM

Sometimes when you feel God is not blessing you; God may be keeping the situation from getting worse. What a blessing too! ALM

We are but grains of sand in God’s universe; but if faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains; God may have BIG plans for us. ALM

If you allow others to steal your faith; they have stolen your most priceless treasure. ALM


If I am not all I should be; it is not your fault. If I am all I can be; it is God’s “blessings.” ALM

Allow God to shower your soul with a drenching like He does for the flowers. His showers makes them grow and show the world how beautiful He created them. Your beauty will glisten for all to see. ALM

God gave us life; He didn’t promise it would be perfect and that is why He gave us some imperfections to help us realize this reality. ALM

God is our edit button and allows us to change the Unpleasing things in our book of life. ALM

I want to hold your hand if you want to travel in God’s direction; I can’t allow you to pull us backward. ALM

Some days God wants us to do what we do at a red light…..Stop, wait, look both ways, proceed when it changes with caution! ALM

If I step on your toes, please overlook it as I am experiencing God stomping on both of my feet with the same message. ALM
The older I get, the more I realize not to be so “set in my ways” but let God “set my days”. ALM
In each of our lives we have a moment (not saying we can’t have more than one) when the true meaning of all we are and what we are put on this earth to do becomes clear in our minds and especially in our hearts. When this moment comes, we are not to hesitate or retreat. This is the moment which some people call opportunity. I call it Our Moment with God. ALM
If you wake up with a heavy heart, lift it up and allow God to help you carry the load it bears. ALM
Not every move by evil is looked at as evil; that is why so many can be deceived. Be watchful and prayerful. ALM
If I give my best; I don’t have to worry about the rest. If I try; let it be do or die. If I reach; allow me to teach. When time is up; With Our God let me rise up. ALM
Look to the world for adventures; Look to God for the world’s wonders. ALM
May we accept changes in our lives; may we move in different directions when it comes time; may we stay the same when beneficial; and may throughout be ourselves who God has created for His Purpose. ALM
God made me special; God made you special too. Because of Him we can do special things together. ALM
God didn’t ask us to pick a number for who He loves best; all of us are at the front of God ‘s line. ALM
I feel a little of the 60’s peace and love but in a different way; God gives it to me freely. Talk about free love; God’s got this. ALM
You desire love; you desire compassion; you desire forgiveness. God has a storehouse of all of your desires. ALM
If God wakes you up with a message; be thankful as He did wake you up. ALM
When God speaks to our hearts, may we grab an empty glass and fill it up to the top and allow the overflow to soak us in His Love. ALM
God has a unique plan for each one of us; pull out his blueprint (His Holy Word) and start reading what he plans to build in your heart. ALM
When others see weak; I see meek. When others cry; I say why. When others plea; I say Let it be.
Posted by ALM for God’s thoughts.There is nothing stronger than a Mother’s love; except for God’s love. ALM
Good, natural foods can help our bodies get healthier; we can nourish our souls by God’s words. ALM
God invited himself into my home; I had to do a lot of “soul cleaning” to get ready for Him go move in. It was worth it. ALM
When God opens a door, don’t ask him why; thank Him for opening the door and go through it with faith. ALM
Give to others what you have been given. Share your money and if you have not money; share your love, your art, your writing, your singing, or best yet, your testimony of how God has helped you. ALM
The fight against the powers of darkness is very real. Only through the blood of Our Savior, Jesus can He, not We, defeat the enemy. ALM
I may laugh today; I may cry today; but I know I will pray. ALM
When I feel strong in my faith and witnessing; I see the cross and think how strong and wonderful Christ had to be to love us so strongly and I am humbled and feel unworthy. ALM
If we give of ourselves every second of every minute of every hour of everyday of every year; we would never come close to paying a penny to repay God’s gifts to us. ALM
Being God’s servant is a full time position if anyone is looking for a great job with the best retirement plan. ALM
When we are at our lowest; God is at His Highest with the highest amount of love, compassion, blessings and forgiveness. For us to come up; reach up! ALM

Do not shelf your mind along with books as a book never read never delivers the message. Thank God for giving you intelligence! ALM

Time is not measured by the hours we keep; it is measured by our faith’s leap! ALM
If God grants me to live one day more; may my heart be pure and my spirits soar. ALM

I wished for love; God gave me you. I wished for prosperity and God gave me opportunities; I asked for faith and God answered “You can believe.” ALM

God  plants great people into our soil of life to help us grow in His field to bloom into beautiful souls. ALM

Sometimes, the best sermon can be taught by viewing the wonder of God’s creations. God is that great; He created all of the world’s beauty and even created us as individuals. ALM

God has never put limits on us; why do we? ALM

Close your eyes, cover your ears, and open your heart. You will hear your soul speaking to God. ALM

When we can see what we can’t see; when we can feel what we can’t touch; and we can love by faith alone; we have bridged with God. ALM

We may not know what tomorrow holds; we can know what eternity holds. ALM

If I can touch but one heart; let me touch it with God’s love. ALM

God can “fire” our imperfections into priceless treasures. ALM

Today, let me shine brightly but not from my own glow; May Your Light shine through me for all to know. ALM

Dear Lord, while your light shines so brightly in so many lives, it seems to blind others who cannot get past the light to feel Your mighty Love! Let them feel your warmth so their eyes will open wide enough to let you in. ALM

God’s answers to prayers are not like a fast food restaurant. His answers are like fine dining; it may take Him longer to prepare but the end result is so much better! ALM

A rainbow is a gift from God to let us know the storm is over and beauty has returned. ALM

Don’t pray only when the road is bumpy; pray a prayer of thanks when it is smooth. ALM

God doesn’t “edit” our prayers; God answers them! ALM

One of the best blessings God gave to me; HE took away the ugly temper. He removed to give! ALM

When you accept God……All of the bad things in life don’t disappear, a new spirit appears! ALM’

As exciting as any amusement park; everything pales to God’s artistic talent. ALM

I am living proof of a living God! By His Grace, I am alive in my soul! ALM

May we fall to our knees before we are brought to our knees. ALM

I am so thankful for the small blessings given to me; I have been blessed in huge ways too. Life tries to rob us of those memories of blessings and we have to keep them in a safe place; our Hearts. ALM

I will do my best to stay in the straight and narrow path of life. If I stumble, Lord steady my legs and give me strength to walk in Your Way. ALM

We could save a lot of energy by turning on the light from above…God’s brilliant light. ALM

What are your plans for today? Does your plan include love, caring, sharing, and praising God? Sounds like a wonderful day! ALM

Our stories are His Glories. ALM
It seems as if the world has gone crazy but God assures my soul….”I’ve got this!” so I leave all of the stress and problem solving to Him. I rest in His Grace! ALM
Winning the lottery depends on luck; winning Heaven’s residency depends on faith. ALM
If I look at all I can see; if I strive to be all I can be; you would still seem stronger and wiser than me……To God! ALM
For every second we serve the Lord creates another forever in Heaven. ALM
If I die without a penny; I will be as rich as any person on earth with God in my heart. ALM
May I be pounded with the anvil of life until I become a finished work of God. Life isn’t easy; God polishes us after the pounding with blessings. ALM
Go ahead God; Make my Day! ALM
I can stand tall when I stand for something good. I soar high when I fly with God! ALM
Be thankful for each blessing, each day, and never stop thanking God for the miracles you have already received. ALM
God has given us another day; what will we give Him in return? ALM
Don’t worry; God will make you happy! ALM
There are days when it is hard to feel really good and that is a blessing in itself to prepare you when
God touches your body and soul; you know the difference He has made. ALM
It is a glorious day; a new beginning; an end to the past; a day of thanksgiving; a day of giving; a day of blessings; and a day of healing. It is Our God’s Holy Day. ALM
For a second, close your eyes and think of what you think Heaven looks like? You can’t keep from smiling. Try it! ALM
An ounce of God in our life is worth a pound of heaven for our eternity.. ALM
God welcomes uniqueness; He made us unique. ALM
When God is present in the hearts of men (of course, women too) the enemy is defenseless. If God is not there; they are armed and dangerous. ALM
When we receive an earthly gift, it is customary to say Thank You. When we receive a heavenly blessing, a humble prayer of thanks is sufficient.  ALM
If we count our blessings as we count beans; we will have a pot full every day. ALM
Our past will remind us of our pain and struggles; our present will assure of us those pains have ended. This is through the best pain relief….God! ALM
When God gives us gifts; We give Him Thanks. What a sweet exchange! ALM
Look up when you are down; God looks down when prayer goes up! ALM
If we choose to do right; God is helping with all of His might. If we choose to do wrong; suffering may last a lifelong. ALM
Life is but a circus with us going around and around under the big top; God is our Ringmaster! ALM
Listen and hear the birds; God wants you to enjoy their singing. Listen and feel the stillness; God wants to give you peace. Listen and hear your heart beating; God has blessed you the gift of life for another day. ALM
On a cold, dreary night, when you are wrapped in the love of God; you feel warm and cozy! ALM
Our judgment by man is unjust; Our judgment by God is just! ALM
When we do something right; thank our parents. When we do something incredibly great; thank our Heavenly Father. ALM
A Father on earth is wonderful; Our Father in Heaven is magnificent. ALM
When we step on God’s scales, we pray we have lost our weight of former sins. ALM
Alone, I am a single blade of grass being tossed by the wind; with God I am a steel beam and stand strong and firm. ALM
God is the “delete” button on our keyboard of life. ALM
If ever I feel like I am down, God allows another beautiful flower to bloom and lift me back up! ALM
God gives us humor as the best medicine; no prescription required. ALM
When we tear ourselves down; we are attacking God’s creation. ALM
May I rise and give thanks for the ability to rise another day! ALM
None of us know the specific path of life we are going to walk; we need God holding our hand while we walk. ALM
A teacher I am not; a great student of life I became through God. ALM
God doesn’t charge us overtime when we have a lot of needs; He doesn’t charge us at all! ALM
If in the middle of the storm, I see one speck of God’s love; the sun starts to shine. ALM

When prayed for; pray forward! ALM

When we are walking through life’s storns, God holds the umbrella! ALM

Some people shoot for the stars; I am shooting for Heaven! ALM

Ole Satan tried to talk to me this morning; I told him I was too busy praying! ALM

If we don’t want to be counted in Satan’s census; don’t answer the door to him. ALM

I believe I can; I believe I will; these are possible because I believe in God! ALM

Even if a good deed goes unnoticed by man; God is shouting with joy! ALM

God is in His House; God is in Our House! ALM

We never get a busy signal when we dial G-O-D!  ALM

Faith is not meant to be seasonal. ALM

God has automatic spell check on our prayers so pray from the heart and God will do the editing of our intentions. ALM

Listen to the wind, God is breathing life into us. Listen to the waves, God’s heart pounds to the shores. Listen to the silence; that is when God is talking to you. ALM

When my time on earth is through, I pray the first thing God says to me, “Boy, you are a loud mouth since I could hear you testifying all the way to Heaven”. Then He tells me to rest! ALM

I think if this world gets any more evil, more souls will see the need for a seat on the bus to eternity with God. ALM

When we pray for a particular blessing, we may unconsciously limit an unlimited God. ALM

Somehow, I think God gave the little dogs a bigger bark. ALM

We are rich in Christ without even a penny to our name. ALM

A breath is worth million prayers of thanks. A miracle in itself. ALM

More than a Master card or Visa, God’s love is priceless. ALM


God never promised we wouldn’t fall down; He promised He would help us back up. ALM

Wrinkle free works for clothes, and God created Worry free for us! ALM

I see how both creation and evolution work…God created us and we keep evolving. ALM

If we feel a slight breeze, do we understand the powerful force of God behind it? ALM

The gym gives us a workout for our bodies; God gives us a workout for our souls. ALM

The older I get, the more willing I am to get into the back seat and let GOD drive! ALM

 Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.02.57 AM

An individual step may not seem significant but if it is headed in the right direction; it is monumental. ALM

A day begins like an empty cup; you can either fill it with a sweet substance or a bitter cup of ugliness. Choose wisely. ALM

This morning is the end of yesterday’s mistakes; the start of a wonderful new day; and the hope of an everlasting future. ALM

When we are at a crossroad in our life; look not to the easiest path but look to the path which will get us to our destination; sometimes it is harder to follow but we will not get lost. ALM
Forever is captured by every second we live; every love we experience, every sin forgiven; and every offer of thanks given. ALM
The victories which give us the most joy are the moments when we can not only forgive but release any negative feelings. ALM
Listen more than you speak; feel more than you need; love more than you are loved; and when you do this you will receive more than you have given. ALM
A Christian spirit may not seem to be “popular” on this earth, but I hear it is the “coolest” in Heaven. ALM
It will not be the presents we give our children and grandchildren they remember when we are gone; it is the love, the hugs, and the stories we share which will live on in their hearts. ALM
One hug may solve the biggest problem; one prayer may be the reason for a miracle; and one unselfish action may cause a soul saving revolution. ALM
Encouragement is the best medicine; faith is the water of life to help it go directly to the soul. ALM
Similar to the glitter on the ornaments, may we glow with the love of Christmas. ALM
Pride in oneself is not a sin if it is earned by dedication, hard work, and love of God and thankfulness of knowing the source of all goodness. ALM
If today, each of us would stand tall, walk with pride, talk with common sense, give a fair days work, commit with our hearts to a lifetime relationship with family and friends, believe in justice and fairness, and show the heart of forgiveness, honesty, and integrity; this world would change to a better place. ALM
My joy to the world begins with Christ in my heart; love in my soul; and charity in my mind. ALM

If we had no challenges, defeats, or trials; how would we know when we are victorious? ALM

It is nice to have nice things; it is nicer to have nice family and friends. ALM

Instead of mourning our lost ones, let us celebrate their victory. Instead of grieving, remember all of the good times and smile. ALM

Life may be my handbook; my Bible is my guidebook. ALM

Sometimes we have to dig deep within ourselves and find our true self. It is good to be still and listen; it is even better to be still and pray and we find our true soul. ALM

A child hurries to become an adult; a young person hurries to make decisions on their own; an older person becomes aware there is no need to hurry and starts listening to their parents; an old person wishes they could hurry to see their parents if they are still blessed to have them. ALM

Concentrate of inner beauty as we are only one mirror view away from being older. ALM

If we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, speak with our mouth, smell with our nose, think with our mind, and feel with our heart; why not use our feet to walk away from anger, fear, and evil. ALM
If I sigh, I may not die. If I try, I may not win. If I pray, I may not sin. ALM
Give without expecting a thank you; receive always with a thank you! ALM
What is in store today for me? God will open the door and I will see. ALM
It is not the amount we give; such as if a person gives away their last penny, it is more than a billionaire giving a hundred dollars; it is how much the heart is willing to give. ALM
Today is a day for us to enjoy. Today is a day for kind acts to do. Today is a day to say Oh, joy!
Today is a day to show love for you! ALM
Let us live in peace; let us live in love. Let us strive to do our best; let us not worry about the rest. ALM
It is okay to ask for help and it is great when you receive help. It is better when you recognize and appreciate the one who gives you help. Give thanks in all things! ALM
When I love, let me love with my heart. When I make decisions, let me make them with my mind and heart. When I give, let me give with my mind, my heart and my soul. ALM
Sometimes if you walk away; you are closer to a solution. ALM
As a tree sways in the midst of a storm to save itself; we should be flexible in the heat of an argument. ALM
If faith can move a mountain and love can heal a heart; they are the best supplements a body can take. ALM
It is good to give thanks for the help of things we have to go through; it is greater to give thanks for the help of things we are spared. ALM
One of the best things we can do is share our heart with others; it replenishes itself. ALM
Escape from the world; the world will escape you. ALM
A puppy is a reminder of all the energy we used to have while they still have theirs. ALM
One-two, what do I do, three-four I will love more; five-six, what can I fix; seven-eight, get my life straight; nine ten, do my best again! ALM
The good thing about sharing a smile; you usually get one in return! ALM
Worry not about the unnecessary; wonder about the everlasting! ALM
May we have a moment today we close our eyes and smile at life’s blessings. ALM
If you are waiting on something; time is not waiting on you. ALM
Seconds count and minutes mount into a lifetime. ALM
A few minutes on our knees is worth more than a year on a treadmill. ALM
If we follow stupid people, what does that say about us? ALM
Give with your heart and love with your soul! ALM
Time is a tricky thing; a second can seem like an eternity; eternity may be lost in a second. ALM
It is never about the big, expensive presents; it is the small, thoughtful acts of kindness that make the biggest impressions. ALM
My Mother always wanted me to be a teacher; she had been my best teacher in life! ALM
Would I rather be a celebrity or a Mom; I am a celebrity with my daughter as her Mom. ALM
A Mother is the root to the family tree, the tree may branch out but they still need the roots. ALM
When we lose people; we add others not replace others! ALM
The heart is amazing; it can burst with joy; it can break from sorrow and still it can beat! ALM
If we pass through someone’s mind; let our foot prints stay in their heart. ALM
An old sneaker is to a puppy like catnip is to a kitten. ALM
When I pray, let me pray without expectation of the answer; let me pray for acceptance of the answer. ALM
I trust, I believe; I am never alone. If you don’t; you may be on your own. ALM
There are times when people are ready to listen; other times you might as well be talking to a wall. ALM
If we give our strength to others who may be weakened, it strengthens us too! ALM
Dreams are what our mind is not afraid to do; we should live our dreams. ALM
We may never know when an unsolicited prayer on our behalf may be the very thing that saves our lives. ALM
Once a butterfly leaves the cocoon, it doesn’t remember life as a caterpillar. ALM
Whatever you do well; teach others to do better! ALM
If a tree can bend in a torrid storm, why can’t we bend on a windless day? ALM
When I heard the term “sensible shoes” years ago, I had no idea that one day I would know the real meaning of sensible shoes. ALM
When a person feels worthless, how is it possible for them to convince others of their worth? ALM
When we say, “that gets under my skin”, shouldn’t we take it to our hearts instead? ALM
A vehicle can operate in reverse, but you don’t have to twist your head if you are going forward. ALM
We laugh when a puppy chases his tail but most humans keep spinning around and around in life; is this chasing our tails too? ALM

If we eat a donut, have we saved calories since it has a hole in it? ALM

If we see people and animals in the clouds, do the clouds see clouds when they look at us? ALM

If a fat person goes skinny dipping, do they lose weight? ALM
If I can do one good thing for just one person in just one day, how many good things for how many people in my lifetime? ALM
Until we get older, we don’t realize when someone says to us, “You remind me of your Mother or your Father, which is the best compliment you will ever receive until someone says, “Your daughter or son is just like you!” ALM

As the waves roll in to the shore, there is reasoning; the ocean reclaiming some of the salted sand is life’s seasoning. ALM


When I woke this morning, a beautiful sight was before me…LIFE was there waiting for me to get up! Let us live life to the fullest!

Life reminds me of a roller coaster; some days you reach the top; some days you are at the bottom; and then one day the ride stops and you have to get off. ALM

When you don’t have time, take time anyway as there may not be enough time later; when you don’t have money to give; give what you can even if it is prayers and love; when you don’t feel loved, give love to all who will accept it. ALM

Life is too precious to waste; we live it one bite at a time; choose your meal carefully. ALM
A thought for today, “Are you going to decide what kind of life you have or are you going to let life decide what kind of life you are going to have? ALM
f you give life 100%; you may only get 80% back. and if you only give 80% don’t expect 100%. You have to give more than you expect in return. ALM
If we become specialists within ourselves, we have earned our degree in life. ALM
Life is an opportunity; Life is not some sort of guarantee of how it will turn out. We have to turn the opportunity into a successful life. ALM
When life has thrown the book at you, pray it is The Word of God which will help you throw the positive outcome back. ALM
Life is like a set of fine china. It is precious and fragile and has to be handled carefully. It is not however, to be packed away and not used. The beauty is in the touching, looking, and valuing each piece as once it is broken and taken away; only the memories of its beauty remains. ALM\
One of the life gauges we have is our birthdays; each year is measured as is every day is measured in how we show love to others. Celebrate life; celebrate love. ALM
If today I touch one heart for one second with the true love of God; my day has been more than a lifetime of living. ALM
I am living; I am loving; I am breathing; there is a reason for giving thanks. ALM
If life doesn’t hand you a silver spoon; pick a shovel and dig for gold! ALM
If you are worrying about little nuisances; you may miss the big opportunities waiting behind those little nuisances. ALM
Each morning is an empty glass we can fill up with the water of life and drink it all up to refill it tomorrow. ALM
When life slaps you in the face; don’t dare it to do it again! ALM
Life is like a grapevine. The vines are strong but are twisted and can go in many directions and along the way are sweet succulent grapes to make the hard vines more attractive. ALM
When life takes you around a different corner, you may see things you have never seen before; experience new adventures and become a better person. ALM
If life works like a fortune cookie, crack it open and see what it holds for you. ALM
Yearn to learn and learn to earn. Life is a gift to be used not unused. ALM
Life is quite interesting; one day you think you have it figured out and then you start forgetting what you had figured out. ALM
Life is like exercise…the more you move, the less the pain. Don’t sit and allow life to pass you by. ALM
If today was your last day, would you want if filled with love or would you want if filled with worry about things you have no control over. Fill today as if it were your last. I am! ALM
Sometimes, when life takes us so deep in the water, we feel like we are drowning, we appreciate it more when we are saved. ALM
When the rug of life is pulled out from under you; grab the broom and start sweeping all of the built up dirt. ALM
A true happy life begins when we give up the unhappiness we have allowed to live in us. ALM
With life comes many decisions and with those decisions come responsibilities. Make those decisions with faith and love. ALM
Life is not a race; life is taking one step at a time firmly planting your feet on solid ground. ALM
We sometimes try to live our lives like blowing on a dandelion to wish our troubles away and all we accomplish is the destruction of the dandelion. ALM
It is ironic so many people are so involved with worry about every second of their life, but seem to be oblivious about eternity. ALM
When life throws you a bone, don’t give to the dog. ALM
There are times in your life you think about lighting a fire; instead light a peace pipe. ALM
Live on through the stories you tell your children and grandchildren while you are living. ALM
Life is like a 7 course meal. You start out strong, eating all of the food, several courses and you are starting to slow down a little, but when it comes to dessert; you always want to have room to finish the sweet stuff. ALM
Be careful how you treat people you run into during your life. Life has a funny way of going around in circles and you may see them around the next curve! ALM
One of the great things about life; you have to live it! ALM
A simple plan of life is to live a simple life. ALM
When life leaves you with egg on your face; it is a free facial. ALM
If I do something small wonderfully; isn’t it as great as something big? All things count in life. ALM
The last years of a person’s life are like the last piece of cake; each is precious as you know it is not going to last forever. ALM
Sing in life; sing in joy; sing in the voice of salvation; the lyrics will charge your soul! ALM
Give to life, life will give to you. Give thanks to God and God will bless you. ALM
My take on life: It is what it is and I plan on living my life, fully and with as much energy as I can muster, and when it is over; I plan on it just beginning! ALM
Life can be short; memories last eternally. ALM
Life is not measured in time but in the quality of the life lived. ALM
When a teacher studies the lesson; they can teach. This is the same with life. Lessons are learned from life itself. ALM
I am forgetting yesterday, I am living today, and I am believing in tomorrow. ALM
In life, it is easy to get caught up in our routine, but life is so much easier if we follow God’s routine. ALM
Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It is off to work I go! Taxes are hi, so pay is lo! ALM
When in life, we choose not to keep score; everyone wins! ALM
If we could travel back in time; would we take the same route back again? ALM
Life is lived one word at a time; not one day at a time. ALM
If Monday traded places with Friday, would we change our minds? ALM
Sometimes a once in a lifetime moment needs to be repeated. ALM
Is today the beginning of your future or the end of your past; or is it both? ALM
One day is enough to either make or break a lifetime. ALM
What chapter of life are you living; keep living each day as if it could be “The End”. ALM
There are times in our life it might have been better if we had not seized the moment. ALM
A good pit manuever might work when life creates a fast car chase. ALM
Life might be easier if it was like taking out the trash; you would bag up the bad stuff and dump it in a dumpster and forget it. ALM
Every time a young person dies too soon, it reminds us to live each day as if it is our last day! ALM
Gratitude is the sugar in the coffee of life. ALM
In life’s race, look not ahead or behind; look at how fast you are going. ALM
When life doesn’t smile on you, smile back and let life wonder what you are up to! ALM
Love is not measured by any amount of money; but how much it buys in feelings of the heart. ALM

Rather than a big marker on my grave; may I leave a love mark on someone’s heart. ALM

Love is to be cherished and not to be taken for granted. It is like a beautiful flower which needs nourishment and caring. Without this, it withers and dies. We must water our love daily. ALM


Be courageous with love. Even if it is not returned, you will be more experienced when the right love comes along. ALM
Happiness is a state of mind; Joy is a state of heart. Love is a state of mind and heart. ALM
It is easy to speak the words, “I love you”. It takes caring, supporting liking, forgiving to mean them. Say what you mean, but more importantly, mean what you say. ALM
True love is like finding a four leaf clover. You don’t find it easily; you have to look through a lot of clovers to find it; and you jump up and down and want to tell the whole world you have found it! ALM
We are at our happiest when those who we love are happy. Do what we can to help them get to a happy place. ALM
Love is 100% pure and if it is watered down by hate, jealousy, or other undesirable ingredients; it stops being love. ALM
It is tolerable to be cold in our bodies; it is intolerable to be cold in our hearts. ALM
Love is the best measure of how we measure up! ALM
Loving people is similar to how gifts are wrapped in beautiful paper and we get excited about seeing what is in them. Unwrap people and get to know them before you decide if they are loveable. They are! ALM
If “I love you” takes a second to say; each minute gives you 60 opportunities to say it. ALM
If I am good to you and you are too blind to see: does that a fool make me? ALM
A sister is your listener; a sister is your conscience; a sister is your rock; a sister is your best mirror as she will tell you the truth and still expect you to love her. ALM
It is one thing for it to be chilly outside; keep a warm heart inside. ALM
If I love like a puppy; If I cuddle like a cat; If I soar like an eagle; If I be of service like a dog; if I lead like a lion; if I can be meek like a lamb; I will be the best human I can be. ALM
Love is like a trip to the supermarket; some love is instant and some is slow cooking until it comes to a great taste; some is full of preservatives and made to have long shelf life; some loves are organic and natural without any fake ingredients. ALM
If a person has to think if they love someone; they don’t. Love is natural and does not have to be prompted. ALM
The next family reunion picture may be missing some loved ones; visit them, love them, and take care of them while you can still take a picture of them. ALM
If there is jealousy in your mind, it eliminates love in your heart. ALM
Love is not measured by keeping count of what each other does; it is best when not measured but freely poured on the other. ALM
Do you love with a heart which is full of love or do you love with a heart full of expectation? Love has to be freely given with no other expectation than love. ALM
A marriage is a You and a Me who become a We! ALM
May everyone love in color; not in black or white. ALM
Love is like spreading peanut butter on bread; it is so much better when you make sure you cover it side to side and don’t miss any spots. ALM
Love is wonderful with life thrown in; Life is wonderful with love thrown in! ALM
A Mother is to be treasured, a Mother is to be loved; and a Mother is truly missed when they are gone. ALM
Being in love is so wonderful; being loved by so many others is priceless! ALM
Do I love you more than yesterday, probably not possible; am I in love with you more than yesterday, most definitely! ALM
Love is a gift to be given and not to be taken back. ALM
We can give love; we can accept love; we cannot force someone to love us! ALM
If I take a second to say I love you; I gain a lifetime of memories of your smile. ALM
May your smile be wide; may your troubles be few; and may your love spread. Few will spread love far and wide. May you and I be one of the few! ALM
A sister is the closest thing to a Mom you will get without all of the chores. ALM
I give you my heart and you give me yours; is that a complete heart transplant? ALM
positive thoughts1
Note to self: Read notes to self. ALM

If we can do one thing to change one person, and they can do the same; what a wonderful life it would be. ALM
When you reach the top of the mountain, it is easy to forget hanging on by a limb but that experience will make the next climb easier. ALM
Dreaming dreams is wonderful; but dreams can only come true when you wake up and begin working toward making that dream come true. ALM
The best parents are the ones who support their children’s decisions; not make their decisions for them. ALM
Once may not enough be; so when it’s twice done; a better result will I see. ALM
Even positive thinkers have their negative days; the difference is how they react to them. ALM
Is your excuse to not get to live your dream to keep sleeping and dreaming? If you rise early, you will find it already up and waiting. ALM
Even if no one else understands your dream; it is your dream to dream it. ALM
Sometimes, good advice comes from unexpected sources; it pays to pay attention when others are speaking. ALM
If you are giving it your all, how can the results be small? ALM
The sound of one door closing may mean you need to grease the door. ALM
If I am looking forward and I don’t turn around, there is no way for me to see what is behind me. Good to keep in mind about our past. ALM
It is better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all. ALM
If all we do is our best; our best is all we can do! ALM
There is a difference between bar and bars. One you may visit and leave. The other one may be one you visit when you leave the first bar. Don’t drink and drive. ALM
I learned a great lesson yesterday; I learned I would learn another one today! ALM
Action not reaction moves us forward! ALM
If I can make a difference in someone’s life it would be great. If I can’t, let me at least make a difference in mine. ALM
One of the differences in race of life versus an athlete’s race. We race one time; they can race several times. ALM

As Momma always said, “Make your bed hard and you will have to lie in it.” I say, If you don’t like the way you made your bed and if it feels hard, get up and either remake it or find another bed! ALM

Dare to be fearless; fear only feeds on weakness. ALM

When I hear the expression, “Walk a mile in my shoes” and my thoughts are I need to first walk “a mile” in my shoes. ALM
It is almost impossible to step backwards into your footprints without losing your balance. This tells me it is easier to go forward than backwards. ALM
When we sleep, we dream; when we wake; we work on making those dreams come true. ALM
The words Thank You and You’re Welcome are becoming extinct words with most of our society.
Can we ban the killing of these words? ALM
It is not always the blind who cannot see; it can be the sighted who refuse to see. ALM
It should not be important my occupation in life; it should be important how well I do my occupation. ALM
Even old trees produce new leaves; we should produce new ideas. ALM
If I close my eyes, can I still see with my heart? ALM
If I stayed on top of the mountain every day, I wouldn’t appreciate the view after the hard fought climb as much. ALM
If we fill our cup to the top; it can’t be half empty or half full. ALM
A commitment is a permanent decision to do what you have committed to doing. It is not a fanciful idea. ALM
It is not a question of how many sunrises until the final sunset that matters; it is how we smile at each one that counts. ALM
Even optimistic people realize that trolls, goblins, and big bad wolves exist in fairy tales and they exist in real life. ALM
Today, in some way, shine as bright as the sun, and make someone’s life glow. ALM
If I am not giving it my best in first place; the person in last place giving it his all is outrunning me. ALM
You learn, you earn! You earn, you learn! ALM
When I think I have done my best, I still need to do the rest! ALM
Mirror, mirror on the wall. How can I stand tall?”  Catch the first person you see fall. ALM
No need to worry about yesterday, and today is already here, and there is no promise of tomorrow; what to worry about…Live life; love life and worry not. ALM
Motivation from outside sources move us; motivation from inside ourselves starts an earthquake! ALM
I think we need to cut the size of government so that will be fewer of them figuring out more ways to steal more money from us working folks! ALM
If we change, let us change for the better and not have to deal with the worse. ALM
If in my dreams, I have succeeded an endeavor; the gameplan has been set when I awake. ALM
If Square One is the beginning; do we know the number of the End Square? ALM

When someone says they are running behind, let it be you ahead of them. ALM

If I worry about things I have no control over; I turn over my control to those very things. ALM

When the path is hard to follow; follow your heart for it knows your destination. ALM

Fairy tales prove there is a little frog in every prince and a little witch in every princess. ALM
If I travel the road less traveled, does that change its name to the road now traveled? ALM
When we say someone is scared of the water, is the water or the things we cannot see under the water?  The same person drinks water everyday. ALM
If one little thing can create a smile, does it take a bunch to make a grin? ALM
As humans, some days we are the heroes and some days we are the zeroes. As God’s children, He is always the HERO. ALM
If we have a dream of being skinny and wake up overweight, is that a nightmare or a daymare? ALM
Since we call it a cat nap, does a dog take a cat nap too? ALM
Did the noun “make up” come before the verb “make up”? Did it make sense to use the words meaning what covers up our flaws in describing the art of making up with our spouses? ALM
If a ring on the left hand finger can symbolize marriage; what does a nose ring symbolize? ALM
If “a penny saved is a penny earned”, is that before or after taxes on interest? ALM
If we are to tie a string on our finger to remind us to do something, who is going to remind us to tie the string? ALM
When you see a wall, do you see an obstacle or a rock climbing adventure? ALM
 There’s not much that we can’t stand in this world if we can find a little humor to get us  through. ALM
I have discovered something about getting older…it’s when you start counting down the hours until Friday afternoon….not to party but to start resting up for next week! ALM
We grow healthy family gardens by nourishing our little fragile children with love, frequent watering of care, and sometimes a little pruning if you know what I mean. ALM
I feel the world would be a better place if people would be just one faced and throw away the two faces which keep them from being “one good person”. ALM
I woke up this morning feeling enlightened. Yesterday is gone and we have no guarantee on tomorrow, so let’s be all we can be today! ALM
(c) copyright 2012-2018 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.
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