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The Easter Bunny is front and center staged at Cindy and Brian McNeill’s home. It is absolutely charming with focus on their collection of bunnies and eggs. Please enjoy this impeccable display and the most incredible point is she decorates her home each year. How delightful and the Decor Haven extents our gratitude to allow us to share the creativity, color, and exquisite displays of Easter.

Cindy and Brian McNeill’s home hopping with colors and beautiful ambiance:

With a great big Kudos for an outstanding Easter Bunny decorum, the tour at the McNeills home and garden has been a venture into fantasy land. Thanks, Cindy and Brian for giving us great innovation.

Christmas Decors

With Thanksgiving approaching, our thoughts turn to our Christmas decor. We are blessed to have Kathy Garland who decorates with style give us an early season preview of her lovely home. Her mini sized Aussie, Slate who has his own following is a happy doggie with all of this seasonal beauty surrounding their home and garden. Thanks Kathy for sharing your home with us:

Blogger’s Note: I wanted to display all of her photos for a tip on creative decorating. There are two ways to carry out your decor 1) Pick out a theme as Kathy has done with the vintage truck and red/black plaid and implement these items throughout your home or a room. 2) Blend several themes but with at least two color choices unless going to a eclipse decor blending in all colors to go for a total impact without a specific theme.

Looking for ideas for the Holidays? Continue to look at the themes from last year as we have a great display collection of homes.

I love this idea for a wall or entrance decor for the Christmas Holiday, do you?


20 Decor Mistakes Link with some great visuals

I found this link with 20 Decor Mistakes to Avoid. I am placing the link if you are interested in reading and learning what and what not to do. Thanks Women

The above photos were courtesy of Pinterest Fall Decor Inspiration.

Martha and Gordon Clyatt shared one of their fantastic photos of fall foliage 2020 in Franklin, NC. Thanks for making us go Awwww!

One of our locals here in Tifton, GA has outdone herself in a Fall/Halloween decor in their lovely home. The following photos are courtesy of Karen Grantham for your enjoyment and some creative ideas.

Thanks Karen for allowing us into your lovely home. It is Decor Haven’s honor to show your displays.

My dear friend Pam Price and her husband love rustic and Pam does a fall decor to fit this style so well I thought you would like to see their home come alive for the fall. Enjoy her photos and you may get some great ideas for your home as well. Thanks for allowing us to visit your lovely home Pam! Happy Fall.

The photos above are from Pam Price Fall Is Here submission.

I will soon be adding fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving ideas. I hope you like some of them. A good source is One Little Project (this idea came from them).


Great idea for displaying and/or hanging cast iron pans is one we adapted to our kitchen. This cleared up so much cabinet space and makes it easier to get them without straining to pick them up. We love the look and it only took a trip to Lowes to get the pipe fittings and the white beadboard. You can certainly go natural or use whatever background you choose.

Greg cut the white bead board to fit the end of the cabinet. This gave more support than attaching to the cabinet itself.
We tried out two of the cast iron pans to see how sturdy and how much distance we would need for the next large pan.
I showed this one for you to see the backboard of white bead board. It made a great backdrop dramatically showing off the pipe racks and pans.
The finished rack wall and if you look over to the window, we used one rack to provide a much needed dish towel drying rack.
This shot shows the other direction and you can barely see the pans but it is quite a nice visual for the red, white, and black combo.
The reason for the choice of white backdrop for the pan rack wall is the white window box effect which was another project. replacing a non functional distracting window


Today, we start the Christmas Decoration Ideas. I will post the ideas that I see from all sources. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, which we will be celebrating here at our home before decorating for Christmas, but some people might like to prepare in advance. I hope you enjoy Inspirational Sips of Christmas Decors. I thought I would start with our Cardinal/Bird House Christmas tree from 2018.

Choose a theme as I did with Red and White Cardinals and mixed red and white poinsettias. The accent pieces were a birdhouse painted by the grandchildren (with help from Daddy).The tree skirt added to the theme. With small grands, this is a great theme as all of my vintage and precious glass ornaments are packed until later years.
Our Angel was replaced with a bird house and all of the grands wanted their picture taken pointing out their birdhouse.
I carried the theme over to a table piece by adding the red and white cardinals to the existing arrangement.
The individual bird houses with the grandchild’s initials on the side or roof can be seen. We may repeat this theme again.
Dollar Store Picture Frames making a unique and beautiful wreath.
Found on Facebook Post.
It is not all about the orange as this photo shows the beauty in the ice blues. Fall is full of surprises.
This may be ahead of the upcoming season, but what would stop you from using yellow and orange colors for fall and then do some red for Christmas. I plan on doing this for Christmas. Thanks Kathy Benne with compliments for your photo.
What a different look and so yummy looking for a holiday wreath.
Kisses in the Rain posted this wonderful display of Fall/Halloween Decor (Anita Diaz has a watermark which tells me their source.) Thanks for the scent filled photo!

Fall is in the Air and many of my friends are having fun decorating both inside and outside and are happy to share their ideas with my readers.

Janie Luke-Smith Burke adds accessories to the lovely lamp table and turns it into a gorgeous seasonal display. Photo courtesy of Janie.

Fall/Autumn/Halloween are all reasons to decorate by adding accessories and colorful displays. I have friends who get into the decorating seasonally and it is reflected in their beautiful homes. Please check out Sandra Minix Holton lovely mantle and dining room festive and warm, Kathy Garland’s patio and home, Sherry Ducatte’s home, then Karen Grantham’s displays, and last but certainly not least Betty Burkhalter’s home. Janie Luke-Smith Burke adds to the festivities with her photo.

Splashing into Fall at Sandra Minix Holton and Kirby’s Home

What a fall delight on the counter to add fall’s festive colors. This is a gorgeous piece. Photo by Sandra Minix Holton.
Can you envision a cup of chowder, chili or homemade soup and feel the warmth of Sandra Minix Holton’s home?
The fall is upon us with a look of colorful inviting mantle display at Sandra Minix Holton and Kirby Holton. Together they are a warm and loving couple in all seasons.
Bring on the fall season by decorating the mantle adorned by a beautiful scene. Photo by Sandra Minix Holton.

Kathy Garland with her wonder dog Slate Make Fall the Season with the Meaning

Slate accompanies his Mommy to the yards and gives her tips on how he wants their patio, yard, and gardens. He especially likes his own personal fountain and looks forward showing off their “pretties” to their guests. Photo by Kathy Garland and mini sized Slate.
Blending some additional mums, other brightly colored leaved plants with accent pieces spark up the existing patio at Kathy’s home.
Your year round decor plays a warm and toasty setting and loves the additional splash. Courtesy photo of Kathy Garland.
Even Adults feel the playful nature of these cute additions. The natural backdrop lends even more fall atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Kathy Garland.
Pumpkins in different sizes and colors find their blend with the patio table and chairs. Fall doesn’t always mean traditional hues. Notice the mums in the background adding an extra punch. Photo courtesy of Kathy Garland.
A vintage planter makes a year round conversation piece but pack it with a punch of mums to set the fall tone. Photo courtesy of Kathy Garland.
Garden/patio flags personalized with a seasonal design makes it feel like Fall at Kathy and Slate’s home. Photo courtesy of Kathy Garland.
Kathy knows it is good to incorporate many tones in the fall scheme. How lovely the mums set the parameter of the natural patio announcing Fall is Here. Photo courtesy of Kathy Garland.
Did you notice the colorful splash of color coming from the planters emphasizing the seasonal mums. Go daring with colors as Kathy shows how well they work together. Photo by Kathy Garland.
It is easy to imagine a smor’s creative party or a fall get together with all of th touches Kathy placed on her patio. Photo by Kathy Garland.
Kathy takes the fall season to welcome visitors to her home. This photo by Kathy Garland needs no interpretation.
Welcome Fall to the garden gate which Kathy adorns the seasonal touches to the wonderment of her meditation garden. Photo by Kathy Garland.

Thankful and Beautiful…Sherry Ducatte’s home

The foyer catches the visitor’s eye with Give Thanks theme. Vivid colors splash together with charm. Photo courtesy of Sherry Ducatte.
Can you feel the warmth in this home decorated for Halloween? Photo courtesy of Sherry Ducatte.
Sherry Ducatte shows how to decorate for Halloween. Photo courtesy of Sherry Ducatte
Halloween tree, how unique. Photo courtesy of Sherry Ducatte

Welcome to Autumn via Karen Grantham’s home

Karen Grantham shared her Welcome to Autumn theme in her home. Let’s take a peek as I feel a touch of Autumn/Fall in the air. It is the touches which bring the season in doors as well as in our yards.

A Wall is designated with the Fall colors, pumpkins, and hay accessories. Courtesy of Karen Grantham.
I find many people use Give Thanks in accessories for the season and not just for Thanksgiving. Photo courtesy of Karen Grantham.
What a great display with the loaded old vintage truck and even cotton plays a part in this display. Photo courtesy of Karen Grantham.
Even the corner cabinets find themselves with splashes of pumpkins, leaves and signage. Wall to floor coordination is displayed. Photo courtesy of Karen Grantham.
Close up view of corner Autumn/Fall adornment. Photo courtesy of Karen Grantham

Note from Arline Miller, blogger: It is my pleasure to share the accessorizing for Seasons on the blog. I love home owners who decorate for seasons/holidays so as I find great ideas, I will share them with my readers. A big thanks to Karen Grantham and Kudos to Betty Burkhalter who provides the fall theme below.

Fall Season is Splendidly Decorated at Betty Burkhalter’s home

Fall Season Decor Theme by guest Betty Burkhalter

Sometimes, we encounter great friends and when those friends display a talent for seasonal decor, it is nice to see what they are up to when the season changes. My dear friend, Betty Burkhalter has spruced up her lovely home for fall with splashes of the colors we associate with the nice breezes, the collage of leaves, and pumpkins galore. I thought I would share her photos of fall splendor. Enjoy the photos and her decorating talent:

“Front Door Entrance with caption In All Things Give Thanks”
The Fireplace with candles that automatically come on to give a nice ambiance.
Warm ambiance created by candles.
Breakfast nook with some ornamental gourds. The table could be set with placemats and napkins for guests.
Bowl Decorations displaying textures and fall pine cones and novelties.
Adding a simple accessory like this beautiful Give Thanks decorative plate speaks volumes.
Woodsy tones, earthy colors make the formal dining room creates an inviting, warm, fall flavored atmosphere.
What a cozy entrance to Betty and Dan’s home. It is the accessories which emphasize the fall theme.Gather Together says all that is needed.
Betty has blended the fall decor from the front door entrance. Coordination and flow are the secrets of creating a home theme, fall, winter, spring, and summer.
Displaying a beautiful plant/planter with colorful leaves depicting the season but can remain over multiple seasons. When the holiday season comes, an accessory or figurine can be placed on the floor or beside the plant to define the current theme.
Seasonal decor doesn’t have to be over the top. By simply adding some small pumpkins in a scattered display on an entertainment center or on tables can add a festive touch for the theme of the season.
Betty says, “I love my pillow covers and most importantly, GIVE THANKS is my theme throughout our home. The colors are earth tones and brighten the sofa but also notice the wall decor above the sofa picking up all of the colors surrounding this living area. The use of different textures and design in the rug complement but add interest to the visual interpretation of Betty’s fall theme.

Thank you Betty and Dan Burkhalter for allowing us a peep into your lovely home and sharing your talent of creating and maintaining a season theme throughout with your special touch. Welcoming everyone to Fall.

This is my snatch and grab idea by choosing pieces from around my home to make a quick display. Nothing is permanent and can be changed in a few minutes. Photo courtesy of Arline Miller

What a cute trick (or treat) idea for those who have tomato cages left over from our gardens. Thanks One Little Project for this clever idea.

Sherry Ducatte loves to add special decor touches and displays for many holidays during the year. I think her Fourth of July display sparkles, don’t you agree. If you have basic colors in the year round staple items, you can splash and dash with the special holiday touches. Thanks for sharing Sherry!
This photo is a colorful but tasteful blend of several color pieces, both basic and accessorizing pieces. I prefer to use at least three colors to create a magnificent array which draw your eyes from one area to another.

This is my new site page called Decor Haven where I will share some tips on decorating, accessorizing, and staging a home without breaking the bank. Sometimes, I will use my home as a stage for this tips and other times I will pull other ideas to put a little color and bling in your home. This week I am including the recent updates to our home. They certainly were not high dollar additions but they add some brightness to our home.

Staging Outside with Colors April 2019 deck project. Making our multi level decks come alive for the rest of Spring and Summer. My emphasis is adding color to the neutral colors while maintaining a natural inviting setting for the beauty of the trees and flower beds for a wonderful backdrop. It is the little additions can make the scene enticing.

This is the finished combo of pillows, lots of nature as a backdrop, and a few accessory items. The blue is carried out throughout the planters on the lower deck.
Adding a gray retractable canopy gave us much needed shade. Now to finish the look.

The planters are variable blue in color pulling blue onto the lower deck.

I start by adding colors and patterns to see how they work together. Start small as it requires visualizing how much space you have to fill. I don’t buy everything at once but add as I go.

See the transformation once I decided how many cushions and pillows. It is easier to coordinate with splashes of color but maintain the neutral backgrounds. Think of Red, Green and White or Silver for Christmas. Cushions can be switched for seasonal decorations but stay neutral with the basics.

Add small accessory items for extra punch but don’t over do it. Small effects can make a big impact. Too much can take away from the real focus, Outdoor natural settings pull the big punch.
Even though I maintain neutral, for the color splash I will add an outside rug under the table for the necessary splash. I may for special outdoor dining add blue vases or containers with fresh flowers. Can you see how great a rug of the blues, grays, and tans would work?

Sometimes it can be a small change, a little splash of color and coordination that gives an uplifting environment. Greg and I bought new washcloths yesterday and he made a run to his second home Lowes and FaceTime me and we picked out an air plant for our Master Bath. I used two bronze planters as a wash cloth holder integrated colors. On the breakfast nook table an innovative planter with stand containing beautiful succulent that leaves plenty of room for plates and glasses but is dramatic with the decorative wall panel. All of these changes were not expensive but made a brighter world. I also bring a transfer of color from BR to bath by taking the teal used in BR into Bathroom. The decorator in me remains so hopefully you like these little tips.

Wonderful dramatic but non-intrusive table piece with live succulent in white planter with black stand.

This succulent lives in moss and is dramatic with the red/black and white in this breakfast nook. Not overpowering with plenty of room to add pieces for special occasions but not too large either.

This is an Arline creation of using two containers for uniqueness of combining two planters for a display holder for the washcloths. This brings back such a personal memory of my trade show days when my employees would wonder what I was making when I would start putting together the oddest combinations. It is that flair side of me that may be close to a form of insanity. LOL

In trying to get the added items, I couldn’t show the bamboo plants in the glass containers in this pic. The one in the corner is huge and the ones in the other one are babies off the big one and they are growing fast. Combining fresh plants, shells, natural candles and wood pieces are a great combination.
Here is where I mix different towels but they come together. I added the colorful but still sedated washcloths to add a hint of color. One tip is not to go crazy with colors. Different tones of same color theme works well together.
Close up of this mysterious looking air plant. Old urn brings the natural charm with a Desert Sand protector for the cabinet.
Greg found this air plant which requires indirect light and a weekly mist so how easy is that. This room combines the natural desert sand color with the white ceramic tile with the same color accent tiles. My collection of shells adorn the top of the bath.
Peacock feathers bring out teal and then here comes the eclectic arrangement of natural and shiny with focus on different shapes and sizes but mellowed with a common color combo.