Today, instead of reinventing food, I thought of how many times in life do we try to reinvent ourselves. I wondered when is good…good enough? As a young lady, I dared to go into industries that were heavily populated with men. I excelled, not due to a lot of support from my male counterparts, but sheer determination. I watched them, I learned from them, I had to go toe to toe with them, I held my own, I succeeded. I said all of that to summarize, did that make me equal or superior? Not really, as I have learned a valuable lesson. We are not in competition with males or females; we are in competition with ourselves.

What do I mean, you ask? Allow me to dig deeper and I think it will become clearer. If I am a runner and I am timing myself. I am competing with the last timed run. If I am a swimmer, I am competing against my best time. It doesn’t matter how fast another swimmer or runner is at this moment, I can only measure if I am swimming or running faster than my last or best time. I am only as good as I can improve my individual efforts. Does that make sense now?

I admired Maya Angelou for her frankness and eloquence.

I love to cook but I also admire several fine chefs but I don’t measure my dishes by their shows. I measure it by my results, my successes, and yes, my failures. I may feel I surpassed their dishes or I may feel like they outdid me by a mile or a squash’s length. This brings me to a thought process to get us to a point When Good Is Good Enough:

  • My Good is Good Enough!
  • I have competed with my own personal achievements and sometimes I win and sometimes I have to rethink my strategy.
  • I am a realist with an optimistic outlook. If I don’t succeed the first time, second or even third time but I try harder each time, I move closer to the finish line and I know eventually I will succeed.
  • I look at life as I see it without so many expectations. Example: I am not a good singer but I love to sing but I realize that I am a limited talent (LOL) and sing when I am not in a public forum but the car is my stadium and I have put on many great performances (my rating, not anyone else’s).
  • I love humor about my limitations and/or lack of talent in areas I have never been a super techie. This however, has not kept me from working with computer techs/programmers. I get what I want programmed and can solve problems and have good visuals. I have a great time telling those tech savvy folks to put it in my language and I will give them my perspective. See My Good is Good Enough. Their Good is Good Enough. Together Our Good is Good Enough.
  • Knowing each person has excellent talents in certain fields is a big chunk of wisdom. Knowing each person has limitations and weak areas is universal wisdom and knowledge. Example: A Rocket Scientist has abilities and knowledge as well as strategic training but probably only a few has been successful in simple feats of life as cooking or changing a light bulb. Give me two remotes to work between them and I show you how irritating that is to me. However, knowing that I have to sometimes do this task, I have learned how to do it. So, by focusing on things I am not comfortable with, My Good is Good Enough.
  • Accepting all of me, good and bad, weak and strong, intensive and scattered thought patterns, organized and out of order thoughts, and kind and even blunt speech are facets of me. My Good is Good Enough.
  • Deciding when and where I can develop even better ideas, practices, habits, and actions is healthy when it comes from within and not because I am measuring myself against someone else. Being All I Can Be But Choosing to Be More is Good and Good is Good Enough.
I am pretty colorful in personality. As a writer, I am happy. In the kitchen, I am happy. On my blog, I am happy. But the happiest I am, is when I am surrounded by my family. I love life, but above all, I love Our God who created me as He decided His Good is Good Enough…Arline Miller

I hope you see that God creates us the way we are for a reason. It may be that we are given handicaps, education opportunities or not, wealth or poverty, calm and soothing personality or a high spirited one, spiritual excellence or a work in progress, and on and on. Each one of us should realize if we do not feel we have to compete or challenge another one’s worth, we are rich within ourselves. Our Good is Good Enough. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. Your own comments of personal growth are welcomed.

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The post came from a reply by: Christian Mihai Blog Post

With some of my friends looking at the world of blogging, some of them seriously and some pondering the prospect of creating their own blog after guest blogging on my Sipping Cups of Inspiration, I thought this is perfect timing to bring Jordan Peters message, ANYONE Can Blog. This one is worth the read. I loved the reference it has to be a craving. I agree 100%. If you don’t have a true passion to build a blog with loyal and regular readers, do not attempt it. If, however, you have a true voice in whatever direction it follows, and you have the discipline to work at creating interesting, informative, funny, inspiring posts that catch readers’ attention……by all means, blog away. I love the diversity of blogging.

I encourage all aspiring bloggers to dive into Jordan’s blog as he knows the blogging lingo and has given us a lot of food for thought.

Until we blog again,

Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration blog



JUMPING ON AND OFF THE GOOD DEEDS WAGON is a look into how the disappearance of tradition and older values may have an effect on how we treat each other. It may not appeal to all of my readers but some will get the message, but it is one to provoke some thoughts on today’s world. Please join me on the blog and share it with others. #blog #amwriting #traditions #love #life #conservative #oldfashioned


JUMPING ON AND OFF GOOD DEEDS WAGON seems to be the popular theme in our world today. I want to open the discussion on whether or not it is best to maintain our values or choose the popular venue if it suits a certain issue to change how we appear to others.

download (2)

Oh, I feel the hair rising on my arms as this one is a touchy subject. I will admit that I am a conservative value thinking person. I will sound bias in this discussion because I come from the old school of tradition, manners, family unity, and faith based values. I am not an old fogey however, and realize that I broke from some of the old traditions while maintaining some composure about changes. Let’s jump into this subject and maybe it will cause some thought provoking activity.

  • What caused the “say what you think even if it disrespects the listener” attitude? 
  • Why are conservative values considered out of date by younger people?
  • Have we made progress or regressive action with the new ideas and policies?
  • Are we more united or divided by the actions demanding conservative values are not desired by the millennials and some younger people?
  • Did we gain or lose by loosening up the disciplinary ways of our parents and even us as parents?
  • Did we lose some of the values that have been practiced by the last generation in our path of “finding” ourselves?

I ask these questions to move our brain gears into movement. On the blog, I take us back to my good old days when tradition was honored, parents were respected, children were taught the value of faith, family, friendship, and community. Change is not all bad, but when changes distort our beliefs, values, and good manners, it can be very destructive.


I have attached a link to a great article and also the topics covered on becoming a better person. I believe in the goodness of humankind but I feel we are in danger of losing the very identity which makes us special and if we focus on returning to doing those acts of kindness and goodness, we will find a way to unite. Please click on the link if you want to read the entire article found in VeryWell Mind:

How to Become a Better Person

Let Go of Anger

Support Others

Leverage Your Strengths

Use the “Stages of Change” Model

Take Care of Yourself

Learn to Be User-Friendly

Our relationships can create a haven from stress, and help us to become better people at the same time. They can also be a significant source of stress when there is conflict that is resolved poorly or left to fester. The beauty of this is that as we do the work it takes to become a better friend, partner, and family member, it can also be a path to becoming a better person.

Some of what you can do to both improve your relationships and improve yourself is to learn conflict resolution strategies. Being a good listener,understanding the other side when you are in conflict, learning anger management techniques. These things can all help us to be better versions of ourselves. They can also minimize stress we experience in relationships and make them stronger. And close relationships usually provide plenty of opportunities to practice these skills as you work on improving them, so you can perhaps even appreciate the opportunities when they arise and feel less upset.



Maybe it is from researching, reading, writing, and blogging I have been exposed to more expression of thoughts. I recently read an article which leaned more favorable to liberalism and while I disagreed with a lot in the article, it gave me a better understanding of what liberals see conservatives as rigid, unfeeling, tight lipped, and non flexible and they actually see themselves in a freer soul, more emotional and caring, expressive, and even more lovable than conservatives. I thought I might take this thought and challenge it with a comparison of how it used to be when a death of a neighbor occurred and how today people react to the same occurrence.

When someone passed away when I was growing up, there was a lot of emotion attached to the departure of the relative, neighbor, co-worker, or church member. My husband and I had a recent conversation at the differences of then and now and it reminded me that I see the same differences occurring in our society. Let me show you what I mean:

When a person passed away, the church and neighbors gathered to decide where the food was going to be taken for the family and friends. It was not if you were going to take food, it was what are you going to take…….Question for you? With a few exceptions of some churches still carrying on this tradition, when have you seen this display of consideration for the grieving family?

When a person was buried  in the cemetery it was customary to visit the graves and place flowers on a regular basis, especially the surviving family members. It was not if you were going to visit and take flowers but who was in charge of which holiday or special day of remembrance…….Question for you?  When and whose grave do you visit and take time to show your respect and when was the last time you took flowers or placed a flag for the veterans?

When you have a friend that is facing death with a terminal illness or a lingering condition, it used to be people went to see their old friends and/or relatives. It seems as if people run from that responsibility of being a friend and want to stick their head in the sand. Question for you? When have you visited a school mate, a friend, a relative that was so good to you in years past when you found out they had cancer, other illness including dementia or Alzheimers? What is stopping you or me?

NOW FOR MY DEEPER THOUGHT: I am not sitting in a judgment seat or I would have to be found guilty too. I am pointing out one of the reasons I see a jump off the good neighbor wagon and I feel this has led to a demise of those traditions and good deeds since maybe our children and grandchildren haven’t seen us showing how much others mean to us. May we stop and blaming all of the divisiveness in our world on younger folks as we should first remember when we do something good…..we probably learned those good deeds from our parents. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY GIVING OF OURSELVES SO THAT OTHERS WILL WANT TO MIMIC OUR ACTIONS.

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GUEST BLOGGER – DEAN HILL author of Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity

via GUEST BLOGGER – DEAN HILL author of Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity

Sipping Cups of Inspiration welcomes Dean Hill, Guest Blogger and we wish him a very Happy Birthday! Let’s send his blog around the world by sharing it with friends. I think this is one of the best rewards of having the blog is to encourage writers, both pro and premier to spread their writer wings. #blog #amwriting #DeanHill #lifelessons #positivity #inspiration

GUEST BLOGGER – DEAN HILL author of Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity

One of the greatest rewards of blogging I love is extending an invitation to writers and authors, some of them new to the world of blogging. I have observed as well as read several posts from Dean Hill better known as Deano and felt this was a person I would enjoy hosting his blog post debut. I feel blessed to introduce you to his writing and him to our world of blogging. Please feel free to congratulate him on this wonderful message and wish him the very best birthday. Happy Birthday Dean and  here is his short bio:

James Dean Hill

Born February 1, 1965 in the small south Georgia city of Douglas, Georgia in the southeastern United States. Deano, as he is affectionately referred to among family and friends loves all things of beauty in nature and humanity. He is a music aficionado of many genres. He is a deep thinker and deep feeler who is inclined to soul-searching and self-help. He doesn’t mind shaking the foundations of traditionalism while holding fast to a faith that is nurtured and protected as his most valued possession. As the mid aged sibling with a younger brother and older sister he values his family ties greatly and calls his mother mama and considers her his best friend. Among many of his extended family he engages in fellowship and love. His never-ending quest for joy, peace and love finds strength in numbers and bids all come into harmony with what is.

Deano named his strong-willed Beagle mix “Buck” because fought hard to gain alpha status.

Please join me in welcoming Dean Hill with his blog post entitled:

Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity

Embracing a habitual lifestyle of positive thinking will set the course of your life to one of balance and harmony with the universe. Harnessing the power of your thoughts is the key that opens the door to this path. Whatever we do routinely within our days and weeks will become habit and hence part of our lifestyle; our thought lives being a part of that.

At a very early age in my life, I decided that certain circumstances of my life were bad. This thinking was relentless and errantly became a part of me. Unknowingly back then I was robbing myself to a large extent and viewing life through a sort of victim mentality. Fortunately for me however, I never gave up faith and hope.

Decades went by before realizing what I had been doing to myself and this awareness became the first step in my recovery from my inclination to negativity. Like a moth drawn to a flame, it was my habit of looking for things that were wrong as opposed to focusing on the positives in my life that kept burning me over and over again. The culprit of my melancholy was finally exposed but I still had a way to go before finding the cure; positivity.

My life’s purposes as well as dreams and aspirations for the remainder of it that had lain dormant for decades undiscovered began coming to the surface having taken off the lens of negativity in my thinking. The power of my thoughts using a positive mindset was now redirecting what would most likely have resulted in loss of faith and hope then followed by despondency and the demise of what could have been. I found my place and purpose in life by harnessing the power of thought.

I would love to encourage you if you are one that lives your life with a mindset that detracts from your ability to find your purpose in this world. One that keeps your passions and dreams hidden and your talents uninvested in the world. Fullness of life and abundant joy is realized through sound thinking.

Break the stinking thinking habit that is contrary to your growth and good progress by developing a habit of positive mindedness. One that will ignite your passions, bring your dreams to the forefront of your perception and lead you to true joy, peace and love. This will also lead you directly into your place of the universe that was created for you to discover when you were created. There are plethora choices out there from positive, life-affirming people that can help you learn to focus on wellness of mind, discover your dreams and establish and reach goals. Start feeding your spirit everyday as much as possible everyday. In as little as two weeks you can vanquish the flame of negativity that burns you and stunts your growth.

Healthy and unhealthy thoughts both hardwire their way into your physical brain and also your psyche and they will make you or break you. You get to choose your mindset so choose thoughts that are well and good. Examine your feelings to grade the state of health of your thinking. Maintain a predominance of negative emotions and your mind/soul connection is not in a healthy state.
Use the tools at your avail to get started immediately. In January of 2016 with the aid of my Sirius XM radio subscription I started the short journey to my new life. Many Christian Pastors are very encouraging and positively minded but there was one with his own channel that I began listening to and that was Joel O’steen. I was already familiar with him and a fan it it paid off in spades. I already spent a lot of time in my truck commuting and running my needed errands so this was the perfect tool for myself.

Television, radio, internet, podcasts, books, library visits and the like are at almost everyone’s disposal in this day and time. Your life and your time here on this planet are incredibly valuable to you and God only knows to how many others. You have richness of treasure within you. If you’ve yet to discover the value that you can bring to the world, I implore you to start today. Invest your time and energy in discovering the gift you are to the world. Yes you are God’s gift to the world. I don’t want to miss out on anything I can discover and learn from you so please do not deprive me of all you are capable of offering, you beautiful child of the most high God you. May we sharpen each other through the diversity of your gifts and callings and may you be richly rewarded by your endeavors.

Note from Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration: I hope each of you enjoyed this message from Dean Hill and I extend an invitation to him to be a guest blogger  as our door is open to hear this type of positivity any time.

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This is the second in a series for those interested in blogging. BLOGGING IS LIKE FISHING and of course I return to my childhood days and try to “catch” your attention by fishing around a little. Please join me on the blog with some interesting analogy of how we prepare for our blogging fishing trip. For all of you who would like to dabble your hook and line by guest blogging on my blog, please contact me and let’s go down to the fishin’ hole. #blog #amwriting #life #bloggers #writers #tipsforblogging


BLOGGING IS LIKE FISHING is my second blog post on why I blog, how I blog, and most importantly, how you can blog. For those who read my blog on a regular basis, first let me thank you. Without you the reader, this early morning work would be better spent with some extra zzzz’s. Now for the good stuff all of you writers, the mystique of blogging is similar to going fishing. When I was young, I went fishing with my Dad or a group of family members. For some reason, I never wanted to go alone but enjoyed the sharing of excitement of interacting with others.
As I usually do, I will associate my blogging experience to a good fishing trip that we came home with a bucket full of fish and had a fish fry. Let’s see how we can go down to that ole fishing hole (blogging world) and pull some of those scrumptious fish (readers) in with our bait (blog).
  • 1) First, you have to have the desire or want to go fishing attitude. Blogging takes dedication and some time is required  to get ready to fish or as we are doing, blogging.
  • 2) Set aside some time to write the blog post each day. I find that I am more creative early in the morning, but this might not be the best time for you to “fish”. There is no set time but there has to be regularity to prepare and for fishing (blogging).
  • 3) Decide what you need to make the fishing trip successful. I will break down what I use to wet my blogging hook so you get an idea.

a) Fishing pole or reel is your niche or your market. In other words, what kind of reader do you want to reel in with your blog. Example: Foodies, Sport fans, fashionistas, spiritual or more newsie types. As my Daddy always told me you make sure you have a strong enough pole to catch the big ones. It may not be the best comparison but you want to appeal and draw the right audience to your blog.

b) The right size hook is vital. Too big of a hook may scare off the best fish or reader out there by overkill. Decide if you want to be a sizzle or a fizzle blogger. What do I mean by that expression? A sizzle blogger is usually young and has a lot to say. This is the type hook you may need if you are writing the blog to catch fashionistas, trendsetters, groupies,  They want the bling, bling and the photos and quick reads. It is more dazzle than deep set ideas. On the other hand the set hook will draw the harder to catch but worth the effort reader as they become the loyal followers or readers. They crave the research you put into the blog.

c) The bait….oh yes…..the bait is You. On a blog you put yourself on the line or hook. You get jabbed and prodded but it is a piece of yourself which is the attraction. Add a little personality, develop your own style. Don’t get all politically correct and if you do as I do write your blog from your heart and throw in a little fact and research to enhance the topic. People love to feel they know you, the blogger, and they need to feel you want to know them. Reply to comments, thank your readers, and always represent what you truly are.

d) The bucket to keep your fish or readers in is your platform. There are many platforms and we will cover those choices pro and con in another session but it is important that the platform or bucket is safe and will keep the readers comfortable.

I thought you might find it ironic but when I googled how to write engaging posts, Google provided me with the following tips and the first one caught my eye with the use of HOOK.
  1. Hook Them With The First Sentence. …
  2. 2. Make Every Word, Phrase & Sentence Count. …
  3. Shorten Your Sentences, If Possible. …
  4. Use Simple, Yet Precise, Words. …
  5. Play With Analogies. …
  6. Throw In A Few Pop Culture References. …
  7. 7. Make Your Post Unique (Even If The Idea Isn’t) …
  8. End With A Punchy Conclusion.

As I take a little time from my usual posts, I want to encourage new writers to try your hand writing, whatever the source or style. Try your hand at a short story, a poem, prose, or just write like I do. Express yourself in ways which are outlets for communication. A blog is summed up as in the excerpt from How to Write a Blog Post (with link to article for reading):


Today, people and organizations of all walks of life manage blogs to share analyses, instruction, criticisms, and other observations of an industry in which they are a rising expert.

I recommend this article link very highly if you are serious about starting your blog or even for those of us who always are looking for better ways to keep the blog going. So grab that fishing pole and go fishing (or blogging).

images (3)


LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST whether it be writing, drawing, crafting, woodworking, speaking, cooking, or whatever floats your boat.



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HOW DID I START BLOGGING? Several people who have the talent to write interesting and heart felt messages have inquired about blogging or writing. I take a few minutes and recognize a classmate and author who encouraged me when I didn’t know what a “blog” was. Peggy Mercer, children’s book author as well as other genre writing put the thought in my mind and warned me that it takes dedication to keep up a blog. Going into the 7th year of Sipping Cups of Inspiration seen in almost 80 countries and over 1000 posts, she may feel I am up to blogging. Here we were in 2013 at her book signing GREW UP LOVING ELVIS. I have decided to encourage others by offering guest blogger spots on the blog. Try it, you may like it. #blog #amwriting #blogging #authors #PeggyMercer #life


HOW DID I START BLOGGING? It is not a big mystery and not that hard to start blogging or writing a book. It is the dedication behind this endeavor as any other attempt to accomplish a goal. I truly started the blog on a whim by a former classmate of mine who had read my posts on facebook. Peggy Mercer who had written a blog and has written several children’s books as well as varied genres suggested I start a blog. Those of you who have heard this story is I asked her “What is a blog?”  I had heard the word but had no clue. I was writing on my first novel and wasn’t even sure what to do with it at the time the conversation occurred.

With my work, I had learned to research online so what did I do? I googled “BLOG” and by the end of that day at the end of 2012, I wrote and published my first blog on blogspot.com That’s right 6 years completed and now my blog Sipping Cups of Inspiration has entered its 7th year. Can I count how many times I have thought about stopping the blog? Too many to count….still writing as you can see. What makes me keep going? It is an outlet of thoughts, a haven for sentimental journeys, a place to “hang” my hat and a reward of accomplishment of consistent writing. Thank you Peggy Mercer for your encouragement, you said I had to be willing to be dedicated to keep blogging.

One of the first blog posts that I can still find is the following


TODAY THE WORDS are OUT ON A LIMB.  How many of us, when we were children, climbed a tree and sat on a limb? We seemed so fearless in those days and climbed, swung, hung by our heels, and thought we could fly at times. It amazes me when I reflect on those times how few broken bones came from those adventures. If now, we would see a child climbing like we did, we would freeze in fear and try to get them to climb down. Is the reality of fear the difference; we didn’t see fear then; we see fear now? Do any of you remember how farther it seemed we could see from the limb rather from the ground? It was empowering to say the least. Was it fearlessness or a lack of experience of how dangerous it could have been? One weak limb and down we could have fallen to the ground. We laughed and encouraged each other to climb higher or go farther out on the limb. Now for the deeper thought…..in our lives are we willing to go “out on a limb” for each other? How many times do we care enough to do something for someone that is unexpected? Do we listen with caring ears when someone is sharing painful thoughts or do we just “uh huh” them to death? Do we ask what we can do to help? Do we volunteer our help without having to get in all of their business? Do we go “out on a limb” for a stranger in need? I saw a news flash about a boy that when he was only 7 years old and had seen a homeless man with a sign that read “Need a meal” has built an organizational food bank with his friends (same age) and has raised over $20,000 and is definitely a person who has gone “out on a limb”. I heard his words and they stuck with me, “You are never too tall or too small to make a difference”. I want to be even more willing to help others and climb high enough to see the ones in the distance that can use our help and crawl out on the limb! Have a day that allows you to go “out on a limb” for someone who needs our help. If you are out on the limb needing help, find trust and hope in God as He is the Power who encourages us to go out on the limb to help you. 
Romans 11:17
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert graffed in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree;

(c) copyright 2012 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

Encouragement from several friends at my first book signing. Most of them read the blog too.

There is something timeless about those first blog messages as when I read this one after copying it to this message, I realized how appropriate this should be the message I chose. I have recently been encouraging some people to write more, possibly start a blog, write a book, or even speak to audiences. Oh, I am no pro by any stretch of the word but I can recognize a talent of communication when I hear it or see it. I write because I love to communicate thoughts or innovate, motivate, inspire, and encourage. In other words, even from 2013, I love going out on a limb. If you only want to start a blog for financial gain, unless you have an awesome niche, I would shy away. Write because you love to write. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by doing what inspires you personally and through that personal love, you will inspire others.

Note to potential bloggers/writers: I will dedicate a few blogs on how to get started but wanted to preface this task with a personal message. More ideas to come soon……until we blog again……Arline L Miller, author and blogger of Sipping Cups of Inspiration.



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