UPDATE: I am humbled to know that over 1000 likes/comments have been made favorably on my post about my cake/cake cover/punchbowl excitement. Out of those, only one person stated they had the same one. The cake is a total winner and I will make it again. We froze some pieces for some special family members so it will taste fresh when they receive their slices. I cannot contain my excitement. Maybe some of those in the groups I shared this post will become blog followers in the future. For now, I want to thank all of you reading this update. You are the icing on my cake!! Arline Miller, blogger and author.

As most of you have seen me posting all of my baking and cooking antics, it is probably obvious I love trying new recipes and new ways to reinvent dishes. Over the years, I have chosen gifts that help me cook and bake easier and more efficient. My husband has been such a trooper to listen to me and before I know it, that special pan or appliance appears. His logic is he benefits from all the good food that comes from those gifts of love. This leads me to my latest gift, a pre-Valentine treasure.

In baking, there are hours that go into the prep and the actual baking of cakes. The eggs and butter have to be room temperature as well as other ingredients have to be chopped, measured, and mixed. It is in that time, I am in my element and I have so many friends who feel the same. It is the creation, the smells of a cake baking, and the joy when others see and taste the finished product. One thing that I had an issue with is my cake cover. I don’t know how many of you have a cover that keeps the cake fresher but once you place the creation you made, it is hidden from you. Call it ego or pride, but it bothered me that it was hidden.

I had seen several glass cake covers but for whatever reason, I chose not to buy them and kept looking. I somehow pushed the thought of finding the perfect one and time passed. Until this past week…..I found it and yes, it is perfect for me. I am posting the pictures of it with the first cake I baked. I can’t explain the thrill of seeing the cake displayed. I even shared the photos and story on a group that I belong, White Lily Baking Community, and over 400 members have said a lot of positive comments. By the way, the cake is delicious and since it is my Valentines Day gift, I decorated it whimsical with heart gummies.

This beautiful cut glass cake plate/punch bowl with cups has its first Arline baked Mile High Pound Cake decorated for Valentines Day.

Here is the story of how I found “my gift” cake cover/convertible to punch bowl. From time to time, we have found some great antique chairs that we incorporated into our home’s decor. I find myself checking it and the other day, I spotted this beautiful cake server and almost yelled when I saw it. I couldn’t believe the excitement as it was like finding hidden treasure in the shape of a domed cover and to have it have the ability to use as a punch bowl, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I jumped online and asked the owner if it was still available and yes, it was. I asked some questions as to the condition, owner’s location, and told her I wanted it. My next task was to ask my husband if he could take a short break and pick it up. I knew it would go fast, but the lady seemed to understand, it was sold and sold to me. I assured Greg that it could be my Valentine’s Day present because I could not think of a better gift than the very thing I had waited for years to have. This piece has a significant meaning and it wasn’t sold because the owners didn’t love it but they retired, sold the Bed and Breakfast which this gorgeous cake plate had lived, and didn’t have room for it any more. It was waiting for a new place to show off its beauty and now it is home with us. That brings me to the focus of why I am telling you, my readers about this adventure.

My Whimsical Cake

My deeper thought: In life, we are going to be exposed to things or even relationships we find desirable and honestly we want. I thought I would compare this desire with my want of a glass cake cover. In the same way that I saw many cake covers during my wait, they were not my image of what I was looking for. I chose not to be impulsive and waited. In life, we meet and even date people who spark our interest, but in our hearts, they are not exactly what we want for the rest of our lives. Do we wait or do we jump into a relationship thinking we can change the other person? I have found no one changes anyone; if anything we change to adapt. Sometimes, this is a good thing but if we change to accept unacceptable behavior that the other person refuses to see they are not adding but taking away the good parts of life; we change ourselves for the worse. Now, that said, back to the cake cover saga, if I had gone ahead and settled for the cake covers that didn’t make me deliriously happy, I would have not known how happy I could be. Yes, I could have lived with less and in life, we find ourselves settling and if we are happy, so be it. But maybe, if you are out there alone in life, it may be best to wait until that person that comes into your life fits your needs exactly. Some of you may be thinking, no one is perfect and you are right; my cake cover is extremely heavy but I know that I can deal with the weight of it reminding myself, it was made to last. Just some thoughts to ponder. Live Life; Love Life; and Live and Love Life to the Fullest by making good life choices.

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When We Eat With Our Minds, Our Body Thrives

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I thought I would repost this message with some great updates on my personal health. Finding out that I can use the principle of small amounts but eating a well rounded mixture of foods, I have lost over 40 pounds, lowered by A1C, my blood pressure and cholesterol in a better normalcy. It works for me, I am happier than I have ever been, and at 72 feel I am mastering my body for the first time instead of eating controlling me.

WE SHOULD EAT WITH OUR MINDS and NOT OUR MOUTHS. I will throw out a personal opinion on why our minds and not our mouths should determine what and when we should eat. Let’s think about this theory. In our lifetime, we will go on several diets or eating plans. They will be varied and when we go on most of these, if not all; we lose weight, right? My thoughts are what causes the initial weight loss and what changes over time in which the loss begins to dwindle or even disappear? I think I have discovered what is the culprit…..Our minds. When our mind becomes disgusted when our eyes show the extra weight in the mirror, it can either decide to avoid thoughts of obesity or decide to do something about it.Let me share this: It is not the diet or eating plan; it is the mind who decides if we are full or because of emotions it decides to allow us to overeat. 

A personal note: Some time ago, my husband Greg and I decided (look at the action of the mind) to not play around with eating healthy but get serious. Since we “decided” and not allowed our mouths to do the talking; we have both lost weight, our emotions are calmer, our motivation is higher and the results are a better attitude as well as feeling better. I had expressed it is not only what we eat; quantity is a big factor. Large amounts of salads or fruit or going the protein maximum will not allow us to lose what we need to eat but add portion control to these great foods aids in the satisfaction of eating without starving. Greg has dropped about 10 pounds during this time and he is now “thinking” about what he eats and how much. Even though I had already decided my health was more important, it has helped me eliminate some items and add some healthier foods. I wanted to share with everyone as too many times, we are guilty of talking the health talk but fail to walk the health walk. Just saying our intentions but not involving some serious mind changing methods; it would only be another diet tried and failed. The real reason any diet fails is the mind is not engaged; only the mouth. Try to think about this post and see if you find yourself retracing your “diet” history. When you wanted to lose; I mean when you really wanted to lose; you lost. When you only played with dieting; you might have lost a few pounds and without thinking; you stuck a cookie or candy or even pizza. Instant sabotage, but I can guarantee you; you didn’t think before you stuffed your mouth with those diet killers. I am not preaching; I am reminiscing about my diet history. When I think about what I eat, I lose. When I impulsively eat; it doesn’t work and off another great, sensational, guaranteed to lose, return to my high school figure, lose all fat non fail plan one more time. Does this ring a bell with you or at least start you thinking? I hope so as we are thinking our food through!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3dfb1-roses.jpg

The following is an excerpt from an article called Mindful Eating-Curbing Stress:

How to Put Mind Over Mouth

Jean Kristeller, Ph.D., president of the board of directors at the Center for Mindful Eating, shares tips on how to break the pattern of stress-induced munching.

By Carin GorrellSep 17, 2007

During a high-stress situation it’s natural to feel pulled toward something that distracts you and makes you feel better fast — and often that something is food, explains Jean Kristeller, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Indiana State University and president of the board of directors at the Center for Mindful Eating. “Eating can become an automatic, unconscious response to tension and anxiety,” says Kristeller. “But learning to become more mindful in these moments can help you break that pattern of automatic reactivity.” Here’s how.

ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU’RE STRESSED. “We don’t always recognize when we’re on edge, and it’s hard to interrupt something if you don’t know you’re in the middle of it,” says Kristeller. Learn to recognize your stress signals, which might include headaches, rapid breathing, or munching when you’re not hungry.

ENJOY WHAT YOU’RE EATING. “If you’re just stuffing food down, you’re not enjoying its tastes, textures, and smells, which is how we derive comfort from food in the first place,” says Kristeller. The more you savor your food, the fewer bites you’ll need to get the comfort you seek.

LISTEN TO YOUR WISDOM FROM PAST EXPERIENCES. Maybe during your last stress-induced binge you devoured a half-dozen doughnuts — and the guilt you felt afterward only added to your stress. This time, take steps to maintain portion control: Pick up a single doughnut at the bakery instead of a dozen.

PAUSE. When you find yourself mindlessly diving into a bag of potato chips, stop and check in with yourself. “Think: Do I really want to eat this? Is it going to be helpful?” suggests Kristeller. Taking this moment to reflect can help interrupt the automatic urge to nosh.

DON’T IGNORE YOUR CRAVINGS. Denying that those cookies are calling your name will only strengthen your desire to have one, but acknowledging your craving creates choice: Do you want to have one cookie now, or wait until the urge is so overpowering that you inhale an entire sleeve of cookies? Recognizing that you have choices puts you in charge, not the craving.

EVALUATE YOUR HUNGER. “Often we don’t distinguish between physical hunger and emotionally driven cravings,” says Kristeller. Rate your physical hunger on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being not hungry at all and 10 being famished. If it’s a 0, 1, or 2, reconsider that pantry raid. If it’s a 9 or 10, eat something healthy first: “If you’re really, really hungry, you’re more vulnerable to overeating,” says Kristeller.

***************************End of excerpt from article.

  On a light, positive note I want to post a writing from this morning to all.  This morning I rose with gratitude in my heart, humility in my soul, and joy in my entire body. God grants us the opportunity to be diligent in our faith and today is a great day to serve Him with love, forgiveness, charity, and kindness.

“When we willingly love,We receive from above.

Life is a wonderful gift.We are given such a lift.

Beauty is joy bestowed.Immense love has flowed.

From the stem of a rose.To the child’s turned up nose.

When we willingly love, God smiles from above.”

(written by Arline Miller 02/17/2016)

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From the number of views on the last post about using my InstaPot, I could tell a lot of you are interested about learning more about these convenient ways to cook. I have to say that when my husband purchased my InstaPot, I was slightly apprehensive from the stories of the old style pressure cooker and did not use it “instantly”. I want to put that worry to rest. As with any appliances, you should follow the instructions and only the methods they have approved. I love my InstaPot now and My Power Air Fryer Oven is the bomb.

Do you know you can make salmon patties easily, healthier in the Air Fryer Oven? I do.

If you want to see a sample of how many recipes you can make using your Air Fryer/Oven, please go to my Pinterest account and browse. You will find yourself even making a quick amount of biscuits in it. The link is:

This is one of my pinned Air Fryer Recipes on my board listed above.

What I would like to give you are some tips on using the air fryer for the handy-dandy leftover warming magician:

  • We prepare a large amount of sausage, bacon, and other meats, burgers, etc. for the convenience of having a quick put together breakfast, lunch, or snack. A few minutes and all of these foods warm up without getting the microwave softening. Easy to clean, no pots to wash, so we use ours sometimes several times a day.
  • Leftover biscuits, rolls, croissants, buns, and toast as well as pastries brown so easily and have a crispy outside crust. This has sold me on the air fryer.
  • Using the air fryer oven saves us time as we can use it, remove the grill shelf which washes great in the dishwasher, and we are done.
  • I haven’t figured out why hot dogs taste incredible in the air fryer, but it is almost like grilled hot dogs without having to crank up the grill.
  • French fries are like the fast food restaurants if you use the method they suggest. We have the turn barrel and I can’t tell the difference except for the absence of so much grease from the fast food fries.

I can go on and on about using the Power Air Fryer Oven but it will be more fun if you get on the air waves and make something yummy and so convenient. I take my door off mine, keep it clean by easy method, and it sits on my counter ready to make my life easy.

Happy Meals to You….Until We Cook Again….Arline Miller, Reinvention Queen.

(C) Copyright 2012-2021 Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration with all rights and privileges reserved. Third Party Material is sourced if known to original location for credit references.

Air Fryer/InstaPot Makes Life Easier

First, let me say, and some of you already know, I am an avid Southern style cook and baker. Born in Georgia, and a true Georgia Peach, I was taught to cook, fry, and bake at an early age. I stirred, mixed, separated, and whisked with the best of southern cuisine. Oh yes, I can roll out dumplings and bake a mile high cake. I love to plate pretty food using colorful combinations. While I can do this with a easy skillset, I have learned to use tools, appliances and ways to make my kitchen life easy. These methods don’t take away from taste at all. It’s in the seasoning my friends, use those herbs, spices, and broths to bring it all together……just simpler and easier. Does this mean I have stopped my southern style meals? Not hardly, I combine my styles and I am not always hovering over a hot stove every meal.

Yesterday, I took out ground chuck and also saw a pack of stew beef and took out that package too. When my husband called saying he was on his way home from his American Legion Leader Conference and it would be over an hour, I took a look at the package of stew beef and my InstaPot was calling my name. I grabbed the pot down from its place on the shelf. Here is how simple and in 35 minutes of pressuring, it was so tender and hot when Greg walked in the door.

  • InstaPot Stew Beef made entirely in 40 minutes from package to noodles:
  • 1 pkg of good quality stew beef (already in chunks so no chopping
  • 1 Large Onion (chopped in large chunks
  • 1 pkg Ranch Dressing Mix
  • 1 pkg. Lipton Dry Garlic & Herb Soup mix
  • 1/2 carton Beef Broth
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Directions: Saute the beef after sprinkling both pkgs of Dry Seasoning mixes with a Tablespoon of Olive Oil. Add chopped Onions and Salt and Pepper
  • Add small amount of Beef Broth to deglaze bottom. Once deglazed, add the rest of beef broth. If not adding other optional ingredients, close lid and follow instructions for Meat and Stews and locking procedures. Pressure for 35 minutes.
  • Optional add ingredients: Carrots, potatoes, peppers, mushrooms. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or noodles (I used pre-cooked linguine, so easy for quick meals)
Photo courtesy of Google recipe search

Air Fryer Drumsticks

Before I go into this quick and easy way to make a lot of drumsticks (our grands love drumsticks), I think we are all watching our budgets as food costs are rising but you can use this recipe for thighs, and breasts. Remember that breasts are drier so don’t overcook them.

Instant Pot Chicken Drumsticks

These Instant Pot Chicken Drumsticks are so easy to make – brush them with BBQ sauce and broil in the oven for crispy chicken!Prep Time5 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time25 minsCourse: Main CourseCuisine: AmericanKeyword: chicken drumsticks Servings: 4 servings Calories: 308kcal Author: Taylor Stinson


  • 3/4 cup water
  • 8 chicken drumsticks
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp each salt & pepper
  • 1/2 cup BBQ sauce
This is my photo of placing seasoned drumsticks in InstaPot.
Ready to Pressure Drumsticks
So tender but tasty!
Placed on Broiler for a few minutes for crispy skin.


  • Add water and trivet to the bottom of Instant Pot. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix together spices then coat chicken in the mixture, rubbing well all over.
  • Place lid on Instant Pot and make sure valve is set to seal. Press the pressure cook button and set to high, then cook for 10 minutes. Instant Pot will take about 5-10 minutes to come to pressure then pressure cook for 10 minutes.
  • Let the Instant Pot do a natural pressure release. Meanwhile, set oven to broil on medium-high and adjust wrack to the second highest placement.
  • Open the lid when pressure gauge has dropped and the lid opens easily. Carefully remove chicken with tongs, then transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Broil drumsticks for 1-2 minutes per side, watching closely so they don’t burn.
  • Add chicken to a large bowl then toss in BBQ sauce. Serve and enjoy!
Chicken in Air Fryer made so crispy and tasty.
Shrimp is so easy with the air fryer.

I will post more recipes using the InstaPot and the Power Air Fryer but check out my Pinterest Boards if you want to learn how to use these handy appliances. Go to: /

Go to my InstaPot board for more recipes:

Cook smart, cook fast, but always cook tasty. Happy Meals….Until We Cook Again….Arline Miller, Reinvention Queen


Yesterday in my kitchen, I had the distinct pleasure of being Missy’s director with her taking center stage by walking us through the preparation of the most delicious eggplant parmigiana which by all standards far surpasses any I have eaten in Five Star Restaurants. It actually has three segments which could easily stand alone and/or integrate with other foods…Your choice but the sauce is over the top, the fried eggplant is beyond description, and then put these elements in one dish and you will have a sassy and sexy dining experience you will not forget.

I was a cynic of eggplant before I sampled the fried eggplant that was submerged in flour, egg, cheeses, and then back to the flour. It was a delight by itself but I was indoctrinated to see what happened next. Missy did not disappoint. I will never judge or discount the majestic purple eggplant ever again.

Below, is Missy’s step by step video with tips included on a great culinary experience while having a fun time making it happen. Please click on the video to see how this dish is put together.

Please click on arrow to view Missy in the kitchen doing her thing with Eggplant Parmesan.

Eggplant Parmigiana as Missy can make it have an elegant finish.

Here is the recipe for the simple mouth watering sauce she makes and allows it to simmer 6 to 8 hours approximately or until the flavor blend together to become one fantastic sauce.

Eggplant Parmesan created for you by Missy Smith Haas

2 Medium or 1 Large Eggplant sliced 1/2 inch circles

10 – 12 Med- Lge. Fresh Tomatoes (Diced medium, retaining juice)

Tip: For convenience or availability, can substitute 2 lge cans San Marzano tomatoes drained but reserve liquid to use if needed.

10 -12 Chopped garlic

1 large Shallot chopped

1 Medium/Lge. Vidalia onion chopped

1 8 oz can tomato paste

Herbs: Fresh Basil, curly parsley, thyme Dried Herbs Tarragon, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Italian Seasoning (1 tsp. each)

Cheeses used:

2 Mozzarella cheese balls sliced

1 8 oz wedge Parmesan cheese (use as the amount needed in both frying coat and layering)

1 8 oz wedge Asiago cheese (use in both the frying coat and layering)

1 8 oz wedge Pecorino Romano or if not available, use regular Romano (use sparingly about 1/3 of the others cheeses if you use Pecorino Romano (use in both the frying coat and layering)

Directions for making the sauce:

Saute Onions and Shallots in Olive Oil for about 5 -8 min. then add garlic for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Add Tomatoes, Paste, Salt and Pepper to taste

1 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes

1/8 – 1/4 cup sugar

1 Tbsp. Ketchup

Please watch the video with Missy showing you the dredging, rinsing, coating, frying, and layering all of the segments in this dish. I think you will see a complex dish made simple but maintains the structure of a wonderful dish.

Our delicious dinner prepared and enjoyed by all.
The best review a girl can get is an empty plate. Kudos Missy!

Thanks Missy, and we look forward to seeing you again soon in Nana’s kitchen with Arline Miller, Reinvention Queen. Until We Cook Again…..Happy Meals to You.

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Reinvention Queen Seaworthy Shrimp Dishes

I take shrimp to several levels and dishes in the next few posts. As we go forward, I will add some side dishes as well. When I have posted the grilled and/or fried shrimp on my FB page, my friends have remarked the quantity as being huge and they are right. We will grill a lot of shrimp and store them for a few meals each time. Yesterday, I fried a bag of shrimp and you will begin the reinvention process. Here is how I prepped them and the awesome trick of batter enhancement. You may fry the best shrimp and if you do, that is great and please share your secrets. I am into how I go from one taste to another and how I incorporate changes to keep our meals from being anything but boring.

My Fried Shrimp Platter
Dinner is served.

Fried Shrimp and Pickle Juice Slaw

1 Bag of Medium size 40 – 50 Shrimp 24 oz. deveined and thawed (I had to shell mine and removed tails, but there are selections that are already shelled). Clean shrimp with water and drain with colander.

Buttermilk to cover shrimp with enough Old Bay Seafood Seasoning or Zatarain’s with garlic powder sprinkled into buttermilk. Allow to soak in mixture for at least an hour (minimum 30 minutes) I soaked mine for 2 hours.

Flour Self Rising 2 cups and White Fine Cornmeal 3/4 cup together in large bowl. This is where you can adjust flavor by adding more seasonings which I did: I didn’t measure but I sprinkled more Seafood Seasoning, Spicy Paprika, Garlic Seasoning with Herbs, Coarse Kosher Salt, Ground Black Peppercorns, Onion Salt, and a few I might not remember (just kidding, but it is like mad scientist in my kitchen with a little of this and a lot of that, so try others if you like more heat)

Ginger ale or beer Add to the bowl of the flour/cornmeal and allow to sit 5-10 minutes. This is the ingredient that makes the difference. I was elated when I saw a tip that Ginger ale works as good as beer. In fact, you can use any clear citrus/lemon drink but I loved using ginger ale. This makes the batter light while giving a substantial coating

Drop shrimp into batter after shaking off excess buttermilk mixture. Move coated shrimp into the next bowl listed below for flour coating.

Flour 1 cup (can be AP or SR) in a separate bowl without cornmeal but add some of the same seasonings. This is for the final coat before dropping into hot oil (375 degrees).

In a large dutch pan or fryer (can easily deep fry if you have a deep fryer) but important, whatever pot or pan, the bottom should be heavy and I chose my large dutch oven with ceramic interior and placed a thermometer to reach desired temperature before placing shrimp in to try. They browned and cooked quickly (approximately 4-5 minutes) and I kept adding more shrimp as the first ones browned and I scooped them out onto a paper towel lined platter. This part of preparation demands your complete attention as this oil is hot. To give you an idea of how much oil to place will depend on you. I placed enough oil to go half fill so that none of my shrimp would be touching the bottom but enough for them to go completely under and back up to top when I dropped them into the pan.

Pickle Juice Cole Slaw

Arline’s Pickle Juice Slaw

1 pkg Cole Slaw mix with carrots

½ Vidalia Onion

1 heaping T. Mayo

1 t. horseradish sauce

1 heaping T. Sweet Pickle Juice from sweet pickles

1 heaping T. Sugar

Sprinkle of Dill Weed to taste

2 Spring Onions Chopped Use Only the tops

Bread and butter pickles (I use the ones I make but not sure how many I use)

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

My secret ingredient (LOL) 2 T. Homemade Hot Pepper Jelly

Mix together and allow flavors to marry for full savory tasting slaw.

Note: I decided a while back to use pickle juice in place of so much mayo so these measurements may be slightly more or less to your taste. Today I used sugar but I have made it with Stevia if I am making it just for us. Y’all better save this…..Arline Miller

Reinvention of Shrimp to come next.

  • Shrimp Po Boys
  • Shrimp Salad
  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Surf and Turf

I haven’t decided which of these and it will depend on how many shrimp I have left after making some of them. Whichever I chose, they will be tasty and easy. The intention of Reinventing is to make the most of of my kitchen efforts and keep our meals delightful. I do some of my dishes with grilled shrimp so it is not always fried so look for those meals to post too.

One tip for the batter: I made homemade onion rings from some garden freshly plucked sweet onions and I used this same batter but I left out the seafood seasoning of course. Here is a photo of those mouth watering, good even leftover by heating in my power air oven. Two battered recipes from the same basic ingredients for frying.

Try these homemade onion rings using the ginger ale batter. Yummy!

Until We Cook Again……Happy Meals…….Reinvent Your Food…..Arline Miller

(C) Copyright 2012-2021 Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration with all rights and privileges reserved. Third party material will be sourced to original location/author, if known for credit reference.

ReInvention Queen – Homemade Pimento Cheese

I can make a Pimento Cheese Sandwich from the deli type and enjoy it but nothing is better than a portion of homemade pimento cheese on a buttery cracker or some toasted bread splashed with the “real stuff” as I like to call it. I will walk you through my simple method of how I make this dish that if properly stored will last a long time in the refrigerator….but I never have to worry about it staying around very long. Tasty!

For a tasty snack my pimento cheese adorned with smoked almonds.
My Personal recipe for Awesome Pimento Cheese
How delicious and fresh!

I am not creating a video until I make this dish and then I will include the way I make a grilled pimento cheese on Rye bread and White Bread in the Air Fryer Oven to demonstrate how crispy and crunchy it makes the sandwich.

Here are some tips I use while making the pimento cheese:

  • I use my small chopper and place any of my ingredients that require grating. It is a lot easier, less mess, and I can see how much I am creating in volume.
  • Pimentos can be chopped using this method in a few seconds and you avoid having large pieces in the pimento cheese mixture. The juice also blends into the mixture adding more flavor.
  • Using a variety of cheeses makes this dish an incredible blend and all of the cheese blend together creating a mixture of delightful flavors. Pimento cheese can be made with any one of these cheeses but combining all of them makes this cheese unique.
  • I use a combo of Hot Spicy Paprika and Smoked Paprika. Either will work but I love both so I half the flavors.
  • Pimento Cheese can be made with mayo or yogurt only, but for the best blend, use all three, sour cream, mayo, and yogurt and you will notice the difference.
  • Don’t forget the sugar, but if you are watching sugar, try Stevia or another sugar substitute. I use regular sugar and I love the small amount of sweetness with all of the seasonings but you can avoid putting any sugar into this dish.

I hope you will try my Pimento Cheese Recipe and send me feedback with any changes and/or additions you like in your Pimento Cheese. I have seen nuts, peppers, other cheeses, so I would love to hear from all of the fine cooks out there. Kitchens are great therapy sessions and stirring and mixing are good spurts of energy.

Happy Meals to You until We Cook Again…..Reinvention Queen, Arline Miller

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