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Prayers in the heart which are heard by God.



August 14, 2022

Morning Praise: Our Holy Father works in all ways. Some are immediately visualized and others may go unnoticed until God wants us to see His Good Works. Struggles will be over, problems will be solved, peace will be restored, and joy will abound. While God is working His Plan, He has given us the delights of a small child giggling, a pet doing a funny trick, an elderly person telling the tales from the simple life led, and all of nature’s sounds, sights, blooms, rainbows, and green meadows. To me, as a writer I relate all of these wonders as bookmarks until we can finish the book. Let’s enjoy each chapter Our Heavenly Father has written for us and give Him a Great Review for All of Our Blessings!


My Morning Prayer: Dear Lord, please be with all who have sought our prayers on their behalf. Power is in humbleness and it is not because of any power we have but the promise of two or more gathered in Thy Name. Some people, Lord, are hesitant in asking for help and we offer prayers for them. It is You Lord who knows each ones’ needs and It is You who can heal, forgive, comfort, and restore. We come humbly and reverently on their behalf and our own behalf as we know we are Your Children in need of Your Divine Love and Grace. In Your Holy Name we pray with thanks for all blessings You Bestow. Amen


Let us rise today with the love of Christ, the peace of the Holy Spirit, the faith of God’s Grace and Mighty Power to speak in kindness and offer forgiveness as Our Holy Father grants us. May we offer thanks for what we have been given and ask God to grant what is needed. Good Health is one of the things we pray for us and others. To be able to have necessities of every day living is a blessing. We pray God will provide for everyone in stressed situations to feel relief. To have peace and joy is one of the most satisfying gofts we can be given. Above all else I wish you love. May God bless each of us during Thanksgiving and His Season of Christmas when we honor Christ for His Gift of Salvation and Eternal Life. 11/19/2021

Lord may we have a day of peace and joy. I give my concerns to you by praying for healing for those in need. I give Thanks for all blessings received. Today may I focus on Your Goodness and Mercy. Dear God bless the downtrodden and call on those who don’t know a personal walk with You to ask for You to come into their lives. I know the difference Your Presence Makes. Life is never Perfect but Your Grace Is Perfection. Let Us Pray Together in Your Holy Name. Amen! 11/17/2021


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My Morning Prayer: Our Merciful Heavenly Father, the creator of all, may You hear our cries for help in these trying and difficult times. We have no answers, except for calling on Your Loving Grace to forgive us for all sins, both intentional and unintentional and to see beyond our human weaknesses and know that imperfect as we are, we love and worship You. Dear God, we are in need of Your Healing Powers for the invasive diseases which invade our human bodies. We are in need of Your Merciful Saving Grace for the evil temptations to cleanse all of our souls and prepare us for redemption if unsaved. Restore any broken hearts for losses that are out of our human control and assure of us the reunion if we are faithful and serve Your Purpose. Bring us back to You if lost or deceived by the world. Lord, please remind us all things come from You and that without You in our lives, we are nothing, but with You, we can do wondrous things. God, grant the children protection and pounce upon with a vengeance to those wicked souls who do harm to them. Lord, we are begging for Your Divine Help to bring peace to those in turmoil to turn to You, Our Lord. In Your Holy Name, we pray. Amen.


Tuesday Morning Thought: This morning I am posting my prayer.

Our Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you with gratitude in our hearts for each and every blessing we have been given. For each time our lives or the lives of ones we love have been spared or lengthened due to Your Divine Power, we thank You. For each perilous time in our lives we felt lost and didn’t know the direction to go, we thank You for leading us to Your Strength and Guidance. For each time, we stumbled, we thank You for lifting us up from the lowest point. For each time You gave us the opportunity to give to others, whether it be materialistic or spiritual, we thank You for giving us the blessing of sharing. For each breath, each step, each word spoken, each embrace, each mouthful we eat, for each emotion whether happy or sad, we feel Your Divine Presence in all things and we thank You for all which is given. Dear Lord, please grant all of us the fearlessness we will have to possess to charge through each day, whether it be our first or last one on earth that we face each one with love in our hearts, faith that all things are possible through You, strength to go through the darkness to the light from Above. God we have seen the miracles that only You have made possible and we believe in Your Limitless Love and Grace to listen and hear our prayers, not just for ourselves, but for all of Your children. May Love and Peace be our Guide Posts of Life and may we see the greatness of You today and always. In Your Holy Name We Pray United for all individually prayers for specific needs, Amen

I thought I would share a poem I wrote in 2017 that fits the prayer category. I hope you enjoy the love felt in this writing.

Let Me Walk in the Meadows with You

All my life I have been climbing up the hill

Only to fall down to the deep valley below.

I overlooked the meadows against Thy will.

The top of the hill looked greener to me still.

The selfish slips, the falls, I felt them all

The ice cold chill to others would I bestow

Until I had built up such a guilt ridden wall.

I would pray Dear God to not again let me fall.

Raising my head, the meadows moved and swayed

Showing the lushness of the green grass so tall.

I saw the bold and beauty God had simply made

I now believed Our Loving God could solve it all.

The hills didn’t look so tempting and strong.

The meadows met my needs for calming arms

To reach around me to show me where I belong.

Protected and loved, from all life’s sinful harms.

Dear Lord, I prayed, May I walk with you today?

May I place my arm with yours and stay?

In the meadow, soft and warm I cling to you.

The meadows will be my resting peaceful view.

Written by Arline Miller 2017


My Thanksgiving Prayer for this week: Our Heavenly Father who has given us all of the reasons to be thankful. Our existence, our faith, our families, our friends, our homes, our jobs/careers, our pets, our communities, our charities, our land, our farmers, and our belief in making this world better. We need Your Divine Mercy on any ungratefulness and bickering and ask for forgiveness in non appreciation of any blessings we have been given. May we bow our heads in humbleness and even unworthiness for all things. May we consider reasonable actions and thoughts filled with love and kindness. May we enjoy and cherish our time with loved ones while praying for all who have lost their loved ones missing from our tables. May we pray for the safety of our law enforcement, first responders, and firefighters and always for our dedicated military and may we show our gratitude with respect for each one. May we think before we speak or act and may we include You in all things with the biggest thanks and gratitude on Thanksgiving and every day. We ask for these things in Your Holy Name, Amen

Friday Morning Prayer:
Our Heavenly Father, we come to You humbly and reverent in our request for Your Divine Help this morning. In these times of uncertainty, the only certainty we share is we need You everyday in everything. All things we are blessed with; all difficult times we survive; all wisdom and learning; and all of the love we share is from Your Divine hand and we thank You for all things. May You touch our country and our world and spread Your Love, even though we don’t deserve it with our human weaknesses. May You forgive us of our selfishness, our prejudices, our greed, and our sinful nature. We are redeemed through you and not from any individual glory. All gifts we are given are gifts and not individual awards but godly rewards. Lord, take away the anger festering in the land; replace it with love. May Your Divine Love and Watchful Eye over all of us be in our hearts and guide our steps today and all days as long as we live. In Your Holy Name, we pray for the sick, the poor, the disabled, the weak and addicted souls, and for all of the selfless men and women who fight for our freedom and for their families, AMEN

Monday morning Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, I come today with a prayer for less and not for more. May You grant us less stress in our everyday life; may we have less anger on things that really have no bearing on our journey to return to You; may we have less selfish thoughts so we may think of others; may You grant us less turmoil so we can think clearly as to what is important and what is trivial; may we have less division amongst ourselves to be the one human race You created. May we have less distractions so we may stay on the right path. All of these things in lessened amounts will give us more blessings of peace, love, charity and hope. I humbly ask these things for all of us in the world to honor YOU who gives us ALL. In Your Holy Name do I pray. Amen

Good morning Lord, it is me praying to you and as I usually like to thank You for all You have blessed us with, all of the tough times you have brought us through, the wisdom You share with us, and the lessons we have been taught. You are at our beginning and You will be with us at the end or as we know, our new beginning. Today, we face challenges and we trust You are there, guiding us and giving us strength to do Your Bidding today and everyday. We appreciate and feel humbled by the magnificent blessings which have been bestowed on so many and I trust those in need, including us will have your Divine Grace in each and every move we make. Please grant those who are facing sickness or loss of a loved one the comfort and healing only You can grant. Please Dear Lord, hear our prayers and those who are seeking You that they will find peace through Your Mercy, Forgiveness and Comfort. Humbly do I pray and others are praying in Your Holy Name. Amen


Friday Morning Prayer: In all things, Heavenly Father, may we humble ourselves and give thanks for all things good. May we realize without You, we are just pieces of clay waiting to be shaped into something useful and worthy to have been created. May we gain wisdom as we go forth in life, making it easier for us to make wiser decisions, solve problems, create good solutions while knowing this wisdom comes from You. May we love with our hearts open, our eyes shut, and give love to the seemingly unlovable. May we lend a hand when we are weary, understanding the one in need is wearier than us. Lord, this day has been given to all of us reading and hopefully praying to You for us to do your bidding, not ours. Grant us the strength, faith, and courage to do what needs completing and start the things which need to be started. We give You, Our Divine Father all of the praise and glory, in honor and worship do we come. In Your Holy Name, Amen

Sunday Morning Prayer with thought:
Our Heavenly Father, humbled and unworthy I come to you with my heart and soul in Your Almighty Hands. I thank You for today, yesterday, and for my life. I thank you for all of my loved ones, for knowing and loving each one, laughing and crying with them, sharing good times and sad times and leaning on You during times of loss and praising You for each blessing. You give me no promise of tomorrow, but You give me the promise of Eternity. May I serve You willingly, which I do. May I love You freely, which I do. May I honor and worship You, which I am honored to do. May you grant the prayer wishes for others who are in need today as I have faith of total healing and recovery. Our God, You are limitless and we are only limited by our human weakness. Giving over to you all of my worries and concerns and in return You have promised me Peace and Comfort. My prayer is that all reading and possibly praying with me find this Peace and Comfort only You can bring. Asking in Thy Divine Name with Reverence and Love, Your child AMEN

Lunch time Prayer: 

Our Heavenly Father, before we stop and eat may we bow our heads in reverence to You on behalf of all those in dire straits today, including all of your people in the flood ridden areas; all of the families and victims of the recent shooting in Oregon; all of the sick and injured in our world; all of the homeless including our war torn veterans who are still fighting internal fights and dealing with health and financial issues; all of our people who feel divided by whatever differences provoked by themselves or outside influences; all of the young people who have not been afforded a stable home environment but are subjected to negative influences. We ask for Your Guidance in showing us how to effectively love and help all of your children in any way we can. Please Lord, let us do this willingly and not because politicians or government tells us but let us listen to Your Word and open our hearts to show the fallen and the forgotten some of Your Grace, Your Forgiveness, Your Love, and Your Strength. To You, we humbly give Our Hearts and Our Souls for Your Glory and not ours. In Your Holy Name, we thank You for each blessing You Give to All of Us. Amen

Fall Prayer Thought: As the seasons change, so must we be willing to change; to learn new skills; exercise newly found talents; stop old and/or bad habits; change our ways of communication by listening more and talking less; change old feelings of anger or grudges into more compassionate ways of understanding each other; and change from feeling the world is to serve us into a feeling of desiring to help others. Some things are not meant to change and these are love, faith, charity, hope, and compassion….they are unseasonable, year round, and priceless! Happy Fall and may you find reasons to smile! ALM


Sunday Morning Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, I come to you humbly for help for all of us needing Your Wisdom in the big picture of Your Divine Love. We are not to look at anyone’s physical looks, status in life, circumstances, addictions, or vices with judgment. When we study Your Word, it shows us You love us all and none of us are above judgment by You Alone and we are no less but no better. May we know each heart, no matter how blackened, can be saved and made pure by Your Loving Mercy. May we join in love and prayer for anyone who has not sought salvation through You Dear Lord. We can share how great Your Love has been and will be in our lives if we listen to Your Holy Word and live in love. May You Bless the weak, heal the sick, humble the arrogant, and bless the faithful. In God’s Holy Name do I pray along with others. Amen

Our Heavenly Father, I come to You humbly to enter my heart and soften any hardness; enter my mind to clear it from all of the fog of life; enter my hands to do Thy Will and not mine; enter my legs to walk to the need of someone else; enter my soul as You entered years ago and stir it up with a revival of Your Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Grace. Then Dear Lord, bring my heart, mind, body and soul the courage to serve You all the days of my life. May Your Love and Spirit including Your Healing Power find Its Way into all of the hearts and bodies needing You and Your Grace tonight. Reverently and Lovingly, I thank You for all of the blessings bestowed, prayed for, and yet to come in Your Holy Name, Amen

On a Sunday morning I am blessed to rise giving thanks to God above for another day. May I spend in reverence and peace; may I share love to all who I greet. May I be humble and grateful for all blessings received; all prayers which have prayed; and for each moment shared with those I love. May I be forgiven for any unkindness; any hurt I have inflicted; and any thought not in thy will. dear God on these things mentioned and all things in existence I give You the praise and glory. In Your Holy Name, Amen

Our Heavenly Father, please clear my vision so I may see the good in others. Please tune my hearing so I can hear the good words from others. Please soften my heart so I can feel the love in others’ hearts. Please open my mind Dear Father to interpret what I think in a positive way to understand how others think. Before you grant me these blessings of life; purify my soul to soak in all of these blessings for me to honor YOU in all things. Humbly and receptive I am your servant. Amen.

Lord, as I start this weekend, I ask for a reverent spirit of love. I do not understand all of this turmoil and confusion people are engaging. Grant me peace and trust of Your Divine plan and for me to stay steadfast in my belief and faith. Keep me Lord from being tempted to say anything outside of Your desired Word. Please God , keep me focused on the most important issue of gaining a place in Your Heavenly Place. Remind me Dear Lord, no matter what is happening in this world, it is up to me to stand true to what You taught me and not mankind. I am happy to share my belief with anyone but if they choose to believe differently; Faith is between the individual and You Dear Lord. Let me remember I am a sinner saved by Your Grace and Blood. This day is a blessing and I thank You for each day You give me. Lord, keep the children safe and help provide them with food and shelter. Soften any heart which has turned from You and show them Your Forgiving Love. In humbleness and love do I pray for and with others, in Your Holy Name, Amen

May I face today with gladness. May I overcome any sadness. May a light from above guide my way. May I see goodness abundant throughout the day. May I share my love with many. May I give Our God thanks for blessings for any.ALM

Tonight before I close my eyes for this night’s rest, I want to give thanks for the blessings which have been bestowed. I ask for God to wrap us all in your protective arms for whatever You have planned for us tomorrow and shine through our souls for more than just business and everyday tasks. Please Lord grant us the blessing of inspiring someone who is in need of Your Love and Forgiving Spirit. May you use us in Your Way and we dedicate it to be Your Day. Humbly in Your Divine Name do we pray. Amen.

Dear Lord, It is on my heart this morning to offer up prayers for all of the little babies and children suffering and to ask You to help them. When we are adults we feel pain and we hurt but we can hear the doctors or know ourselves where the pain comes from. Little ones have no idea why they are hurting. The babies are innocent and we know how much You Lord love little ones. Please show Your Mercy and give them Your Healing Miracles. We ask humbly for their sake since they can only cry. Thanking and Praising You for the great blessings You Alone can bestow. Amen

Dear Lord, as I come before you on this beautifully blessed day I praise You. I realize and recognize Your wisdom in affording me the blessing of learning. I also sense Your Grace in understanding my human weaknesses and working me through them. I feel Your Kindness in the deeds others do on my behalf and for others I love. Lord, I pray today to do the right things; say the right words; feel love and compassion for all people; understand and exercise patience for others who are struggling; and most importantly, may I humbly dedicate this day with everything I am granted to You, Our Giver of all things. With so much love and praise in my heart Amen

Our Heavenly Father, On this blessed day you have given us the blessing of life, may we see the glory in our blessings. Each day may present challenges but in those challenges, You give us strength to face them and become stronger. Each day we are given opportunities to talk with someone about Your Grace. We can pray with and for others as well as our needs with the faith You will hear our prayers and in accordance with Thy Will we are assured You will not forsake us. How wonderful is this promise! Find us in your favor even in our unworthiness because You love each one of us. Forgive us of our weakness and transgressions. In a humble spirit and a thankful heart, we ask for You to be present in our lives today and everyday. In Your Great Name, we pray. Amen

As I lay me down to sleep, with sad news I may want to weep. Then I think God is great and is never late. He will heal my sad heart so I wait. May I sleep with faith God will grant our needs as God is Great. 

(written after reading of several friends facing serious situations) ALM

A prayer prayed for a loved one is precious; a prayer prayed for a stranger is wonderful; and a prayer prayed for an enemy is priceless. ALM

Dear Heavenly Father, my heart would be so heavy this morning without Your Grace being with me. So many of your children are facing so many serious and critical health issues; we come to You for them. Lord, we have witnessed Your Divine Healing Power through others and we ask in a united prayer to bless each and every one who is in need to feel Your Hand on their bodies and in their hearts. We believe and we trust in You to guide their treatments, surgeries, and recoveries as only You can do. When You touched my heart and soul, I felt Your Almighty Power and I feel it today. As one of your children, I give my concern for them to You, knowing You are their cure and their medical miracle. Asking humbly and with love for You God and for all of my family, friends, and all others who are in need. Please give comfort to all of us who have lost loved ones and hurt by their absence. Humbly do I pray and ask others to join this prayer with love and devotion and in Your HOLY Name. Amen. 10/02/2014

Our Heavenly Father, may we pray for others today without thinking of ourselves. May we pray for those engaged and in harm’s way. May we ask of You, Dear Lord to protect those who are not walking in Your Way until they can find their way to You. May we pray for those who do not have food or shelter or clothes and may we find it in our hearts to give to those people to relieve their pain. May we ask for guidance to pray in the right way for all of the people who disagree with our beliefs and for us to pray we are right in what we believe to stay steadfast in accordance with Thy Holy Word. May we pray to stay humble so we may witness to others and their ears will be ready to hear about How Great Thou Art. May we Dear Lord see others’ needs before our needs and be selfless in our walk. We ask, not for ourselves today, but for all of Your Children’s needs /to be restored and made whole. In Your Holy Name do we pray. Amen 07/31/2014

Dear Lord, When I came to you with my heart and soul in my hand and begged you to forgive me; YOU did. When I have come to you many times feeling unworthy; YOU made me feel loved. When I needed Your help in deciding what to do: YOU gave me confidence YOU were in control and to relax. What I am coming to you this morning is to THANK YOU for taking such good care of me. While YOU were helping me; YOU were taking care of ll of YOUR children. May I use today for YOUR will and not mine. In YOUR Holy Name, AMEN 07/30/2014

Dear Lord, As we rise today to your splendid beauty in this otherwise stressful world, we honor You in all things. In everything, may we give thanks and may we remember it all comes from You and not our feeble attempts. It is You who glorifies and magnifies our insignificant talents. May we know without You, we are the unshaped pieces of clay, but with You, we are pieces of art; masterpieces, and rare gems. We have, with Your Divine Help, wisdom to invent, sing, write, draw, speak, motivate, lead, or support Your desires for Your Purpose. All efforts without You in the forefront are futile and are temporary. Only what we do in Your Holy Name do You Dear Lord sanctify and glorify. We are tiny specks in Your Universe but we recognize Your magnificent Love and Mercy which is evident in our lives. May we continue to seek Your Word and to Honor and Worship You in a humble, obedient way expecting no earthly glory, but redemption in Your Eyes is our prayer today and in Your Holy Name do we ask these things, Amen 07/06/2014

Our Heavenly Father, as we come tomorrow to a day of celebration, may we bow our heads on bent knees, to thank You God for creating us and giving us life. Freedom would not mean anything without Your gift of life. When our freedom has been bought with the lives of so many, may we respect that sacrifice. While we are enjoying our freedom, may we remember the biggest sacrifice which has ever been given for the freedom of our souls and that is Your Son, Christ giving His life so we may have the blessed salvation and freedom to enjoy everlasting life in Your Divine Presence. May we Heavenly Father, take nothing for granted, even our freedom, as it can be snatched if we are not faithful to Your Calling. May You Protect us and give us Your Wisdom to know right from wrong. We ask humbly for your Divine Presence in our lives and in Our Country,with respect for You and for our fellow country people. In Your Holy Name, may we have a wonderful day of Freedom on July 4th. Amen

Dear Lord, Before this day has passed too soon, please let me offer a prayer and ask others to join with me on behalf of the unspoken prayers. You have taught me Dear Lord I don’t have to know the need specifically. All I need to know to ask you for help is they have a need. I ask that all who are in need, ask us to pray, but also to pray themselves. I learned from you Dear Lord, it doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer or spoken by any great person. You hear all of our prayers in a single sentence. Help me Lord. Please know by Your Divine Powers and Wisdom, we can never lift ourselves up; we can only pray You show Your Mercy in our times of need. Please give all of us the strength and courage to come to you asking for help as we recognize we are nothing without YOU. We ask for mercy, forgiveness, grace and comfort and we give You the Praise and the Glory for all things. In Your Holy Name, humbly do we pray. Amen 05/31/2014

A Memorial Day Prayer for us to pray together. 

Our Heavenly Father, we come to you on this day when we honor the fallen who honored our freedom and our country so highly they paid the ultimate price. May we remember while we live in freedom; they died for the same freedom. While we are with our families; their families are without them. While we are honoring their sacrifice, may we acknowledge how war is the enemy and not any soldier. May we honor their loyalty and courage to face adversity and even death for all to enjoy every day, not just one time a year. May You God give us the courage to speak up for the living soldiers’ behalf for our country as a whole to treat them with dignity. There are those who may not have given their lives but were and are willing to do the same thing as those who have fallen. Please protect each and every soldier who is serving, has served, or will serve and we honor the fallen today with your mercy and grace and in Your Holy Name, Amen 05/26/2014

May today, Dear God, we drop all of our earthly pride and egos, and consider those who are not as fortunate, not as healthy, not as blessed to have a great marriage, not as secure in themselves, not as comfortable in their surroundings, or not as safe as we are in our homes. It is for us to be thankful of our blessings we have received and at the same time, reaching out to those of us who are struggling, hurting, fearful, or homeless and see what we can do to help. We do give thanks; we do give You the praise; and we do call upon Your Mighty Name to reach down and find shelter for those in need; heal those who need Your Divine Healing; and give peace and comfort to those struggling in relationships or are feeling lost, alone, or hurting from the loss of a loved one. You are the answer and we give you the worship, the honor and the praise and in Your Holy Name, we come before you humbly asking for grace and forgiveness. Amen. 05/252014

Dear Lord, this morning I come to you earnestly to give thanks for all things. To know I am given an opportunity to receive, to believe, to give, to trust, to worship and to share my love for You, without having to be anything other than myself without having to be anyone famous and just being the soul You saved. May I Dear Lord never forget how You loved me, as unworthy as I am, to have the promise of eternity in Your Presence if I remain faithful. In Your Holy Name, I give You the Glory and the Praise. Amen  05/19/2014


Let us pray today, united and in separate, private prayers for both spoken and unspoken needs. Let us not limit Our God in whatever needs we have no matter how large and impossible to our human spirits, but rely on God’s Limitless and Magnificent Power. May we pray without ceasing with love and faith in our hearts. God listens when we pray; He answers while we are still and faithfully waiting on His Answers. May your prayers be answered and your hearts be filled with love and hope is my prayer for all in need and we all are in need of God’s help. In Our Lord’s name, Amen

With your help Lord I made an effort to express my faith in You today. With You in my heart, I was able to feel joy even in the midst of a lot of pain and loss felt by so many people I care about because I knew and still know how much You love all of us. With so many things to be thankful, I bow my head tonight before sleeping, I give You all of the praise for all blessings and comfort and peace on the things we cannot change. Humbly do I ask for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone in my daily contact and with worship I ask these things in Your Holy Name Amen

With bones and muscles aching, we still rise with thankfulness in our hearts to see another sunrise, to take nourishment, to give and receive love, to see, speak and hear if we have been blessed to do these things, to accept the things we cannot change, and forgive as we have been forgiven, to be able to grieve when we have lost and rejoice when we have been given a new little life to love. With all of the aches and pains of growing older, they are so minor in comparison to the good things God has given us! Thank You Lord for this beautiful day You created.

Dear Lord, today may we go about our daily lives with You as our shield of protection for our faith, our families, our friends, our jobs, and our communities. On days of losses may we fall on our faces and thank you for the opportunities you gave us to those loving souls. On days of blessings bestowed, may we fall on our knees so humbly to give You the praise and thanks for even the tiniest of blessings and for the many large blessings we have been blessed to receive. On the days, we may find ourselves in a confused state; may we go to prayer for Your Divine Power of Clarity to sanctify our minds for direction to stay on Your Path and not to be distracted by things we have no control over. On this day may we Honor, Praise, and Worship to the fullest extent of our hearts, minds and our souls. Humbly do we pray, In Your Holy Name, Amen. 03/18/2014

Dear Lord, may today we be relieved of weariness of all the sad things going on in this world. May You grant us calmness, comfort, and a peace in the midst of the turmoil and uncertainty of this materialistic flock. May we turn from these things and keep our eyes upward, growing stronger in Your Divine Love and refusing to give in to the perils offered to us each day. May You grant our impure hearts purity and our unsure hearts clarity; and our hearts a forgiving beat. We stand before You, The Only Pure Sprit, asking for cleansing and forgiveness of all things and/or words spoken or thought without Your Guidance and in Your Holy Name, Amen.
Our Heavenly Father, I come to you this morning, feeling a little worn from the daily tasks of warding off the evils of this world. I find myself unworthy to be in a position to speak out for fear of anyone thinking I feel entitled or empowered by my words. I want to do Your Service and by this desire, I feel strengthened and embraced by Your Power, not mine, to share my testimony so others may see if a sinner can be saved by Your Loving Grace can feel so blessed by Your forgiveness and loved by You, Our Most Powerful God; they can find this love and peace for themselves. Please Lord, let others see I am humbled by this position not empowered for with You Lord; I can do anything; without You, I would be forever lost. Please dismiss from ones who don’t understand and who might think I am seeking something other than your blessings on my feeble efforts. For others who are willing to speak out; allow them the same favor. In Your Holy Name, Amen.
Dear Lord, there are many in need of your Divine Help. So many have lost precious loved ones; restore their smiles with comfort their loved ones are hurting no more and in Your presence. So many are in need of healing; we understand, know and trust in miracles and total healing and we acknowledge Your Power to grant those miracles. So many are in emotional pain, separated from family and friends and seem lost in misery; we pray You shine Your Wondrous light so they might see their way to you or feel Your presence in the dark. So many of us are counting our blessings for having our family, friends, and other children of God to encourage us during our journey; receive our prayers of thankfulness. So many of us are in need of Your forgiveness as we find ourselves unworthy of Your Loving Grace; we ask and accept Your unconditional love and forgiveness. For this day, for your love, and for the love of others, we humbly pay reverence to You; In Your Holy Name, we pray for all things. Amen
Dear Lord, it could be easy to be despondent in these days when the world seems to have lost its sanity, we as your blessed children are looking up from the midst of the storm and tribulations with joy and love in our hearts for Your Divine Mercy and Love to guide us and nurture our bodies and souls. May you Lord wrap us in protection from all evil and bless us with forgiveness in Your Holy Name do we come asking humbly for your blessings and healing for those in need, Amen.
Our Heavenly Father, as I was writing the blog this morning, I was so aware of Your Greatness and Your Power and I am humbled. To view the magnificent wonder of a rainbow, a double rainbow, a view of the oceans, or the still of a lake, the chirp of a bird or the roar of a lion is almost overwhelming but I thank You God for the blessing of sight, hearing, feeling, and loving. Please afford us with another day You have created to do Your work, show Your love, offer Your compassion, and give Your forgiveness as we ask for it ourselves. May we live in Your Love and Bask in Your Beauty. May Your Rainbows shine on those in pain, loss, or in darkness in their souls and let it brighten, restore, and heal is my prayer. Worshiping, Thanking and Praising You for all things and in Your Holy Name, Amen
Thoughts on a snow day in Georgia:I see the white snow and I remember the promise the Lord has given for us to be clean as fresh fallen snow and it warms my heart and soul.

I can make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you as white as wool.” I John 1:7

Dear Lord, May I come to you humbly as I was blessed to get over myself several years ago. Please keep within me a gentleness, a humbleness, a charitable heart, and an understanding I am not going to understand everything. Please keep my human weakness in check and allow me to expand my spirituality. May I see others in a good light and with a good love when their actions are not in agreement with my beliefs. May I understand, I am a sinner saved by Your Grace and not by any worthiness on my part. May I through Your Power remain in Thy Saving Grace for all of my life. Only with You have I learned that it is not about me; it is about YOU. May I share my life’s experiences, not to give me glory; it is to give YOU the glory as without you, I am helpless. I give you my devotion, my worship, my willingness to serve. With praise, thankfulness and gratitude and above all else, my love for YOU, I pray these things for others as well as for myself and all of this in Your Holy Name, Amen
My New Year Prayer:

Dear Lord as we end another year so filled with good blessings and also filled with sad events, trials, losses, and a lot of confusion on how things need and should be done; we have had many prayers sent up on behalf of a lot of sick people and some have made it through those times and we thank You for their healings. Some have fulfilled their life on earth and we pray they are celebrating this New Year coming in without any worry on what the next one will bring. We thank You Lord for this year and we know that You are what we need for the upcoming one because I feel a lot of us might not be seeing this new year come without Your Divine Help. Lord, the only resolution I plan on making and I made this commitment several years ago. Year in; year out; as long as I have You in my heart and soul; there is never a bad time just times we need to trust in Your Love, Forgiveness and Grace. May 2014 find all of us praising You for the blessings you have in store for us. Thanking you for the Past; Thanking You for the Present; and Thanking You for the Future; but most importantly thanking You for Eternity. Happy New Year Lord with humbleness and gratitude in my heart. Amen

To Our Heavenly Father, May we end this year with a new resolve to start this new year with a Godly spirit of love, charity, compassion, humbleness and a dedication to Our Maker who makes it possible to have another day, another week, and another year. Let us not wait until the ball drops to prepare ourselves but may we enter into prayer for divine guidance for not only the new year but all of our lives. My prayer is we live in faith, love, and a rebirth of the spirituality America was founded on and become better neighbors and friends and return to family values. May we join together as one and worship even in different religions as Your Children and rejoice as a Nation and as a World. May we be committed to You, God putting all else behind worshipping Your Glory. In The Holiest of Holy, we humbly pray for Your Presence in 2014. Amen!
Dear Lord, today while we were receiving a blessing having family here and enjoying good company ad good food, I was reminded of those not here. I can never bake goodies for my Mother, listen to great stories from my Dad, cut up with my brother Joe and try to get my other brother Carlton to do an Elvis impression. I felt a little sad, until I realized Lord, you gave me time with them while they were on this earth. It is not for me to be sad because what would be the saddest is if I had never had them in my life. Please Lord, give others who are missing their loved ones the peace you gave me and the knowledge you desire us to look to the future and enjoy those who are here. I thank you for this day, and I thank You even more for Christmas. Surround us with the kind of love Your have for us during this special holiday and protect all of us during the New Year. We are not scared to praise You and to worship You, now and forever. And in Your Powerful Name do we pray, Amen.
This morning Lord as I woke up and it was not the state of the world on my mind, it was the state of our hearts and the pain and hurt of the families who are having to say goodbye to their loved ones at this time of year. For those of us who know the void stemmed from those who have gone on, please give us the right words and actions to give them earthly comfort while You who gives the heavenly peace and comfort, wrap them in Your blessed Arms. You are The Giver of hope and escape from hurt and pain. May they receive the peace they need is my prayer along with others who are praying this prayer humbly and with praise for every blessing received in Your Holy Name. Amen
Dear Lord, as we approach the day of your birth into the world of sinners, may we be humbled at our weaknesses and Your Strength. Our lives are usually hardened by our faults and bad decisions but You are continually by our side and give us peace and comfort if we call on You in Your Holy Name. Please give us understanding it is not for the commercial aspect of this occasion but it is a time to tell others the miraculous story of Your humble birth but majestic power in Your birth and to shout to the world, we, unworthy as we are, are so blessed and saved by Your entry and sacrifice for all of us. On each day, not only on Christmas, may we worship and honor You is my Christmas prayer. In Your Holy name, do we thank you and praise you for all of our blessings. AMEN
Dear Lord, I know I am nothing without you, but you have allowed me to be so blessed with You beside my side. I am encouraged; I am fearless; I am energetic; and I feel so much love. You are indeed the Master Potter and I thank You for taking a plain heap of clay and even though I feel You have to repair me sometimes, You gave me shape and a purpose. Humbly, do I praise You and worship You and I am looking forward to honoring Your heavenly birthday. In The Highest and Powerful Name, Yours Lord do I pray AMEN
Today, Dear Lord, we have been given a rich blessing and we want to thank You for your care, your love, and your protective shield. You brought one of your children home safely and we honor your gift to all of us who love her; to all of us who believe in your miracles; to all of us who believe in your healing power; to all of us who believe in your mercy and forgiveness’ and to all who do not believe or know you as we do, we ask for Your Hand in their lives. They don’t understand Lord how easy life gets with you as the Driver. Lord, we thank you for being at the steering wheel and we can sit back and love riding in your precious company. Again, We thank You; We Praise You; and We Love You and in your Holy Name Amen!
Prayer of Thanks: Dear Lord, This morning, I give thanks for God’s presence in my life. So many times I feel unworthy and I am; God has His hand on me and I love God for pointing out my weaknesses; building up the strengths; coating my heart with love; and supporting my needs. God knows what I need before I do; He works within my life and work to make the way for me to share what I have learned from life’s experiences to help someone else to realize God is what we need in our lives, not money, not fame, not possessions. God will provide what will sustain us for our life and eternity. Thank you God for giving me breath this morning and the promise of an eternal home.
Dear Lord, today there are so many things to ask you to intervene, send comfort, or hold someone’s hand through a difficult time but I believe in my heart and in my soul You have already been listening and have been in all of their presences and know their needs without my words. I pray only for You to know I believe and I trust in Your Mighty Power and Complete Healing Powers. I hand my worries and my concerns for all of the people I love over to you so I may experience peace and comfort. I thank You for your Love and Forgiveness and receive both willingly and gratefully. I thank You for this day to share and witness what You mean in my life. Humbly do I worship You and pray with love in my heart and in Your Holy Name, Amen.
Our Heavenly Father, on Your holy day, I ask for Your guidance and wisdom and acceptance of how You send us messages and direction from so many sources of inspiration. I ask for humility to accept the messages and implement the lessons into my life for Your blessings to follow. Let my ego, pride, and attitude be of a student seeking knowledge and not of a resistant person having to have it my way. Allow me understanding to see the lesson, learn the lesson and use the lesson in the way acceptable by You. Lord, I am willing to learn, wanting to love, and seeking the light of Your Power. Please use me as a tool, sharpen my mind, humble my heart, and lift my spirit. In Your Holy Name, I ask for others too, Amen.
Dear Lord, as we come to this brand new day, let us find a brand new way of understanding how simple this life can be if we trust in You to resolve any misunderstandings, any confusion, and any uncertainty in the direction of our lives. May we smile on this brand new day because we understand how much you have already planned for our happiness and welfare and for all of this we thank You; we honor You and we praise You while worshiping You. For this day and for as many days You grant us to live on this earth, may we do all things favorable and pleasing and if we fail, please forgive us and redeem us. Humbly, In Your Mighty and Loving Name we pray, Amen.
Dear Lord, as we worship you today, we ask humbly for validation when there is uncertainty. We ask humility where there is recognition and for confirmation it is by Thy Hands we are given talents. We ask for a charitable heart when needs of others superimpose over our own. We ask for clarity when there is confusion and we ask for peace when we cannot resolve differences. Dear Lord, I realize this is a lot to ask but we ask for love in all things and to have any hate to dissolve. You are the answer, You are the resolution; and You are the comfort we seek. In Your Holy Name, we humbly bow without fear or reservation to honor and worship You. Amen.
I paused for a few minutes at lunch and gave thanks not for just the food alone, but for the ability to have God in our lives; for us to be able to call on him when we hear someone is in need of God’s divine power; for us to believe and trust in His Grace to see beyond our weaknesses and failures and encourage us to be the best we can be; and for giving us our families and friends to stand united for His good and will. It is a great feeling to know I have God by my side and that makes me courageous in life. Lord, I thank you again! Enough praise is never enough praise!
Dear Lord, sometimes I fail to do all I could do to please you. Sometimes Lord, I need the reminders you give me to do better. Sometimes, I do learn so much from the mistakes I have made and always Lord, if I listen with my heart and soul to You; I do good. All things are possible, Only with you Lord, and thankfully so, I praise You for loving me. Humbly, your child, with love in my heart and joy in my soul. Amen!
Our Great God in Heaven, may we come to you in reverence asking for your forgiveness for taking You for granted, allowing non believers to remove you from the places we need You to be present; for not voicing our beliefs so others may understand why ALL of us need You; for not thanking You enough for Your many blessings. As a people, as individuals, we have failed YOU. As a child of God, lead me t…o choose the right path of communication to express my love for you, my God and to encourage all of your children to gather strength, build courage, and stand up and say “I am a child of A Mighty God, hear me that I love Him and worship Him.” God for us to be strong, we have to have strength from you as we are nothing without Your Loving Power and Grace. Humbly, and lovingly, I ask for me and others to join together in Your Name, Amen.

Dear Lord, sometimes when I think I am making headway with my life and my soul, along will come along a day like today, filled with trials and burdens. I feel weak without your strength and I have to lean on You more than other days. Please allow me to draw energy, compassion, and understanding as my own body and mind seems drained. Fill me up so that I can be a tool and vessel. I feel like I move… mountains with you by my side. I feel a pin is heavy without your strength. Guide me with your eyes as mine seem tired tonight; let me listen with your hearing so that I will not listen to things I don’t need to hear; and let me sing with my heart filled from Your ever flowing well of comforting hymns which will soothe the problems of the day. Lord you are everything I need to erase the hard days and replace them with joyous tomorrows. I will rest in Your Arms tonight and look forward to a new day tomorrow. In Your Divine and Powerful Name, Amen!

Dear Lord, while your light shines so brightly in so many lives, it seems to blind others who cannot get past the light to feel Your mighty Love! Let them feel your warmth so their eyes will open wide enough to let you in. Their fear, like I had in the past, keeps them from seeing Your Splendor, Your Kindness, Your Grace and Your Forgiving Spirit. Remove their fear and open their hearts and true joy will fill them. In Your Holy Name, asking for forgiveness for anything not pleasing in Your Eyes, and giving You all of the Praise for today’s blessings and for all of the ones to come. Amen!

Dear God, it is on days like today and other tragic days, we seem to want answers and reasons for why and it is not easy for some to know that You were there on those days. Please give those who doubt the faith of the survivors who prayed for a miracle and it was given. Please give to those who lost loved ones comfort as you had a different plan for them. Please forgive us for any unclean or unloving thoughts we have about these days or our lives. Please grant us wisdom so that we may see the eternal truth about life and our existence and purpose. We need to understand evil is part of this life and we need your strength to resist it. May you shower Your Love on all in need today and may You wrap Your Divine Protection around all of our military and grant them safe passage home. In Your Powerful name, we humbly pray. Amen.

Lord, I see so many suffering in this world today. Some are suffering by no fault of their own and some are suffering because of unwise decisions and addictions. For all of us, You are the answer and the reason for believing in something other than ourselves. With Your Grace and Love, we rise and without it, we are lost in ourselves. Please touch hearts and soften them; please heal when others say they cannot be healed; remove the addictions and fill bodies with love; forgive us and let us forgive others and grant us love, charity, peace and good health is our prayer today in Your Holy Name, Amen.

This morning Lord, I am looking for direction in my life. I have been blessed and I feel Your Plan is in movement in my life. Please Lord, help me make the right decisions in what You would have me do. Whatever direction You lead me, I want to follow You on this path. You have all of the wisdom and I have faith! It may be a humble undertaking and I am pleased to be whatever You see as the fulfillment of Your work in my life and my soul. May You reach others who are praying for guidance in their lives. May You give us all peace and comfort and a forgiving heart as we ask for forgiveness in anything we have done unpleasing. We praise You for deliverance from worrying about things You already have put the perfect plan in place. We give You the Praise, the Glory, and We are not afraid to worship You and tell others We are Your Children by Your Grace. Humbly in Your Holy Name, Amen!

Lord, as I face today with all of its challenges and opportunities, let me be reminded of your goodness, your blessings on so many of us, your grace when we are not full of grace, your forgiveness when we are not in the light of your love, and for humbleness to stay in your light. Lord, remind me of my smallness and your strength; my human weakness and your almighty power. Lord lift my heart to a spirit of loving, giving, and forgiving. Lord forgive me of my shortcomings as they are many and remind me to ask for your help in all things and remind me prayer is powerful and prayers of thanks are even more powerful. In all things, on all days, I pray You are walking with me and others to live a life fulfilling to Your Purpose, not mine. In Your Holy Name do I pray, humbly, Amen!

Lord, please allow me the gift of humbleness today and allow me to shine for Your Purpose not mine. I ask for a voice, a word, an act of kindness which will give a soul a chance to hear Your Voice, Your Grace and Your Forgiveness. The light of life You have given me is to be shared with others and I pray for a blessing to share my testimony with someone who needs You in their life. I pray for wisd…om as I am nothing without You, but able to do wondrous things through you. Grant me a pure thought to share. Lord before I can go forward, I ask for forgiveness of any thought unpleasing to You or Your Plan. I thank you for everything You have blessed me with and for always being by my side. I pray for all of those suffering as I know You have the power to heal them and the world if it be Your Will. In Your Holy Name, I pray, AMEN!

I give thanks this morning Lord, for your hand on me and giving me strength to resist the foods which having been holding me down, giving me a positive attitude without resentment and only with appreciation and humbleness going forward in my health. Thank you for the 14 pounds You have taken away be encouraging my efforts. Thank you for the support from my family and my friends as it shows me I am… loved and cared for. Please Lord, stay beside me and all others who are in need of Your Power for without You, we are nothing; with You, we are so strong. My day is Your Day and I pray You will use me for Your Purpose today. Humbly I pray for everyone including me in need of your Healing Power, your Strength, your Mercy and Forgiveness in Your Blessed Name. Amen.

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