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This can come in handy in my kitchen in a pinch! Thanks KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.com

Holidays are coming and with family gatherings space in the fridge can be a problem.
Just a little tip from http://www.Facebook.com/DiedLaughing
Creative Summer Celebration Idea.
I have used paper towels in certain foods in the refrigerator but I haven’t used it for freezing bread.
                         Old Fashioned Home Remedies; Cures; Cooking Tips.
With the holidays coming soon, I watched The Kitchen on Food Network and took notes on how to make perfect mashed potatoes. As long as I have cooked, I learned a lot of tricks from the chefs and thought I would share them with you. Happy Cooking and Baking throughout the holidays:
Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 11.56.30 AM
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Kathy Dickerson

My Bacon Grease hack. Pour cooled bacon grease in a styrofoam egg carton. Place carton in freezer. When solid, remove from carton and place in a baggie. Return to freezer for future use. You now have individual bacon grease chunks to use as seasoning.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.31.36 AM.png
Thanks Deb! We appreciate all tips for healthy and frugal ways to enhance our kitchen experience. Clean the frig my blogger friends.
Some of our grands came to visit this past weekend and I made my version of the banana dolphins. They were a great hit and one of the youngest grandsons wanted to keep his dolphin…too cute. Nana scored a 10 with these cuties and has been challenged to make whales from watermelons. Uh Oh! Below is the original idea photo.
This looks like a great idea for a small kitchen with limited counter/cabinet space.
Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 7.18.54 PM.png
Time to get herbie! Nothing is better when eating healthy or even splurging with pastas than to add fresh herbs from your garden. The garden doesn’t have to be a big one but choose your favorite herbs. One important tip is essential pruning or cutting herbs. They replenish fast if regularly cut and they are easy to dry and keep. I am using my Purple Basil and Thai Basil from last year’s crop.
These herb planters will be placed on a stand to keep them available for watering and cutting. You can see cilantro, 2 types of parsley (curly and split leaf),  and sweet basil in one planter. The other planter contains: mint, greek oregano, thyme, and rosemary.

To dry herbs without dehydrator (which I can do with my Power Air Fryer Oven) place selected herbs on a paper towel and place in microwave for 60 seconds. Store in glass jars or zip lock bags with labels or marked with Sharpie on outside of bag.

Great idea for a little boy’s birthday party…Would you try this?
As an author, I found this tip to be both useful and amusing. I wondered if someone would ever use one or more of my books for this reason. Hopefully after they read them. Great idea for my kitchen too:

                                                  Easy Homemade Taco Seasoning

Prep: 2 Minutes Level: Easy
Serves: 1

2 teaspoons Chili Powder
1-1/2 teaspoon Ground Cumin
1/2 teaspoon Paprika
1/2 teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 teaspoon Onion Powder
1/4 teaspoon Dried Oregano
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper

Measure out all the ingredients in a small bowl. Mix well. Then taste and adjust the salt or spices as desired. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

For a larger batch (the equivalent of about 6 packets), use:

1/4 cup chili powder
3 tablespoons ground cumin
1 tablespoon each paprika, crushed red pepper, and salt
1 1/2 teaspoons each garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, black pepper

Here are some wonderful and easy kitchen tips:
 To see the wonderful tips, you will need to click on this link below:
Some new tips/hacks for you!
Great Idea  for storing those measuring tools
Click link to visit site:
(click on link for great ideas from the Travel Channel)
These are fantastic tips so click on the link and check all 23 easy tips that will make your food taste better.
Visit www.thisgirlslifeblog.com
  What a great way to display coffee mugs!


From time to time, I post tips I see posted on social media to help us out. 
Coffee filters …. Who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for almost nothing even the large ones.
1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.
2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome… Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling.
3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each dish.
4. Filter broken cork from wine. If you break the cork when opening a wine bottle, filter the wine through a coffee filter.
5. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.
6. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.
7. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter.
8. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a kitchen scale.
9. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.
10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes.
11.. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two holes as needed in a coffee filter.
12. Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eyebrows? Use strips of coffee filters..
13. Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon, French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them. It soaks out all the grease.
14. Keep in the bathroom. They make great “razor nick fixers.”
15. As a sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy-to-tear backing for embroidering or appliqueing soft fabrics.
16. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors.
17. Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh herbs in to put in soups and stews.
18. Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add fluids to your car.
19. Use them as a spoon rest while cooking and clean up small counter spills.
20. Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies.. Saves on having extra bowls to wash.
21. Use them to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage.
22. Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of cotton balls.
23. Use them to sprout seeds.. Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a plastic baggie until they sprout.
24. Use coffee filters as blotting paper for pressed flowers. Place the flowers between two coffee filters and put the coffee filters in phone book..
25. Use as a disposable “snack bowl” for popcorn, chips, etc.
Not just for coffee–
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This is a good tip for those who forget the first tip. After each use, I coat my cast iron pans with a little crisco or oil on a cloth and wipe them without removing a light coat. If you do this each time, you will never have to do this tip. Coating them is the key to having them in great shape forever.

After 4 coats of CRISCO at 485° for 1-1/2 hours per coat. Looking superb!
Dude… don’t throw those parmesan lids away anymore! They fit on mason jars! Who knew??! I am putting my flour in this one now. No more powdery messes!
How to Separate Yolks from the Whites The EASY Way:
Click on video link below for instructions!
Easy Peeled Boiled Eggs
Great Idea for a Centerpiece by painting pine cones and placing in bowl for a beautiful centerpiece by A Fanciful Twist.
Bacteria is what causes cottage cheese and sour cream to go bad. If you store them UPSIDE DOWN it creates a vacuum in the container which stifles the growth of bacteria and they last much longer… science lesson over
Improvise with tongs for juicer…..Great Idea
Super idea for closing bag with top of bottle instead of rubber band.
Visit Link
Great tip for cutting a recipe in half








______________________________________________________I stopped drinking iced tea this week and not counting the cost of me making tea at home, we usually eat out at least 2 times a week so with the average cost of $1.75 each time; I figured a savings of close to $200 a year for me alone. Now what if my husband drank water when we went out. Some of you live in areas which the cost is even higher.  Hmmmm? Just sayin’ (arline’s little tip)



Baking tip for Southern cooks….Always bake your homemade buttermilk biscuits in a seasoned cast iron skillet. I do as you can see.

Great tip for growing green onions in your kitchen. Click here:http://plantcaretoday.com/tip-grow-green-onions-indoors.html


Orphan Sock Mops see this idea at:


Great recycling idea. I am trying this one soon


How to Microwave a Sweet Potato

Place the sweet potato in a bowl full of water. Microwave for 10 minutes. Slice open and serve with your favorite toppings.

If you wrap your celery in tin foil before placing it in the fridge it will last for weeks, and it will still be fresh and crisp when you pull it out! This also works for stored broccoli for 7 weeks wrapped in tin foil, and heads of lettuce for at least 6 weeks!
                           LINDA CHRISTIAN gives us a great tip for those abundant onions:
Want to save onions that are sprouting or going bad? Here’s what I do:
Slice them thin, add colorful peppers , sliced, and freeze in plastic bags in the quantity you would use with grilled sausage.
You can throw them in a grill pan over the coals, caramelize them with the meat you cook, and, voila!
(Thanks to Linda Christian who is a great gardener and makes us envious of her fresh, organic foods.)
Shared from Easy Meals:
I never knew this! Flip the bell peppers over to check their gender. The ones with four bumps are female and those with three bumps are male. The female peppers are full of seeds, but sweeter and better for eating raw and the males are better for cooking.
Wow, Some interesting stuff here!   DID YOU KNOW?
(reprinted from Lynne Franks on Facebook)
 1. Budweiser beer conditions the hair
 2. Pam cooking spray will dry finger nail polish
 3. Cool whip will condition your hair in 15 minutes
 4. Mayonnaise will KILL LICE, it will also condition your hair
 5. Elmer’s Glue – paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and see the dead skin and blackheads if any.
 6. Shiny Hair – use brewed Lipton Tea
 7. Sunburn – empty a large jar of Nestea into your bath water
 8. Minor burn – Colgate or Crest toothpaste
 9. Burn your tongue? Put sugar on it!
 10. Arthritis? WD-40 Spray and rub in, kill insect stings too
 11 Bee stings – meat tenderizer
 12. Chigger bite – Preparation H
 13. Puffy eyes – Preparation H
 14. Paper cut – crazy glue or chap stick (glue is used instead of sutures at most hospitals)
 15. Stinky feet – Jello
 16. Athletes feet – cornstarch
 17. Fungus on toenails or fingernails – Vicks vapor rub
 18. Kool aid to clean dishwasher pipes. Just put in the detergent section and run a cycle, it will also clean a toilet. (Wow, and we drink this stuff)
 19. Kool Aid can be used as a dye in paint also Kool Aid in Dannon plain yogurt as a finger paint, your kids will love it and it won’t hurt them if they eat it!
 20. Peanut butter – will get scratches out of CD’s! Wipe off with a coffee filter paper
 21. Sticking bicycle chain – Pam no-stick cooking spray
 22. Pam will also remove paint, and grease from your hands! Keep a can in your garage for your hubby
 23. Peanut butter will remove ink from the face of dolls
 24. When the doll clothes are hard to put on, sprinkle with corn starch and watch them slide on
 25. Heavy dandruff – pour on the vinegar !
 26. Body paint – Crisco mixed with food coloring. Heat the Crisco in the microwave, pour in to an empty film container and mix with the food color of your choice!
 27 Tie Dye T-shirt – mix a solution of Kool Aid in a container, tie a rubber band around a section of the T-shirt and soak
 28. Preserving a newspaper clipping – large bottle of club soda and cup of milk of magnesia , soak for 20 min. and let dry, will last for many years!
 29. A Slinky will hold toast and CD’s!
 30. To keep goggles and glasses from fogging, coat with Colgate toothpaste
 31. Wine stains, pour on the Morton salt and watch it absorb into the salt.
 32. To remove wax – Take a paper towel and iron it over the wax stain, it will absorb into the towel.
 33. Remove labels off glassware etc. rub with Peanut butter!
 34. Baked on food – fill container with water, get a Bounce paper softener and the static from the Bounce towel will cause the baked on food to adhere to it. Soak overnight. Also; you can use 2 Efferdent tablets , soak overnight!
 35. Crayon on the wall – Colgate toothpaste and brush it!
 36.. Dirty grout – Listerine
 37. Stains on clothes – Colgate toothpaste
 38. Grass stains – Karo Syrup
 39. Grease Stains – Coca Cola , it will also remove grease stains from the driveway overnight. We know it will take corrosion from car batteries!
 40. Fleas in your carpet? 20 Mule Team Borax- sprinkle and let stand for 24 hours. Maybe this will work if you get them back again.
 41. To keep FRESH FLOWERS longer Add a little Clorox , or 2 Bayer aspirin , or just use 7-up instead of water.
 42. Gatorade is good for Migraine Headaches (PowerAde won’t work)
 43. When you go to buy bread in the grocery store, have you ever wondered which is the freshest, so you ‘squeeze’ for freshness or softness? Did you know that bread is delivered fresh to the stores five days a week? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day has a different color twist tie.
 They are:
 Monday = Blue, Tuesday = Green, Thursday = Red  Friday = White  Saturday = Yellow.
 So if today was Thursday, you would want red twist tie; not white which is Fridays (almost a week old)! The colors go alphabetically by color Blue- Green – Red – White – Yellow, Monday through Saturday. Very easy to remember. I thought this was interesting. I looked in the grocery store and the bread wrappers DO have different twist ties, and even the ones with the plastic clips have different colors. You learn something new everyday! Enjoy fresh bread when you buy bread with the right color on the day you are shopping.
Are you ready for Taco Tuesday? Make your own taco seasoning without MSG or fillers and your tummy will be oh-so- happy!  Pin it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/192528952794150822/



1 Container with an airtight lid (grabbed out of my pantry)
4 sponges cut in half ($1.00 for a 4pk at the dollar store)
1 cup of your favorite fabric softener ($0.30 worth of fabric softener)
2 cups water (free from my tap)


Mix the water and fabric softener into a plastic container.
Add the cut sponges so they can soak in the mixture.
When ready to use, squeeze the excess liquid from 1 sponge and place into the dryer with your wet clothes.
Run the dryer cycle as normal. Once complete place the now dry sponge back into the container of liquid for use next time.
Clothes smell good, are soft and have no static just like the expensive non-reusable dryer sheets.

Elisha Crutchfield Kehl, you are full of great ideas. Here is your idea to store gloves and scarves in a neat, orderly and accessible way. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hanging a shoe storage bag on the back of a closet door where coats are hung is so creative.
Crafty Idea for those spices. Try magnetic tins found at craft store (Michael’s was the source for these @ $1.50 each). With labels those spices will be at your reach at a moment’s effort. Idea provided by Elisha Crutchfield Kehl (thanks Elisha).
Thanks for sharing with us!
Who Knew??? THINGS YOUR MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU!! 1. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster. 2. Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay fresh much longer and not mold! 3. Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating. Peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking. 4. Add a teaspoon of water when frying ground beef. It will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking. 5. To really make scrambled eggs or omelets rich add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese, or heavy cream in and then beat them up. 6. For a cool brownie treat, make brownies as directed. Melt Andes mints in double broiler and pour over warm brownies. Let set for a wonderful minty frosting. 7. Add garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a light taste of garlic and at the end of the recipe if your want a stronger taste of garlic. 8. Leftover snickers bars from Halloween make a delicious dessert. Simply chop them up with the food chopper. Peel, core and slice a few apples. Place them in a baking dish and sprinkle the chopped candy bars over the apples. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes!!! Serve alone or with vanilla ice cream. Yummm! 9. Reheat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. 10. Easy Deviled Eggs Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, reseal, keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly, cut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg. Just throw bag away when done easy clean up. 11. Expanding Frosting When you buy a container of cake frosting from the store, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. You can double it in size. You get to frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount. You also eat less sugar and calories per serving. 12. Reheating refrigerated bread To warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave with a cup of water. The increased moisture will keep the food moist and help it reheat faster. 13. Newspaper weeds away Start putting in your plants, work the nutrients in your soil. Wet newspapers, put layers around the plants overlapping as you go. Cover with mulch and forget about weeds. Weeds will get through some gardening plastic they will not get through wet newspapers. 14. Broken Glass Use a wet cotton ball or Q-tip to pick up the small shards of glass you can’t see easily. 15. No More Mosquitoes Place a dryer sheet in your pocket. It will keep the mosquitoes away. 16. Squirrel Away! To keep squirrels from eating your plants, sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper doesn’t hurt the plant and the squirrels won’t come near it. 17. Flexible vacuum To get something out of a heat register or under the fridge add an empty paper towel roll or empty gift wrap roll to your vacuum. It can be bent or flattened to get in narrow openings. 18. Reducing Static Cling Pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip and you will not have a clingy skirt or dress. Same thing works with slacks that cling when wearing panty hose. Place pin in seam of slacks and … guess what! … static is gone. 19. Measuring Cups Before you pour sticky substances into a measuring cup, fill with hot water. Dump out the hot water, but don’t dry cup. Next, add your ingredient, such as peanut butter, and watch how easily it comes right out. (Or spray the measuring cup or spoon with Pam before using) 20. Foggy Windshield? Hate foggy windshields? Buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in the glove box of your car When the windows fog, rub with the eraser! Works better than a cloth! 21. Re-opening envelopes If you seal an envelope and then realize you forgot to include something inside, just place your sealed envelope in the freezer for an hour or two. Viola! It unseals easily. 22. Conditioner Use your hair conditioner to shave your legs. It’s cheaper than shaving cream and leaves your legs really smooth. It’s also a great way to use up the conditioner you bought but didn’t like when you tried it in your hair. 23. Goodbye Fruit Flies To get rid of pesky fruit flies, take a small glass, fill it 1/2′ with Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid; mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever! 24. Get Rid of Ants Put small piles of cornmeal where you see ants. They eat it, take it ‘home,’ can’t digest it so it kills them. It may take a week or so, especially if it rains, but it works and you don’t have the worry about pets or small children being harmed! 25. Dryer Filter Even if you are very diligent about cleaning the lint filter in your dryer it still may be causing you a problem. If you use dryer sheets a waxy build up could be accumulating on the filter causing your dryer to over heat. The solution to this is to clean your filter with with a toothbrush and hot soapy water every 6 months. PLEASE SHARE <3 To SAVE be sure to click photo then click SHARE so it will store on your personal page http://www.facebook.com/groups/weightlosssupportwithellen/ Order all natural skinny fiber here!!! -> -> http://budragirl8n3.EatLessFeelFull.com/
A sample of Cooking Tips:
    • To slice meat into thin strips, as for stir-fry dishes, partially freeze it so it will slice more easily.
    • A roast with the bone in will cook faster than a boneless roast. The bone carries the heat to the inside more quickly.
    • Potatoes soaked in salt water for 20 minutes before baking will bake more rapidly.
    • Use greased muffin tins as molds when baking stuffed green peppers.
    • Do not use metal bowls when mixing salads. Use wood, glass, or china.
    • Lettuce keeps better if you store it in the refrigerator without washing it. Keep the leaves dry. Wash lettuce the day you are going to use it.
    • Do not use soda to keep vegetables green. It destroys Vitamin C.
    • When boiling corn, ad sugar to the water instead of salt. Salt will toughen the corn.
    • To ripen tomatoes, put them in a brown paper bag in a dark pantry, and they will ripen.
    • For a juicier hamburger, add cold water to the beef before grilling (1/2 cup to 1 pound of meat).
  • To keep celery crisp, stand it upright in a pitcher of cold, salted water and refrigerate.
A sample of Home Remedies:
o    Cranberry juice is an excellent home remedy for urinary infections.
o    Vinegar as a natural cure for bruises. Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and apply to the bruise. This reduces blueness and speeds up healing.
o    To prevent athlete’s foot, apply cornstarch to feet daily to keep dry.
o    Hang-over home remedy cure: honey on crackers. The fructose in the honey flushes the alcohol out of the system and the crackers stabilize the stomach.
o    Migraine remedy: eat 10-12 almonds as soon as possible. The almonds act as an equivalent to 2 aspirins.
o    Vomiting/nausea cures: suck on an ice cube, eat ½ tsp cumin seeds, cinnamon and sliced ginger.
o    Poison ivy relief: apple cider vinegar and water applied to the skin.
o    Old fashioned cough remedy: boil a lemon slowly, cut and extract juice. Add to a glass with 2 tsp glycerin, stir and fill the rest of glass with honey.
o    Hemorrhoids: apply aloe Vera gel or witch hazel twice a day.
o    Bad breath cure: dissolve a piece of licorice in your mouth after brushing teeth. It will sweeten the mouth and stomach. You may also dissolve a piece at bedtime as well.
o    Freckle removal: apply a saturated solution of borax mixed with rose water 3 to 4 times a day.
o    Tomato paste as a natural cure for boils. Cover the boil with tomato paste as a compress. The acid from the tomatoes soothes pain and brings the boil to a head.
o    Bee stings: apply baking soda mixed with vinegar to the affected area.
o    Nose bleeds: a vigorous chewing motion will stop the bleeding.
o    Arthritis pain: mix 2 cups of oats with one cup water, microwave until heated and apply to arthritic hands.
o    Toenail fungus: soak in Listerine. It is a powerful antiseptic.
o    Varicose veins: apply apple cider vinegar 2 times a day.

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